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Street Baker tube station.  It was opened in January of 1863, in the day, in whom it touched the London underground. At us 12 days later exploded January coming into existence. At Street Baker lived after all Sherlock Holmes, therefore walls were inlaid with tiles into the appropriate delicate pattern.  Thanks of the renovation from years 80 XX in. the appearance of the station is very similar to original. Hands of passengers started polishing these railing 150 years ago. Sherlock Holmes in the noble metal in front of the underground station on Street Baker.  In the background one among many of sightseeing buses which are circulating all over the centre of London. Within an hour whether two it is possible from close up to see the most well-known places. Service mainly charming and if somebody has time little, most probably it isn't the most evil way of touring. Museum - house of Sherlock of Holmes, of course at Street Baker at number 221 b.  There are probably few fictional forms who were realized to this rank. Trafalgar Square - very midtown, from here everywhere is closely on foot.  For the entire period of lasting the Olympics here live coverages were held in a Beijing and a really picnic atmosphere accompanied it. On the large outdoor screen they are racing along the red running track and he looks down on that's all admiral Nelson.
The north Trafalgar Square part and National Gallery with breathtaking sets for the Middle Ages conceiving the painting.  It is worthwhile spreading touring on several times, or to choose some fragment. If they are touring during lasting the school year, it is possible to encounter lessons of the art history. Very cool, I recommend. On the left National Gallery wing, and deep inside tower of the Old church Martin-in-the-Fields.  There it is also worthwhile looking, either on account of concerts regularly being held. This consequence in the selection of colours. Piccadilly Circus.  Punk's of notes dere and honest work is nothing to be ashamed of. Poorly one can see, but the boy played the real bagpipe. You had the regular mohair small beret.   
I like London exactly from the consideration to absolute with approval diversity in every aspect. Well from the fact that Eye London or the tower block in the shape of the cigar have, still he is completely old-fashioned and Londoners are caring about it. Recalled earlier mill wheel put in the midtown, and to the right occasional banner at Palace Buckingham, where the very next day some celebrations associated with finishing the Olympics in the Beijing and beginning were supposed to be held of formal expectation to London giving them.
Little walk in order not to doze off, when queen at home.   
It was my fourth stay in London and for the first time the flag was pulled to the top of the mast what the presence is indicating for the queen still I am thinking, whether Elizabeth recognised it, that he is finally falling out, whether these are for the reason celebrations Olympic;) Nice pelicans constituted the considerable attraction, because they were almost for extending a hand, only the size of their beaks ordered rather holding hands by itself. The one she already got her nut and she showed the backs. Houses Parliament of in the background but we are descending right away.  The symbol of the underground is his official sign from 1908. This station was opened in 1868 it and the ancient decor.  In very entry to the toilet for women weight, as the reminder. At men dress up similar and grating from the age, I don't only know, whether deep inside some surprises are also awaiting them - male counterparts of the weight.
And quite nearby Westminster Abbey - place of the coronation of kings and the queens of England from XI in. Natural History Museum.  It thanks to that for the Mr we know, whom our pra...-dziadunio was, although a lot of community in different nooks of world regards it as the fib and the greatest sin. Natural History Museum.  It thanks to that for the Mr we know, whom our pra...-dziadunio was, although a lot of community in different nooks of world regards it as the fib and the greatest sin. The museum has 130 years and still it is possible to examine exhibit items presented righteously in gablotach... All hummingbirds of world - they sometimes are also losing feathers...
On 120 hectares it is possible to come across plants from the entire world. It was a voyage from Westminster to Greenwich.  Here he doesn't have stop lights and the small boat is heaving stories of the guide swiftly into the rhythm.

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comments to the gallery (8):

afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4219) dodano 01.05.2011 13:18

Fajna przeglądowa galeria. Przyznam, że Lądek pokazałeś superowo:)))

herika użytkownik herika(posts:1713) dodano 02.12.2010 11:50

mnie też Twoja galeria urzeka:)
a po jej obejrzeniu mam straszną ochotę na rejs po Tamizie;)

walizka użytkownik walizka(posts:612) dodano 21.01.2010 20:56

Bo standardowych zdjęć nie miałam charlie ;) Raczej średni ze mnie fotograf, a podczas przerzucania tutaj, moje i tak nie zawsze dobre zdjęcia, sporo tracą na jakości, nie ma więc sensu pokazywanie znanych miejsc w jakości gorszej, niż już tu są. Zgadzam się zresztą z tym, co tu napisała sona_dora, co nie znaczy, że nie zachwycam się pięknymi zdjęciami innych użytkowników Obieżyświata. Zachwycam się i zazdraszczam ;)

charlie użytkownik charlie(posts:2346) dodano 21.01.2010 13:49

walizko - gratuluje galerii :-)
Pokazałaś to miasto bardzo niestandardowo a przez to mega-ciekawie.

walizka użytkownik walizka(posts:612) dodano 20.01.2010 19:46

No właśnie konwalio, ciągle nie mogę odżałować, że nie zatrzymaliśmy się tam na rekonesans, tylko tak przebiegliśmy, jak japońska wycieczka, takie piękne WC ;)
Cieszę się, że się wam ta galeria podoba, w końcu robimy je dla siebie nawzajem. A Londyn jest naprawdę fajny, i staroświecki i nowoczesny, klasyczny i egzotyczny, dla wielbicieli przyrody i architektury i tak mogłabym wymieniać bez końca :)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 20.01.2010 14:52

Nic tylko pakować walizkę i do Londynu.
Ciekawe dlaczego w toalecie dla pań jest waga,a dla panów nie.
Pewnie dla nich jest lustro.
Fajny komentarz.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 20.01.2010 11:12

Fajne obserwacje i super komentarz. Lubię ogladać takie galerie. Utwierdzają mnie w przekonaniu, że idealne technicznie zdjęcia nie zawsze tworzą idealnych galerii, musi być jeszcze duch miejsca i osoby :) Pozdrawiam

northface użytkownik northface(posts:106) dodano 19.01.2010 23:00

Dla mnie London, zawsze będzie Londonem :) Fajnie mi się to oglądało :)

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