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Ruins of the Miletus are situated in a Balat village.  Excavations from 1899 - revealed 1914 m.in. remains of many Hellenist and Roman buildings: of the theatre, the buleuterionu, the gimnazjonu, the temple, water heaters, two agoras and the gate.

 Wrecks of the Miletus are rising in the middle of uprawnych.Turyst fields that welcome remains of the gigantic theatre whom in times of its magnificence he could hold 15 tys. of spectators, of Aegean Sea situated in ancient times right above very coast. 

The theatre can not biggest,, but in turn one from most beautiful in entire Turkey. Almost entire is made from nice decorated marble, but going among rows for decorated are silhouettes of lions. Around the theatre a clever system of tunnels and arcades leading to individual sectors is. Being based on a top of the theatre auditorium it is worthwhile exerting itself imagination and to move till times, when the sea surrounded the city.

Indeed, scenery of this place had to be remarkable. From above one can also very well see the rest part of this ancient city, and from a few notice-boards it is easy to work out, where the port, the agora, numerous churches and other buildings of the public usefulness were located.
The city was famous for a production of excellent fabrics from Phrygian wool and the crimson milezyjskiej. 
 It was a naval power. His yachtsmen reached all the way to Gibraltar. It was also a shopping centre competing with Tyrem and Carthage. With the titbit associated with the Miletus - after all  with named City of Philosophers, there are a surprisingly low role and an item of local women.
In ancient Miletanki times they noted have an easy life - no woman could eat meals with men, even wives had to turn to their husbands with return: „ you husband. In the Miletus best however the approach towards women depicts saying Talesa whom he stated at one time: „ Man I won't confide, Greek not a barbarian, man not a ” woman. 

 Going down with narrow footpath they into the bottom on backs of the theatre will join the exactly centre of the ancient Miletus.  Wrecks of this city aren't perhaps too impressive, but in turn very beautiful.

Port.  A Posejdona statue stood in this place.
 A building of the opulent bath of Faustin- of the wife of the Roman emperor of Aurelius' Marek is deserving the particular attention. Meandrosa monument, of god of the river. One of swimming pools in ruins of the bath.  At one time entire inlaid with marble. Baths of Faustin
Baths of Faustin Also a seldżucki mosque is a place worth visiting from XV - Ilyas Bey Camii. 
 and nearby old Muslim graveyard.  At one time it was possible to come in, but the structure of a building, mainly domes very much she weakened herself and she threatened with covering up.  The area around the mosque was enclosed, and at present there archaeological-conservation works last. Old gravestones being by the mosque.

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voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 04.10.2017 17:17

nie dotarliśmy tam, a byliśmy w sumie już blisko, ale zabrakło paru godzin

antala użytkownik antala(posts:1037) dodano 07.03.2013 00:25

Zapraszam do "mojego" Miletu...Meczet jest już odnowiony.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 10.01.2010 10:53

Przyjemnie się oglądało miejsce znane mi tylko z lekcji historii.

droplet użytkownik droplet(posts:276) dodano 09.01.2010 23:50

Dzięki za przypomnienie o tak sławnym miejscu.
Choć muszę przyznać, że czasy świetności ma już dawno za sobą.

jo_ta użytkownik jo_ta(posts:397) dodano 09.01.2010 18:38

borek widzę że również Ty interesujesz się starymi cmentarzami i nagrobkami.Dziękuję za odwiedziny Tobie i wszystkim, którzy mnie odwiedzili.

jo_ta użytkownik jo_ta(posts:397) dodano 09.01.2010 18:33

borek widzę że również Ty interesujesz się starymi cmentarzami i nagrobkami.Dziękuję za odwiedziny Tobie i wszystkim, którzy mnie odwiedzili.

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