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Gödöllő is a little put small town of the c 30 km to the east of Budapest a baroque royal palace is in it around and poł.  The XVIII age Antala built to the order Grassalkovich'a, enough outside which Habsburgów was an important figure and with the friend and the confidant of the empress of Teresa's Maria. In years 1867 - the palace in Gödöllő was 98 with favourite holiday destination of Bavarian Elżbieta - wives of the emperor of Józef's Franciszek.  With entire family, with the heir to the throne with Rudolf and two daughters - Gizelą and with Maria with Valeria, spent every free time here. Elżbieta Amelia Eugenia, because this way name full of her sounded, for the youngest years she already enraptured with the extraordinary beauty.  She married Józef's Franciszek in many 16 (!) of years. When in 1857 royal steam for the first time visited Hungary they were accepted quite coldly. In the moment of creating the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Elżbieta included the Magyar throne as the queen, and in the gift she received the palace to the property from you in Gödöllő. Tired with duties and limited by the stiff label ruling at the Viennese court, with pleasure devoted herself to moments of the freedom in its estate. Elżbieta, called tenderly by the Sissi close family, gained the huge girlfriend of Hungarians.  She frankly reciprocated this emotion and so that better get to know one's subjects and can communicate with them without the translator, quickly she learnt their native tongue.

Taking is presenting 30 - lukewarm empress (nota bene the closest cousin of Józef's Franciszek - their mothers were sisters), in the Hungarian coronation dress. He comes from 1867. The dress is taken out as one of the most important exhibit items of the palace.  View of the palace from the courtyard.  An exhibition permanent, divided in two is in reconstructed interiors. First he/she is telling about fates of the palace when he was a property of the family Grassalkovichów. Second after the year 1867 is presenting the history of the palace, when he passed on the property of imperial steam. Gödöllő'wski cat: -) showed himself to be an attraction equally often photographed what palace.
Two chambers devoted to exclusively Elżbieta's memory constitute the most interesting part of the exhibition, from whom first tying the queen to Hungary depicts (here a recalled earlier coronation dress is also found), however second is documenting circumstances of the tragic death for the empress. View on the dome of the palace. During the II world war the palace wasn't demolished.  However retreating German soldiers robbed him of all valuables. The coming Soviet army complemented work of damage. Upon completion of the warfare the main palace was converted into an old people's home, and an outbuildings were handed over to Soviet soldiers who set barracks up in them. In the sequence of next years the not-renovated palace deteriorated farther.  Only when a roof sank in a few buildings, the authorities of the state remembered about the palace and a repair was started.  They began work after all in 1985. Since damage was already at that time quite advanced, and costs of the renovation huge, they decided about the division of the operation into two stages. Still, the first stage of the modernization was finished in 1996, when it was made available for tourists centre, important part of the palace. He lasts the second stage to today. View to left rebuild wing of the palace.  Once luxury apartments of the son of imperial steam were located in it - of Rudolf's prince. However this photograph is showing the right wing whom he/she is awaiting for the restoration.  Rooms of Gizeli and Maria were located in it for Valeria.
Where to go?  We have very legible pointers: -) Another, last already looking at the palace seen from the courtyard.  Exactly beneath the dome a parade stairwell is situated. In conclusion glance at the model of the palace and an outbuildings presenting complex too of times of the magnificence.  Big building on the right-hand side it is a maneż, built specially for Elżbieta (was the best amazon of her times) today no longer istnieje...

When you are in Budapest, I am telling to hit a few hours to Gödöllő and personally to take a walk after the palace.

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mgfoto użytkownik mgfoto(posts:6126) dodano 18.07.2011 19:21

Jeśli nic się nie zmieniło przez ostatnie parę lat to nie polecam. Przereklamowane. Nie było co zwiedzać. Szczycą się, że odtworzyli tkaniny którymi pokryte są ściany pałacu i tak ich pilnowali, że nie można się było podrapać po nosie bez awantury, że próbowało się sięgnąć po aparat. Jeszcze w żadnym miejscu nie spotkałam się z takim krzykami, pogróżkami i gwizdami w wykonaniu osób pilnujących ekspozycji. Tym dziwniejsze, że w pałacu praktycznie nie było żadnych cennych eksponatów. Same podróby i kopie.

omektron użytkownik omektron(posts:144) dodano 18.07.2011 18:31

to faktycznie drogo od osoby?

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 25.11.2010 21:53

Wejście do pałacu drogo kosztuje całość 3300 HUF(około 50 zł).

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 09.01.2010 14:06

Charlie Widzę, że lubisz pałace :-) Ciekawe miejsce i jak zwykle fajnie "opowiedziane" Pozdrawiam.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 09.01.2010 13:44

Charlie...piękne miejsce odkryłaś.
Zwłaszcza,że uwielbiam filmy o Sissi.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1407) dodano 09.01.2010 07:20

Lubimy, a zwłaszcza I z DIL, wszystko co związane z Sisi. Tą galerią sprawiłaś nam przyjemność. Dziekujemy.

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2243) dodano 08.01.2010 23:24

Warto czasem zboczyć z głównej drogi aby zobaczyć coś ciekawego i godnego zapamiętania-pozdrawiam.

wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 08.01.2010 21:47

Przyjemny pałacyk, dobrze, że wreszcie doczekał się renowacji.

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