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Dance of the Egyptian Dervish Luxor (ancient Thebes) can show off biggest in Egypt with concentration of monuments dating back to pharaohs.  Karnak Amona Temple Ray. Karnak huge team of churches - Avenue of Sphinxes from the back Avenue of Sphinxes The Karnaku considerable part came into existence during the reign of pharaohs New of you: of III Totmes, Setiego and, and of II Ramzes Bust of II Ramzes
Team of Karnak Churches, for for her watching a need occupies the area of the c 100 ha- at least half a day, guides are doing it znaczniej more quickly, to joy one and for disappointing other tourists.... Small fragment of the huge room of Hypostylowa - columns already lost their colours but all the time an impression of the room is doing gods Obelisk Luxor - sunset above the Valley of the Kings Luxor- Temple of II Ramzes.  At the entrance to her two huge colossi of II Ramzes are standing. By statues only one obelisk is standing, he was left second exported to Paris The obelisk and II Ramzes
Columned room Sunrise above Luxor West edge- wall paintings at the Church Hatshepsut One of chief Gods of ancient Horus Egypt with the head of the falcon and the solar disc of God Ray Village on Western Nilu Brzeg Colossi of Memnon - remains after two huge statues of II Amenhotep.  As similarly as in Luxor an even larger church stood behind their
Port of the passenger fleet in Luxor.  Three hundred ship-hotels transport tourists every day on the route Luxor- Aswan Village on Western Nilu Brzeg Nil and the life who is being eaten away in the neighbourhood closest to him Small boat with tradesmen of souvenirs Nil - a bird standing over the edge is a wierzecha Tradesmen of souvenirs swam up to the ship and they threw goods, dresses, galabije, beads itp shouting the price- of course from above everyone negotiated the deck price - or threw goods away toward the small boat... not always hitting:)
Edfu - Horusa Temple.  Front pylons are doing the huge impression Edfu - courtyard of the temple  Guard temple, greeting tourists of course for not a large baksheesh Edfu Edfu the city and his inhabitants
Edfu the city and his inhabitants Edfu the city and his inhabitants We are swimming farther to the South ....a everyday life of local people like the thousand of temu... years Plantation of bananas above the Nilu edge Kom Ombo, temple of the god - of crocodile of the Egotist by it visible Hathor goddess Kom Ombo
Built temple too of times of Ptolemies. Temple at dusk. How it is in Egypt a fast sunset Nil has sometimes spilt forming the huge a... river and he has sometimes been very narrow.
Black nights, though the Moon exceptionally brightly shone Nilu Brzeg Nil of the overflow area Nil Aswan - tombs of dignitaries

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tom użytkownik tom(posts:125) dodano 29.01.2010 10:27

Pięknie ukazany Egipt. Gratuluję.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 03.01.2010 12:35

Malownicze widoki i piękne zdjęcia.

wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 02.01.2010 21:49

Z przyjemnością obejrzałem. Pozdrawiam

kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 02.01.2010 21:24

Chciałabym kiedyś zobaczyć Egipt. Ładna galeria. Pozdrawiam

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 02.01.2010 18:42

Zdjęcie nr.10 i 46-naj.mają klimat -pozdrawiam.

charlie użytkownik charlie(posts:2354) dodano 02.01.2010 18:30

Do Egiptu jeszcze nie zawitałam, więc z ogromną przyjemnością obejrzałam Twoją galerię. Super wycieczka, piękne ujęcia :-)
Bardzo dobre zdjęcie - 5.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2761) dodano 02.01.2010 16:39

Piękny i ciekawy temat jak i sama galeria . Pozdrawiam

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