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Cliffs of Dover.. so-so I am associating with the certain song.  Fine view, only often London financial centre; the art or reality?;) Thames- view on the centre of London Thames- view on the financial centre compulsory Polish accent Tower Bridge- randez-vous with ferry
Tower Bridge- already normally London Tower- celebrations to the reverence of victims of the sea Millennium Bridge- in the background św cathedral. of Paweł, that is a footbridge and the longest chair in Europe. the Queen Victoria and the millennial wheel

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Wielka Brytania - Londyn
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krushyna użytkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 12.09.2008 21:33

Wow sygnalizator jest niezły.

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 29.10.2007 18:38

jaros - niestety muszę Cię poprawić:
to drzewo sygnalizacji świetlnej na 2 jest na Canary Wharf
i na 4 jest widok na Canary Wharf a nie na City.

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