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Take-off from Amsterdam.  We are a baaaardzo facing long flight. To Quito several dozen thousand kilometres. Of removing from the refuelling stop in one and the other side. After indeed interesting about a fifteen-hour flight through different time zones we heard the announcement 'szefa' of our flight, that to do the time up belts, we will be landing. It surprised us tremendously because, the flight was supposed to last a bit longer, but looking behind the window confirmed us in the belief that it is however not a mistake. Bringing closer oneself to us [or rather we to them] hundreds of lights seemed to twinkle more and more. After all it wasn't 'normalne' landing.  Only a refuelling stop in order to take next passengers flying to Guayaquil and Quito. She was 3 at night, and outside temperature 30 greeted us stopni...  Remarkable! I wanted there already to stay;)
Hour 'wolnego' on the small airfield on Bonaire in the middle of the night who would think that I will be at one time in such a place.  Leaving the aeroplane there was no sleeve, so the warmth, and rather than that the stuffiness thumped for me straight on the face. The aeroplane from such a distance is feeling.  Unfortunately night photographs without the stand are coming out how they are leaving. As a matter of fact and this way we were urged to enter the building of the airport, and not to be based on a plate. Tiny airfield, building commander-in-chief also. 3 shops and I regret that on the way back for me not a single one dollar didn't stay.  This way I wanted to have the T-shirt from Holenderskich... Antilles
It remained for me only to look at the map and to imagine where I am just. It was how I never dreamt sen. about in order to be between Amerykami... The hour passed relatively quickly, in the queue into the toilet;) Strange, because after all in the aeroplane he is also, after all crowds besieged airport bathrooms, I also not only took advantage of this possibility in order to touch up one's make-up;) 
Time to come back to the deck. 'Rufa' looked quite quite well at night lighted by lamps of the airport. We moved farther.  The route of the onward flight for us properly was described. Any way I also noticed that in aeroplanes he didn't have marked places 13. Strange;) Hmmm... or you also believe, that 13 is bringing bad luck?  For me however it is probably lucky number, even though I am not believing in superstitions. All digits have equal meaning for me the same.
We are rushing out in the distance lightings of the small island are still twinkling. The last looks at Bonaire. Beauty of the glow with effect of my fun with modes of apparatus:) I like it such artistic photographs. Engines on the spot?  We are flying farther!
Farther it was Guayaquil and Quito.
But by way of powrotnej... ...Uda 這 for us to see oneself Bonaire piece in the day.  I already thought that there would be a night-time escapade then again, but this time it came off.
Running up to the island this time lights, but azure edges didn't greet us.  Beautiful once again I haven't wanted to come back but to stay a bit longer here at least a week in order to splash about in this marvellous water. There were at night no these wonderful golden sands and this turquoise colour of water apparently. I expected, that how I would leave the aeroplane the explosion of the heat will be even greater, I wasn't wrong.  There was a middle of the day what did I expect? Over 35 steps, but I in the jeans. Life. It is a tiny building of the airport, really so small. Leaving I didn't have even a moment in order to poprzygl康a oneself calmly of surroundings from above.  The crowd pressed forward against me from the back. I managed to do a few presentations on quickly.
From stairs of the aeroplane one could already see the ah... Sea Everybody out and at once attempt to grab the piece of the machine hold of on apparatus. In the day it was easier to photograph this beautiful light blue machine.  She merged a bit with this equally wonderful sky, but she was admirable. When crowds of people entered the already expecting through room, there was a chance to take a photo without tourists. It came off.  KLM immortalised. Transit.  This we got sheet of papers at the entry so that we didn't probably get lost; p hehe;)
And this is my gems from the expedition.  I will tell you about them perhaps in other galleries from the South America;) Waiting time on the way back = 40 minutes.  It still more quickly than that way flew down. We are leaving and of course between gravel, but sand in transit to the aeroplane to me a plant smiled. About so-so. The last looks with lens of apparatus to the freebooter and it was necessary to be about to an entry. Aeroplanes.  I adore them, it is my favourite mode of transport and reportedly safest. Each time I am afraid that they can something can afford, but still I believe that I will be back alive and well. This way it was and this time.  KLM acquitted itself I reached safe and sound. 'KLM' airlines are a sponsor of our trip 
We are starting. Views from above to the sea and edges of the island supernatural. Not yet I was never in such an exotic place, so for me all the more views were uncanny. These blue colours caused that I had get of nystagmus. But it was worthwhile looking and dreaming, that perhaps at one time we would manage to choose to such an island in order a bit to rest:) Meanwhile the island and her azures walked away.
And we headed more close the sky. Quite considerable distance towards Amsterdam. With the sea, perhaps did the sky already pour on itself with the ocean? But into such sunny day as the one colours were remarkably intense. Still moment we looked into the bottom, but everywhere only 'niebiesko嗆'. We reached a conclusion that it was already an ocean, we are flying by the water, so very boredom;]
The last look at blues and we slid windows back, time moment to rest after this long expedition To Amsterdam still long droga...  And from there to Warsaw, and only then after the month of separation to Lublin.

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konwalia u篡tkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 16.01.2010 19:19

By豉 faktycznie blisko tego piek豉.
Najwa積iejsze,瞠 wr鏂i豉 szcz窷liwie z pi瘯nymi wspomnieniami.

krushyna u篡tkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 16.01.2010 19:04

bo to raczej opowie嗆, a nie przedstawienie walor闚.
jakie to jest niewyobra瘸lne... Haiti tak blisko, a taka tragedia.
Straszne... i pomy郵e, 瞠 to tak niedaleko st康.

beata-zbychu u篡tkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 15.01.2010 08:48

Hm - zdj璚ia do 18 nic nie wnosz - reszta nawet ci篹ko do ogl康ni璚ia do ko鎍a, ale dali鄉y rad - niestety nie zachwyci nas ten rejon po Twojej galerii nawet gdyby nam kto mia t wypraw sfinansowa (:

filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 27.12.2009 22:43

To nareszcie wyja郾i豉 sie d逝窺za nieobecno嗆 Krushyny na Obie篡鈍iecie.
Czkamy na Twoje wspomnienia.

I co powiesz Jarfry - wrzucasz ponownie swoje stare galerie i filmy?

krushyna u篡tkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 27.12.2009 16:03

Jarfry to wielka szkoda, ale teraz wszystko jest mo磧iwe wi璚 mam nadziej, 瞠 i Tobie si uda zobaczy te wspania貫 miejsca :)
Sona_dora - w ko鎍u jak tu si nie zachwyca naszym pi瘯nym 鈍iatem :)

sona_dora u篡tkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 27.12.2009 12:11

Podr騜owanie przepe軟ione zachwytem, kt鏎emu nie umknie nic - nawet krzaczek – ja te tak mam :-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie

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