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Million of years ago the area of the Centre Asia Minor covered the surrounded plateau with forests and plains.  Here such animals lived as the ancestor of the elephant the mastodon or the hipparion, ancestor of the horse. As a result of moves of Taurus mountains, between Likaonią (the Konyi north-east) and with chain of mountains powerhouses turned up.  In a photo one of them - Hasan. The eruption of volcanoes built the layer of lava and ashes who in combination with sands created the tufa - characteristic kind of the sedimentary rock. In the Quaternary, the ok of 2 m years ago a period came four of freezing.  When a climate came to an end became gentler, rainy. The soft tufa, basalt and other elements of layers powulkanicznych subjected to forces of the nature formed unique rock forms whom it is possible to meet only in Kapadocji. Soft tufa and harder layers of basalt eroded irregularly.  One can see it on the example 'of fairy-tale chimneys in Ürgüp.
The view on the Valley of Pigeons and the Uçhisar small town. The name of the small town is coming from the Turkish word the hisar i.e. zamek.Pot ężna the stronghold planted on rock is towering over surroundings. Fairy-tale chimneys laid on edges of the hill The Uçhisar small town was important strategically with place on the Silk Route. One still looking at the stronghold with other prospect.
And it is a view on the Gőreme small town. many houses have chambers bored in the tufa, or built is of this material.  He has good of isolation properties. Gőreme national park, called also a Museum in the open air.  Here hermits already stayed in the IV century, ascetics who settled in rooms carved by oneself. He is here close 350 churches and forged chapels in tufowej.Cz rock ęść from them is decorated beautiful the Gőreme Park was freskami.Narodowy left in 1985 entered on the List of the World Legacy of the Mankind.  We will stop here longer. ÇArkl church (Sandalwood). the Name can originate from imprints of feet of opposite entering. This two-storey church with the cross vaulting and the dome was formed in XI in.
Rock is covering the convent, called also a Mniszek.Masywna Monastery in itself of holding on six floors. Access to the św church. Barbaras. The one coming from XI into the small church has two columns and the small dome.  Lines painted with the red colour who are supposed to imitate the building from stones are a curiosity. Painting showing the św form. of Jerzy on the horse struggling with the dummy.
Name of the Elmali church (Apple) originates from apple trees who around grew. he is Built on the plan of the cross, he has four columns and the central dome. He is last of churches whom I am introducing one from biggest and best kept in this region.  The Tokali church rose from the connection two built in the different time.
On account of the protection of precious murals, in interiors one isn't allowed to use a flashgun. The museum is open from 8.00 to 19.00. A souvenir shop, a bookshop, a mail and a currency exchange are situated at entering. Ürgüp, the town is famous for good restaurants, a local wine and carpets. We will find quite a lot of hotels here, some of them are located directly in a tufa.  Other are in monuments from Ottoman times.
For you Kapadocji inhabitants are also oriented on tourists amicably. Paşaba or the Valley of Monks are one of famous clusters kapadockich of fairy-tale chimneys.  They came into existence as a result of diversified erosion. Soft material below, more was left susceptible to the effect of water and the wind deeper carved. being over, harder basaltic rock formed the characteristic hat. Some of these rocks are assuming odd shapes. Dangerous mina...przypomina it head of the devil.
This chimney with three tops is being called the św Refuge. of Szymon who arrived here in the V century from Jerusalem. Paşaba valley. Other from valleys the kapadockich is Derbent, called also a Pink Valley. He is still other name - Valley of Imagination.  The majority is depicting the camel for itself in this place but they are and so who can see the large snail.
View from the route on the Pink Valley. We are finishing the trip around Kapadocji with look at Erciyes Da, extinct volcano for heights 3916 mnpm.  It one around of perpetrators comings into existence of this fairyland whom we are saying goodbye to with sorrow.

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ak użytkownik ak(posts:6251) dodano 31.03.2015 18:07

skałki piękne ale freski fascynujące !

baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 25.09.2013 22:06

Uwielbiam to miejsce.Pozdrawiam:)

magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 07.06.2012 20:51

Rewelacja ! Niesamowite ! Pozdrawiam :)

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 13.08.2010 21:59

Dobra robota - czupur. Twierdza na 8 robi wrażenie. Pozdrawaim

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 02.02.2010 13:04

Byliśmy w pażdzierniku 2009 r i podobnie to byśmy ujęli - rewelacyjna galeria.

jo_ta użytkownik jo_ta(posts:397) dodano 03.01.2010 16:20

Zwiedzając Turcję w 2009 niestety nie udało mi się dotrzec do Kapadocji.Twoja galeria znacznie przybliżyła mi to miejsce ,ale jednocześnie uświadomiła co straciłam.Pozdrawiam.

kabaczek użytkownik kabaczek(posts:1074) dodano 30.12.2009 14:36

Piękne zdjęcia z miejsca pozostawiającego niezapomniane wrażenia.

lala użytkownik lala(posts:172) dodano 30.12.2009 10:24

świetna galeria

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 29.12.2009 21:43

Piekne zdjęcia. Wraz z opisem świetnie się to ogląda. Gratuluję.

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 29.12.2009 21:27

Piękna galeria. Wspomnienia wracają...

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 29.12.2009 19:55

Czupur....sporo tu galerii z tego miejsca.
Ale każdy ma swoje zdjęcia,spojrzenie i komentarz.
Bardzo mi sie podoba.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 29.12.2009 16:24

Miło popatrzeć jak to ująłeś Kapadocję własnym okiem kamery.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 29.12.2009 16:22

Kapadocja, to niezwykła kraina, byłam tam w październiku:-) Niezapomniane wrażenia. Piękna galeria, super zdjęcia i opis. Pozdrawiam

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