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They were Karawanseraje with stopping place of merchants and passengers.  There rooms were situated for people, stables as well as magazines in whom safely towary.Karawanseraj was being stored in Sultanhani came into existence in years 1229 - 36 of foundations of the Alaedina Keykobada sultan and lay on the important trade route. The building was restored in years 50 - of the ones of last century, still at the end XIX in. here nomads lived.  He is leading the beautiful portal to the middle with the stalactitic ornament, put complex all in surrounding walls. Along the passage through the portal we are in the courtyard in the middle of whom small meczet.Po is standing for left hand guest rooms, stables and kitchens were situated.  To the right whereas magazines, baths and toilets. In the courtyard it is possible to watch the short ethnographical exhibition.
For pack animals 18 big boxes arranged all over both sides of the nave for lengths 55 constituted stables m. In the very centre the vaulted nave is a conical dome with windows guaranteeing the inflow of the light and the ventilation. The internal portal also has nice ornaments. What the charming host of the object: -)
When I already recalled, in the middle of the courtyard a small mosque planted on four pillars and the cross vaulting was built.  Under him a fountain was situated ablucyjna. Steep steps are leading to the place where the prayer room was situated. Arcades of warehousing facilities. On it we are finishing this short touring.  A sie is finding Karawansaraj by the route between Aksarayem and Konyą. He is a stopping place as a matter of fact like at one time but no longer so long and not a hearse but most often of bus trips. It is worthwhile seeing.

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voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 06.08.2017 18:35

a ja w Kapadocji nie byłem i stąd nie znam tego miejsca

czupur użytkownik czupur(posts:303) dodano 06.08.2017 15:32

Podobnych karawanserajów jest w Turcji więcej. Ten należy do bardziej znanych z uwagi na położenie przy trasie z wybrzeża do Kapadocji.

voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 05.08.2017 21:17

ciekawe miejsce, nie byliśmy tam

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 22.12.2009 14:44

A ja nie byłam, ale bardzo mi się podobało :-)
Zdrowych i Spokojnych Świąt Czupur i wiele pomyślności w 2010 roku :-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 21.12.2009 05:46

Warto było zobaczyć.
Interesujące miejsce.

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