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A little bit watching I will run out on against - probably many of you will ask questions - what for as many as this many takes repeating itself about the same subject matter, so Straps and a lock are such a charming place that it is hard to appreciate it in one photographic photograph - grant it you alone. Scarcely after 27 kilometres from the leaving of Vilnius we are entering to Strap, of small town of a few thousand. Total surprise: I expected the provincial small town who has the glory days behind it a long time ago after all. A place charming, lying amongst green valleys, surrounded welcomes us with considerable pine forests, Galve looking at itself in the mirror proudly in the light blue depths of two lakes and Tataryszek. Really so at one time world looked in its original form? I am thinking and I am coming to no conclusions, because to be enchanted with the place in whom they gave me I am getting the new portion of impressions a medieval, red, brick castle is carrying which -
Witold's residence.  Put on an island Galve lakes connected with long wooden small bridge firmly is guarding his mysteries. The prince's palace and the bottom castle separated 11 of one-metre long breadth with moat are building the stronghold not to getting. Luxuriant green surrounding him constitutes the searched background emphasizing the expression of this magic place empthatically. The nostalgic peace and silence surrounding him are giving this stronghold dignity and he is proving the high aestheticism of his owners all at the same time. The stormy history of this prince's residence can be a canvas of more than one thriller about the political colouring. The death on hands of Jagiello is picking up hatching Witold and him symbolic give meanings for Polish-Lithuanian attitudes.  In the more late period the lock is becoming the political prison for persons of the contemporary candlestick.
Here Members of Parliament of the Moscow grand duke are closed off, members of the mighty family have the undoubted pleasure of staying in this searched scenery Gasztołdów closed for dealings with the traitor with Gliński. Beautiful Helena, queen dowager after Aleksander Jagiellończyku suspected of desire for the escape to Moscow a trockiej of the stronghold is staying a long stretch in walls examining the personal face in silver lustereczku.    Straps were regarded by centuries as the capital city pagan, giedyminowej of Lithuania. Admittedly, researches not entirely are confirming this thesis, but even if came between myths to put her, still she will be giving this unusual place the charm and the romance.   But to the thing - a little bit from the historical side......     Unknown architects used French standards (lock in Coucy), as well as teutonic.  In 1392 r. the grand duke moved here permanently, even though Vilnius was a capital city.
 The trockiej had the more further bloom of the registered office connection with defeat of Teutonic Knights under the Grünwald, by what slowed down she stayed from the soil of a strategic point; Kazimierz was a special enthusiast of the castle Jagiellończyk, similarly to Witold, preferring Straps to Vilnius.  In XVI in. the lock performed the interesting role of the royal political prison.  They hit m.in here. kipczacki khan Shah-Ahmed,  Members of Parliament of the Moscow grand duke, political opponents, not to say the widow after Aleksander Jagiellończyku, Helena, suspected of the intention of the escape to Moscow. He performed the role of the royal residence till times of the August's Zygmunt.  Then he lost meaning, and after the war with Moscow in 1655 r. fell into ruin.
 He stayed in such a form all the way to years 50. XX in., when reconstruction was commenced using the prewar project of Jan Borowski still.  In years 1951 - 1961 was reconstructed upper lock.  On the bottom castle it stepped r in 1987 on finishing construction works.  Huge building, interesting almost whole territory of the island, makes up around two separated with moat of the part. They are entering through the gate on przedzamcze.  Around the courtyard, looking from stairs leading in direction contrary to hands of the clock, are standing one by one:
north casemates, tower północno- west, block of utility rooms with west casemates, south-west tower, noon curtain wall with casemates with the entrance gate south-east tower, block finally occupying the almost entire length of the wall on the right-hand side of the stable with eastern casemates. Interiors of buildings are converted at exhibition targets; it is possible here to examine stamps of a gentleman e.g., pipes, china, knick-knacks, also furniture from landowner's palaces from XIX and XX in. Stairs are leading around przedzamcza to the second part of the fortress - of appropriate castle. Through 11 - of one-metre long breadth the moat is being accessed to the drawbridge,
what he is crossing the gate, put in the huge donjon, constituting the main tower of the castle all over (33 m of the height). The residence has the form of the quadrilateral around the inner courtyard.  Looking from it on the left living quarters are situated, to the right - fine rooms, including the Guest Room.
In rooms a museum exhibition came into existence about the quite broad subject matter - from the copy of the Battle of Grunwald of Jan Matejko through archaeological finds, Gobelins, ethnographical exhibit items (in it Karaim), for Lithuanian banknotes from the interwar period. Moving lazily with charming small streets Strap, who almost in the unchanged shape Witolds remember times I am making my way to XVIII-wiecznej kienesy Karaim. What move curiously we are looking at well-kept houses Karaimów.  They are characterized by not only a painterly beauty but also a certain architectural style relying on interesting putting all returned buildings in the street with gable ends in whom triple windows are. Encouraging not a manner of not entries to the original Karaim restaurant with sophisticated smells.
We are trying not very certain at first rightnesses of choice kibinów that is of other language version kibinai- of dumpling baked of the short cake of the stuffed pork. An original Karaim dish is an absolute heavenly taste.  Next ordered Karaim cucumbers are confirming the indisputable championship of authors of this gastronomy.
Still into not a finiteness it is possible to spin a tale about this wonderful pocket-handkerchief of land Lithuanian,  He thanks nice for keeping me company.

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comments to the gallery (8):

kacpi użytkownik kacpi(posts:185) dodano 07.07.2013 13:43

Piękne miejsce. Wybieram się tam w tym roku :)

maja-maja użytkownik maja-maja(posts:442) dodano 11.11.2011 20:00

Z przyjemnością zapoznałam się z tym co mnie ominęło. W tym roku miałam zaklepany wyjazd właśnie w te okolice i, niestety, na 4 dni przed wyjazdem odwołano...... Żałowałam bardzo. Cieszę się, ze mogłam u ciebie zobaczyć.Pozdrawiam.

maximus33 użytkownik maximus33(posts:167) dodano 19.05.2010 20:01

ciekawa wycieczka

agata użytkownik agata(posts:428) dodano 04.03.2010 00:12

Mocar, alez piekna ta Twoja galeria! Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

nadhob użytkownik nadhob(posts:15) dodano 12.02.2010 19:13

Jadłem, piłem i dobrze się bawiłem w latach 70. Pływanie po jeziorach sprawiło niesamowitą frajdę bo złapałem 2 kg szczupaka. Pozdrowienia, przyjemnie oglądać zdjęcia.
Z Trok niedaleko do Zwierzyńca, pozdrawiam całą wieś o nazwisku Mackiewicz.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2686) dodano 15.12.2009 22:01

Dzięki wielkie za komentarze i oceny - pozdrawiam !

desidera użytkownik desidera(posts:59) dodano 14.12.2009 18:39

Troki to jedno z tym miejsc do ,których chętnie sie wraca,piekna galeria.
Będąc w Trokach zabrakło mi czasu na zwiedzanie zamku,ale widze ,że trzeba to naprawić.Pozdrawiam

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 14.12.2009 17:04

Ta miejscowość cieszy się wielkim powodzeniem jak widać po ilości galerii.
Twoja jest również ciekawa.
Mocar pozdrawiam-)

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