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The hotel in whom I lived was situated close the airport, so this view was quite frequent: -) In the Freyung square an Austrian fountain is situated.  Characters being in the lower part are symbolizing four large rivers of the empire: the River Po, the Elbe, the Vistula and the Donau. Women's form at the top it is an allegory of Austria. To her she was a model (supposedly) Alma von Goethe, the granddaughter of the poet died in the century of 17 years. Entry to the Freyung covered passage. Between Freyung and Herrengasse a Ferstel Palace is situated.  A famous Cafe café of head offices, in whom once artists went and intellectuals are in it is it. And in a photo - Freyung covered passage, small retail park. Humorous approach to lives small onions of the hair: -) Also a fountain very nice, pleasing to the eye of Ondines is in a Ferstel Palace.
Tenement with nothing around Disney'a. On Hoher Markt, where in the Middle Ages the whipping post and the gallows had their place a next attraction of Vienna is.  It is an Ankeruhr clock from 1912. Hourly in front of the shield one of famous figures appears, m.in. Marek Aurelius, Maksymilian and, prince Savoyard Eugeniusz, Maria Teresa and Lorraine Franciszek or also Haydn. However at the noon all personages are parading one too second before gathered and interested in spectators.  At Michaelerplatz, before the front door to Hofburga Looshaus is.  Building who was being built in years 1909 - 11 r. aroused sudden emotions amongst inhabitants. They were saying straight out about of obscene nudity of upper batches of walls and they were demanding to close the construction site: -) and today it is Raiffeisenbanku registered office. Poster showing entire Hofburga complex. Tower of the church of Augustinian friars - of the most important church of the imperial manor house. He comes around and poł.  The XIV age. Marriage ceremonies were held in it for Maria of Teresa and Lorraine Franciszek in 1736 r., for Maria of Antonia and Maria Ludwiki in 1770 r. and 1810 r., of Bavarian Elżbieta and Józef's Franciszek in 1854 r. and of Belgian Stefania and the heir to the throne, of Rudolf's prince in 1881 r.
A symbolic tomb of the beloved daughter is an important component of the decor of the church for Teresa's Maria - for Krystyna's Maria. The church exerted the very positive impression on me.  In my opinion, it is one of few churches who isn't crushing with one's largeness. The interior is modest, bright and spacious. On the right-hand side from the altar Loreto chapel, by whom they are entering the Herzgruft crypt, is situated where in 54 silver urns hearts are being stored Habsburgów. A heart of the Eaglet is in one of them - of son of Napoleon and Lois' Maria. The most wonderful drama room of Austria - National Opera.  He is one of few operatic theatres in world staging other performance almost every day. At the Opera also famous balls of novices are held. First such a ball was organised at the Opera in 1877 r. in order to celebrate entering the rich and the famous of girls from aristocratic families.  New Palace from the Burggarten side - of palace garden. Addition to the sculpture; -) View on Burggarten.
Rest on the lakelet with the view on Motylarnię. Can it be the focus of attention of this group? Of course main attraction of the garden - statue of Mozart dating from 1896 r.  Probably every tourist who will come to Burggarten must do the snapshot for himself with Mozart in the background: -) Lazy afternoon: -) everyone will find the piece of grass here for himself. Monument to Józef's Franciszek decorating with Burggarten. After the rest on green grass time for more further touring Vienna.  This time I came on Neuer Markt. In this square in the Middle Ages they were trading in the flour, it was also place where tourneys were held. Only look how they luxuriously are going all over Vienna by the taxi: -)
In the centre Neuer Markt is fountain Donner-Brunnen, originating from years 1737 - 39 r.  Central figure - Carefulness, is an allegory of the deliberation of the city hall. Remaining sculptures are personifications of tributaries to the Donau: Traun, Enns, Ybbs and March. Maria shocked Teresa with bareness of sculptures ordered them to take r in 1770. They returned to their place only in 1801 r. A Church of Capuchins is also situated at Neuer Markt (on the left in a photo).  Raised in and poł. The XVII age, according to the rule of the order, has the very modest facade. Kaisergruft is in a Church - Imperial Crypt. Buried there are 12 emperors, 17 empresses and over one hundred other members of the dynasty here. According to the rule of the manor house Habsburgów, coffins are in an Imperial Crypt with the embalmed body, internal organs are being stored in catacombs beneath the św cathedral. Szczepana, whereas hearts at the recalled earlier Church of Augustinian friars.   Frame around lives of Vienna street: -) Next point on our Vienna route it is Stadtpark - Urban Park.  The area about the area was surrendered to 11.4 ha for inhabitants of Vienna as the holiday destination and of recreation in 1862 r. Monuments to many celebrities are situated in a park but a statue made of bronze of Johann Strauss of the son is this place most famous, unquestionably associated with it.
 Next point on our list of compulsory attractions of Vienna - Prater.  The large Circle is it for this city, with what Eiffel Tower for Paris. R started in 1897. the large Devil's Wheel was built in eight months by the certain Englishman. It was supposed to be an advertisement of the British metallurgical industry. Similar structures were built in Chicago, London, Paris. But to this day it survived only Vienna. In expectation of the entry to the wagon.  Very dłuuugie waiting.
During and of world war, the Circle was exploited as a lookout.  During coatings in 1944 r. was left burnt but not destroyed. For new use, after the renovation they were given back in 1947 to r., unfortunately with the reduced twice number of wagons.
Very Wheel has the height 64.75 m and the breadth of 61 m. The overall turnover lasts 20 minutes (and for the entry in the season an ok is awaiting itself 1.5 hour). Wagons are moving with the speed of 75 cm for a second. The view from the Devil's Wheel is washing dech...  In the centre it is possible to notice photographs Belvedere whom unfortunately I didn't reach. Behind many interesting places for seeing, too little czasu... He can next time: -)  View on complex UNO-City.  Small town UN. From August 1979 r. Vienna is one of four registered offices of the Organization. The UN is paying the nominal rent to the Austrian state of the amount of 1 schilling annually. Such principles were established for a period of 99 years. On one's return to the ground and for reaching to the centre, on Stephansplatz a Native American show surprised me: -) the Show really attracted crowds. If only to a maximum to fill the day up with impressions, I decided to come off into the next place in order to see the famous Hundertwassera house with one's own eyes.  The painter and the graphic designer designed this house in 1985 r. to the order of authorities of Vienna.
Under construction they used diverse materials - glass, brick, ceramics and above all lively green: -) also colourful plaster was used to emphasize the identity of each of 50 flats.  Incredible building whom at first he is stupefying. But wanting whether no, everyone who could see him is forming some opinion to his topic. Foot of the Hundertwassera house. Does something resemble to you it? On the Vien Mitte underground station - of one of main transfer stations of Vienna. Sunset above the ring road of Vienna. After leaving Vienna we went to Eisenstadt, small towns of 50 put km from the capital city in order to see the main attraction of the city - fortified castle of the Hungarian Esterhazych dynasty from the XVII century.
Courtyard of the castle. View on the lock of the side of the garden. The lock at first was a Gothic stronghold, then with the swing rebuilt by the Esterhazy prince.  He constituted the centre of courtly living. At present the lock is performing the role of the cultural centre. 
With the city as well as the lock, inseparably a name of Haydn is tied up. From 1761 r. for over forty years worked as the bandmaster outside of Esterházy prince. View on the Gloriettę and the castle park - ancient baroque garden.  Round about 1800 r. he was converted into the English landscape park. View on the lock from Glorietty. Of bizarre construction bench for two: -)
Fauna on the lake: -) Fauna in the lake: -) 

On it not an end of touring Vienna. I am inviting to next galleries: -)

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comments to the gallery (11):

charlie użytkownik charlie(posts:2212) dodano 11.09.2015 21:02

ak - dzięki za wizytę. Te galerie z Wiednia robiłam daaawno temu i patrząc na nie z perspektywy czasu, dziś zrobiłabym je inaczej. Każde z przedstawionych miejsc zasługuje bowiem na szersze zaprezentowanie - i Katedra, i muzea Hofburga, motylarnia. Jeśli tylko uda mi się odgrzebać fotki z tamtych wycieczek, zrobię takie wiedeńskie galerie-suplementy :-)
Może uda mi się skusić Cię do zatrzymania się w Wiedniu ;-)

ak użytkownik ak(posts:6187) dodano 11.09.2015 17:24

w pierwszej kusi katedra i motylarnia, w drugiej rzeźby, strefy zielone i Glorietta z parkiem :)))

michal1988 użytkownik michal1988(posts:909) dodano 05.10.2014 19:31

Warusek - lotnisko leży w Schwechat jakieś 15 km od Wiednia więc to raczej nie jest bliski dystans :) Każda galeria z tego pięknego miasta jest ciekawa :) Im więcej miłośników Wiednia na OŚ tym lepiej ;) Pozdrawiam

warusek użytkownik warusek(posts:213) dodano 05.10.2014 19:26

Byliśmy w ogrodach pałacu Schönbrunn . I tam zaobserwowałem że regularnie co trzy minuty przelatywał samolot . Blisko jest lotnisko. Fajną masz galerie .

ewka użytkownik ewka(posts:7) dodano 30.12.2009 20:35

Pięknie pokazany Wiedeń. Ja niestety zwiedzałam krótko i na dodatek w deszczu. Tym bardziej zazdroszcze :) Pozdrawiam

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2555) dodano 13.12.2009 13:57

Już po miniaturkach wiedziałam, że będzie mi się podobać. Zgodnie z twoją zapowiedzią czekam na następne. Pozdrawiam

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 11.12.2009 21:44

Charlie, profesjonalny opis. Możesz oprowadzać wycieczki po Wiedniu.:-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 11.12.2009 18:43

Piękny ten Wiedeń i ciekawie go pokazałaś i opisałaś.
Charlie pozdrawiam-)

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 11.12.2009 15:31

Ładna galeria. Nawet trafilaś na Indian :-))) Podoba mi się bardzo ujęcie domu Hundertwassera fotka 37. Pozdrawiam.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 11.12.2009 13:48

Piękna galeria i ładnie opisana - najbardziej piękne dla nas zdjęcia to 15, 33, 34, 42.

pipol użytkownik pipol(posts:8996) dodano 11.12.2009 09:15

Faktycznie fontanna Ondyn jest przyjemna dla oka ;)))))

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