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The beginning of the trip and the station of the railway S-Bahn whom I moved into the city with one of my favourite passwords from: ZUG FAHRT DURCH: -) Somewhere in the centre of Vienna.  And as befits Vienna - without the droshky neither move! Graben - busy promenade with luxury shops.  In XVII in. there were a market of the flour and vegetables, but one hundred years here later the square became a favourite hang-out sure dam... In the middle of the square a Great Column from 1693 put to the order of Leopold's emperor, in thanks for rescuing from the bubonic plague is found. From Graben we on Kohlmarkt and already are only coming off is dividing few strides of us from (probably) of centre-piece of Vienna - Hofburga. We are on Michaelerplatz.  From this place Hofburga touring is usually beginning. A św Gate is a central part of the Old Palace. of Michał and dome sticking up above it who already became one of symbols of the city: -) Detail being right above the gate.
Inner courtyard on whom once the horse racing and championships were held.  In the centre a monument to the emperor of II Franciszek is standing with the Latin inscription on the base: my love for my nations. Swiss gate.  He is in a southern part of the courtyard, and for her the name derives from Swiss guards who had the station by her from 1748. Very Gate came into existence half the XVI age. Going through the Gate we are going up the Swiss Courtyard who is being called the heart of the Old Palace.  Around it is of this courtyard walls of the first castle from whom Hofburg developed stuck up. They from here are also going to the Strongroom. The visit in it belongs to the most interesting points while touring Vienna, therefore the place is worth it of separate gallery: -) New Palace - the youngest Hofburga part, built at the XIX/XX turn of the age.  M.in is in a palace. the Museum of Papyri and an ethnographic museum. The very from evident in a photo of balcony Adolf Hitler announced connecting Austria to Germany in 1938. A horse monument to the prince of Savoyard Eugeniusz is situated on Heldenplatz - one around of helpers of our king of Jasio Sobieski who fought Turks off Vienna in the XVII century: -)
Architectural detail of the New Palace. Lazy May afternoon before Hofburgiem.  Stomping ground of the canine company: -) About please: -) here we have the further example for canine games. Droshkies beneath the św Cathedral. Szczepana waiting for tourists.  Perfect means of locomotion for of the ones with the thicker wallet; -) Cathedral (law) at the front: -) she is a heart of the city already for over eight hundred years.  The first basilica who stopped in this place, was devoted in 1147 of year. The roof is covering teacher's desks almost 250 000 glaze of roof tiles arranged in zigzag patterns.
Detail of the roof. From the north side of the Cathedral an Eagle's Tower in whom Pummerin is hanging is situated - gigantic bell weighing 21 ton.  The bell was cast in 1711 of bronze get from 180 cannons get on Turks and rendered down. Pitched in 1945 and reconstructed in 1951. And these are already a southern side of the Cathedral and a view on the św Tower. Szczepana, called by inhabitants of Vienna Steffl tenderly.  They started raising it in 1359 and they finished in 1433 of year. In it is it at first Pummerin hung. However the toll was driven by caused vibrations of damaging the tower and they decided to move him to the Eagle's Tower. Admittedly from the outside it wasn't given me to see for her at one's loveliest, but in turn after climbing after 343 stone stopniach... ... for my eyes a panorama of Vienna seen from the height of 75 metres appeared. View from close up to colour roof tiles. Haas-Haus - modern building of marble and glass raised in 1990 (and so it is enough young).  From the beginning of its being on Stephansplatz the building stirred up controversy a lot. Today elegant shops, cafés, restaurants and offices are located in it.
Time to come back to the Chair.  An altar made of black marble from the half of the XVII century, describing the scene of św stoning to death is a central point. Szczepana. On the right-hand side, between pillars a gravestone of III Fryderyk is visible. The cathedral has length 170 and the breadth of 39 metres. An altar is in a left nave around Neustadt Wiener describing crowning the Mother of God in upper and the Madonna holding the infant Jesus in the lower part. Normal burning shoulder stand, but bewitched me enough I decided to immortalize her. Pulpit carved in sandstone from the half of the XVI century.  Busts of four Church Fathers are decorating her: of Ambroży, the Augustine, Grzegorz and Hieronim. Detail of the pulpit.
Beneath the raised hide a window, from whom he is looking is found certain gentleman.  Supposedly it is very author of this work: -) A copy cast in bronze of the teacher's desk is in a Stephansplatz southern part.  The original is so great that he isn't located in one staff. And here we have the entire building for the hand: -) Cathedral at the front.  Copy carried out in scale 1: 100. Well, ginger Vienna dove from Stephansplatz: -) Baroque tenements on Stephansplatz.  To the right Haas-Haus. The Austrian National Library - part of Hofburga complex.
Motylarnia is neighbouring the building of the National Library.  At one time this building of glass and steel was a heated greenhouse. Today tropical forest is in her interior: -) Inside we will find wonderful specimens of banana trees, rubber plants and many many other kinds, which names unfortunately I didn't remember: -) Green wall: -) Beautiful blooming anthurium. The most important Motylarni inhabitants: -) incredibly colourful and huge butterflies.  I was lucky quite a lot because one of them mistook my hand for the flower still we lasted altogether a few minutes. Of priceless minutes; -)
Dinner: -) Similarly to Prague, Vienna is characterized by narrow small streets.  It is worthwhile sometimes going down leveled tourist trails and erring not being in a hurry to nikąd: -)  It is worthwhile also looking sometimes to courtyards of tenements.  Many of them looks like an green oases of peace. Few tourists are looking into such places, but the damage because are really pretty. Narrow Vienna small streets seen with other prospect.
This green door from a distance looked inconspicuous completely.  Only when I came up to them, I felt as the Lilliputian in the Land of Giants. And in the end so small it is I not jestem... And in this place we are stopping the trip and to be continued: -)

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comments to the gallery (11):

ak użytkownik ak(posts:6148) dodano 11.09.2015 17:12

Jeśli jadę przez Wiedeń , to muszę zawsze blisko centrum... tak prowadzi GPS ( z 15 razy przejechałem) i tylko przejechałem, jakoś nie kusi mnie to miasto, a być może warte zwiedzenia :) ... Tu w galerii mi się podoba... muszę kliknąć cz2. może się przekonam do końca jeśli chodzi o dłuższy przystanek w Wiedniu :)

warusek użytkownik warusek(posts:213) dodano 01.12.2014 09:22

Fajna galeria , tez będę miał galerię z Wiednia wkrótce ...

szarykot użytkownik szarykot(posts:82) dodano 02.03.2010 20:25

Podziwiam Twoja precyzję w opisach. Pozdrowienia.

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 25.11.2009 16:05

Bardzo ładna narracja... Pozdrawiam.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 24.11.2009 05:19

Charlie...piękny Wiedeń i piękna galeria.

charlie użytkownik charlie(posts:2204) dodano 23.11.2009 23:19

Jarfry, beato-zbychu - cieszę się że zechcieliście poświęcić czas na wiedeńskie wspomnienia z galerią :-)
Sona_dora - to zaiste ciekawe doświadczenie gdy ma się w dłoni coś tak kruchego i ulotnego. Po prostu nie do opisania :-)
Marioli, Margo, to_ja - dzięki za Wasze miłe słowa. To właśnie one powodują że każdy z nas, pracujący nas swoimi galeriami chcąc się podzielić wrażeniami z wypraw z innymi Obieżyświatami, daje z siebie wszystko. I dlatego też ta nasza społeczność jest tak wyjątkowa :-)
Airen - masz rację :-) Anschluss Austrii był w 1938 roku. Ogromny szacun dla Twojej pamięci. Błąd już poprawiony :-)

jo_ta użytkownik jo_ta(posts:397) dodano 23.11.2009 22:58

Z prawdziwą przyjemnością obejrzałam Twoją galerię. Widac że znasz się na tym co robisz, bo fotki dopracowane co do szczegółu. A wszystkiego dopełniają ciekawe opisy.

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2554) dodano 23.11.2009 17:34

Ja też nie byłam więc również chętnie obejrzałam.
Fajnie podeszłaś do tematu.

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 23.11.2009 16:15

Nie bylam w Wiedniu. Więc z ciekawością obejrzałam Twoją galerię. Czekam na ciąg dalszy.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2087) dodano 23.11.2009 13:45

Zazdroszczę Ci tych kilku chwil z motylem :-) pozdrawiam

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 23.11.2009 12:11

Też tak widzieliśmy Wiedeń - dzięki za przypomnienie- oczywiście galeria się podobała na 10 pkt.

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