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Yeah it into the route.   
Here entry to the toll motorway. „ Love is ” laife - you're right there.: -). 
We are going into the blue distance, we are indenting nuts, good humours are finishing writing. On the way a sandstorm is meeting us. 
At least we are driving the rented car with the driver, rather than on camels, storm still is feeling. About 14: 00 suddenly almost a darkness is becoming. A dusk is falling in a shade of red. A sie is breaking the huge wind, hurling pricking clouds of sand at us. He is starting sprinkling, then neatly to pour. Still it is our rucksacks attached on the roof are getting soaked in the middle of the desert. We finally notice him in the distance. 
It on sand and sometimes is turning the lock over to Jaisalmer oneself that also of sand probably, real mirage of the desert. Jaiselmer lay on the trail of caravans from India to Centre Asia. Thanks to that quickly he became rich.  Merchants and inhabitants built a lot of lavish houses, of residence, of, richly encrusted palaces with wood and decorated with yellow-auriferous sandstone.
Later the time of the bloom of the sea navigation came.  Were started transporting goods mainly on ships and the city firmly fell into decline. A structure of the vast port was the proverbial final nail in the coffin in Bombay. Today it will slowly start to rain steadily, until sorrow is clenching the heart. Brand of the slow extermination left on walls. Sad joy is seizing us... joy we were in time. 
We actually saw him at the last moment, before falls in total ruin.

Amongst old walls, in mazes of small streets, on markets and in palaces clearly to feel the past history. And for themselves thousands of the ordinary men live in this unusual scenery.
You read „ ” Process of Franz Kafka?  When I stood under this door, a parable tried to get my attention about the porter.
 for him an eyesight is finally weakening and he doesn't already know, whether around him really the darkness came up, whether eyes are only deluding him. But in the darkness he notices some glitter now, unfading whom is beating from the door of the Law. 
Exactly this way I am imagining the Door of the Law.
If you gained the willingness to reviving the reading:
They are a pearl beautifully carved dźinijskie temples built in times of our Middle Ages, between XII but XIV. He exists here no admittance for women in the period miesiączki-istot definitely dirty. Churches are open for tourists quite briefly.  Right after the service through some half an hour.
Unaware of it I am hiding in the nice carved corner.  I am hiding out here from intrusive „ ” sadhu.
It's wonderful: coldly, quietly and calmly, I am greasing oneself palm in my travelling pocketbook.

In parallel world a real rescue operation lasts, rescue law. Pillow after arriving at the agreed meeting-place, is coming across only my flip-flops, and on the gate to the temple quite huge padlock. He is starting the fuss. He is finding the owner of the key to the huge padlock and together they are combing the network of corridors, covered passages, galleries and rooms. They are accurate and in the end they are finding me, although I hid neatly, with double stitch: -)
To my view an express expression of relief and a remarkable smile are standing out on the face of the Pillow.  So I don't see every day: -)
Surprised at first, I am promising solemnly then that no longer this way I will be disappearing.

Bats are residents of the temple.  In quite populous bunches they are hanging from the ceiling. They are feeling at home at home. Disapprovingly they are glowering at you, intruder, with one sleepy eye, if only carelessly you will awaken them by day. Preparations for the parade. Here for a good hour we are already waiting in the restaurant for serving the food.   
It in India quite often happens.
In the waiting time we experienced a few emotional phases:
1) optimism: we are waiting, so fresh it will be prepared.
2) an impatience slowly appears.
3) then anger is creeping, nonirresistible desire for bashing with the spoon on the table.
4) frustration of rumbling bellies.
5) sea of despair, discouragements, hunger is slowly disappearing.
Then a waiter appears on the horizon with the tray. City apart from walls of the fort.
 Here we are already coming back. 
This time by train.
Bookings are made at the station or in travel agencies, printed then and a passenger list is hanging outside the train.

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voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 29.09.2017 15:37

niesamowite miejsce

gosiekz11 użytkownik gosiekz11(posts:51) dodano 21.01.2010 23:11

dziękuję za ciepłe słowa bardzo się cieszę, że oglądacie

kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 21.01.2010 19:49

Bardzo mi się podoba Twoja galeria. Ciekawe miejsce i ładne zdjęcia... Pozdrawiam

marcowadziewczyna użytkownik marcowadziewczyna(posts:1527) dodano 21.01.2010 19:35

Bardzo interesująca galeria ,obejrzałam z ogromnym zaciekawieniem i przyjemnościa :)

gosiekz11 użytkownik gosiekz11(posts:51) dodano 20.01.2010 21:18

dziekuje bardzo za mile slowa:-)
Wybierajac fotki do tej galerii zastanawialam sie, czy kazda oddzielnie ma miec aspiracje do startu w "konkursie pieknosci" czy raczej wszystkie razem maja opowiadac jakas historia. Zdecydowalam sie na ta druga wersja.
Jarfry, zycze Ci goraco bys "rozwiazal problemy" i spelnil swoje marzenia :-) Ja osobiscie nie dalabym rady wytrzymac 1rok w Indiach, bylam tam tylko 3 tyg. i juz w tym krotkim czasie zdarzala mi sie potrzeba "ucieczki od rzeczywistosci" w stylu: zaszyc sie w luksusowym hotelu na chwile chociaz, moim zdaniem skromnym duze miasta sa nie do wytrzymania na dluzsza mete :-)

jo_ta użytkownik jo_ta(posts:397) dodano 20.01.2010 20:50

Zajmująca, ciekawa opowieśc i piękne fotki, znakomiciei oddające uroki orientu.Pozdrawiam

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2091) dodano 20.01.2010 10:53

Twoja galeria jest tak „żywo podana”. Lubię tak oglądać...podziwiać miejsca których nie znam ;) Pozdrawiam

kordula157 użytkownik kordula157(posts:6080) dodano 20.01.2010 09:33

Kapitalna reporterska galeria, Miejsce jest zjawiskowo piękne, wszechobecne kolory pustyni i do tego Ci piekni ludzi. Nie bylam tam , bardzo żałuję:)) 22, 23 dla uwiecznienia takich ludzi warto przejechać pół świata, BRAWO:)))))

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 20.01.2010 07:56

Pięknie i daleko... daleko......daleko.... dobrze że można zobaczyć z naszego fotela.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 20.01.2010 05:52

Trochę zeszłaś z tych wszystkich utartych indyjskich szlaków i dobrze.
Ciekawe miasto.

maciek użytkownik maciek(posts:40) dodano 20.01.2010 01:18

Też nigdy o nim nie słyszałem, ale miasto jak i zdjęcia(no może z wyjątkiem 3 pierwszych :P) piękne...

northface użytkownik northface(posts:106) dodano 20.01.2010 00:05

Nawet nie słyszałam o tym mieście! Cudowne i pięknie pokazane...

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