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Arabs are naming this Hisn lock Akrad al - Lock of Kurds.  An Aleppo emir built him in 1038 of year, on the hill, 650 m above the valley whom the only trade route led from Antiochii into Beirut. 
Entry into the castle is possible from the east, through the only gate, decorated with Arabic inscriptions from the period after impressing the castle from hands krzyzowców. The lock was get by Rajmumnda from Tuluzy in 1099 of year, on the way to of Jerusalem, during and crusades, next left.  
Behind the gate to the higher part of the castle he is leading the long, vaulted corridor, possible to travel on horseback. The castle again was occupied by crusaders in 1110 of year, Tankred made it.  
The corridor is opening to the courtyard between outside walls, but the upper lock. Outside walls have the thickness from 6 up to 30 metres.  In a photo - tank, in whom the water supply was being collected in the case of the siege.
In 1142 Rajmund II, the count of Tripoli handed the lock over to Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (Szpitalnikom) who ruled it on 8 April 1271. The upper lock is feeling unassailable - massive walls, towers and glacis - sloping bases of walls cause that even after the irruption into the range of outside walls assailants would not have an easy life. Bath for arriving in the castle. 
Utility rooms were located in a bottom castle, stables, vegetable gardens, workshops of craftsmen - the castle after the expansion by Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem housed the crew of 2000 walkers and 50 - 60 monastic knights.
Stables could hold heavinesses of horses, magazines - food for 2 years of the siege. 
In 1163 of year the castle without success was besieged by armies Nur-ad-Dina, and in 1188 through Saladyna.  Ultimate expansion of the fortress through Szpitalników finished I am sęing in 1170 of year. Lock, from the outside raw, inside was converted into the fortress - monastery, with the chapter house, the refectory, galleries and the chapel. From walls an extensive view on surroundings is stretching.  The lock had the eye contact with fortresses on nearby hills, what it was possible in advance to prepare for the possible siege thanks to. For evident to the north of the castle villages were resettled in years 30 XX in. people who for generations lived in the castle, but very lock were restored with the help of French archaeologists. Lock, although above all he was supposed to perform the defensive function, he was also decorated, and the entire building is built unusually harmoniously and proportionally.
The inside of the upper castle is delighting with elegant, Gothic windows of galleries... ...smuk with łymi bows of vaults... ...misternie with carved details. How Zbigniew Herbert wrote: Aesthetics can be of help in a life, one should not neglect the theory about the beauty.  Even in such raw times and the place they didn't forget about the beauty. Here the decisions most important for the crew of the castle were taken.  However the Great Champion of the Order lived in the tower in pd-zach. of part of the upper castle, called the Tower of the Commandant. Such retails of the stonework cause that we are feeling like in France, rather than in distant Outremer, behind the sea - how this land was being named in times of crusades.
Be pleased with a favour, a wisdom and a beauty, but avoid pride, because she to destroy them perhaps all - supposedly this inskrypcja... is propagating  Perhaps the pride of her masters just led it to the fall of this fortecy... ...kt óry with pride conquerors of the stronghold on walls taken control described. The lock fell into hands of Muslims in vague circumstances - according to one of versions they forged the letter, in whom the Great Champion of the Order ordered the crew giving up... ...wg other - the defence of the castle lost the strategic meaning after the fall of all remaining strongholds, put deep inside of land.  The Latin Jerusalem Kingdom survived Krak only about 20 lat... After occupying the castle by Arabs he stayed at first extended, outside walls were raised and barbicans were added. Later he lost his strategic znaczenie...
...znalaz ł oneself after all deep inside territory, above whom they ruled from the moment of the fall of Accra in 1291 of year, when the last crusaders left it this earth. Since then the lock fell into decline, he was undressed and treated as the source of the building raw material, next settled by peasants. Today one can see the sad reminder of times, in whom after all believers of the Christ and Mahomet antagonised, themselves in it other - the archetype of the medieval castle and the pattern of contemporary estetyki... ...a on visitors is doing the huge impression, it seems that the time here stopped and still here a clang of the weapon and voices are still heard militant...

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voyager747 użytkownik voyager747(posts:4620) dodano 06.10.2017 14:39

super miejsce, ciekawe czy jeszcze nie rozwalone

kikulisko użytkownik kikulisko(posts:76) dodano 20.11.2009 09:13

Re: kabaczek:Syria, choć bardzo atrakcyjna, jest rzadko odwiedzana przez turystów spoza krajów islamskich, a szkoda, bo to piękny i ciekawy kraj

kabaczek użytkownik kabaczek(posts:1076) dodano 19.11.2009 16:03

Ciekawa galeria i zaskakująca informacja o temperaturze. Można by się spodziewać upałów a może to "mikroklimat" średniowiecznych murów? Taki zamek w Europie byłby oblegany a na Twoich zdjęciach pustawo. Zazdroszczę wrażeń.

kikulisko użytkownik kikulisko(posts:76) dodano 18.11.2009 19:59

Dzięki za miłe słowa. Zamek robi ogromne wrażenie, choć niestety pogoda jak na Syrię była nietypowa - pochmurno i chłodno w połowie lipca!

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 16.11.2009 17:53

Zdjęcia nr.10,11 i 25-bardzo efektowne-piękna panorama-pozdrawiam.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 16.11.2009 08:00

Bardzo ciekawie pokazane i opisane :-)
"Ciesz się łaską, mądrością i pięknem, lecz wystrzegaj się dumy, bo ona zniszczyć może je wszystkie" - mądre i ponadczasowe słowa.
Pozdrawiam :-)

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