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Reaching the lydia broom from the side of a ferry crossing we can see looking around above of crowns of trees tower of the church. This church was formed originally as the Gothic temple. The ultimate shape received thanks to the reconstruction in XVIw. View on the Vistula valley. Leading to the castle we are passing remains of the park assumption from the XVIII and XIX turn in.
A few beautiful monumental specimens grow. Bastejowy lock raised at the beginning of XVI w.i extended to XVIII in.
Outstanding architects are associated with his coming into existence and rzeżbiarze: Santi Florentino Gucci (the Renaissance), Giovani Battista Flconi and Tylman from Gameren (the baroque). From windows of the castle a view on the Radom Plain is stretching, village lydia broom with the tower of the church and to homesteads Męćmierza on the other side of the Vistula. Walls at entering from the outside are covered with artless pictures of knights.
Lower batches of the wall are covered with establishing belts white and red of the primitive decoration of the building.
From the inside partly reconstructed galleries, before running the entire courtyard around are surrounding the entry. Lock of the type bastejowego was one from biggest in the Republic. He uplifted him in XVI in. in the Gothic-Renaissance style Piotr Firlej, kazimierski starosta, holiday of the greatest magnificence of the city. At present the architecture of the castle is carrying guildhalls of the baroque, Rococo and classicism.
He was it is an only castle to the east of the Elbe, who after the II war Światowej-do 1975 r. was in private hands. A story about the love of the count's daughter of Francis of Krasińska for the prince is connected with a lock Karol's kurlandzkiego, of son of the August of the III Saxon. In order to save the daughter from the incautious step, parents however put her in the janowieckim.Karol lock he found his chosen one and he married her.

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konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 23.11.2009 05:48

Aiaren...wzrok Ci się pogorszył,a na pierwszych zdjęciach to ?

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 21.11.2009 17:26

Nie tak dawno gościłam w tych okolicach, jednak czas nie pozwolił mi dotrzeć wszędzie... Dzięki Twojej galerii mam " uzupełnienie " :-)
Pozdrawiam :-)

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 20.11.2009 23:54

tak przyglądam się Twojej galerii i stwierdzam, że każdy z nas postrzega to miejsce troszeczkę inaczej...
niby te same ujęcia a za każdym razem dostrzeże się coś innego;)))
a tak na marginesie to lubię jeździć do Janowca, poza Krzyżtoporem jest to najczęściej odwiedzany zamek przeze mnie :))) pozdr

waaw użytkownik waaw(posts:526) dodano 20.11.2009 10:38

Nie znam tamtych okolic, a tam taki rarytas! (Mam wrażenie jakby wszystko „uciekało” na prawą stronę, a może tak tylko mi się wydaje). Pozdrawiam.

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