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In surroundings most interesting fragments of the turning point a town is situated Męćmierz. This windmill was moved from the area lubelszczyzny. The windmill is entered in a list of vintage buildings of the Lublin PROV.
The windmill kept the original structure and the fundamental equipment. Only wings and outside stairs were reconstructed. The windmill is in private hands. The windmill is standing on the peak of the escarpment where from the truly fabulous view stretches. Down we can see wide Wisła with the Cow's Island (bird sanctuary) in the middle, on the hill alone standing windmill, down wooden cottages, and on the other side rivers, a castle is towering over surroundings in the lydia broom.
The Cow's Island is spreading through the reserve the island located in the current of the widened channel of the Vistula on 353 - 354 km of reaches of the river. Keeping breeding sites of many water-muddy bird species is an objective of protection. 'Cow's Island is being used as the pasture. Extensive pasturage conducted on it of cattle and horses is deciding about keeping groups of birds plant, constituting breeding settlements. On an island the following bird species are crowding together: crossword, garganey, green-winged teal, oyster cateher, northern lapwing, joker, seagull the lady, the black-headed seagull, the common seagull, the normal tern, the skylark, the yellow wagtail, the sand martin and the common merganser. Apart from these kinds bird species were observed stopping here during spring or autumn walks, or being winter guests.
Męćmierz who is specific the skansenem-to is trying, little rafting settlement with ancient cottages, being in the vicinity Kazimierz Bottom. Męćmierz it is a perfect space for everyone who want for a moment to break away from the civilization and the urban tumult. The surrounded village is calcareous hills steeply coming off toward Wisła from two sides.

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elise użytkownik elise(posts:940) dodano 17.11.2009 13:32

Zdjęcie 42 jakby z mojego ogrodu

tereza użytkownik tereza(posts:3846) dodano 16.11.2009 21:38

Dzięki za podpowiedż.Pozdrawiam.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 16.11.2009 21:28

I jest dobrze-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 16.11.2009 20:04

Tereniu...znowu trochę chaszczy,ale bardzo przyjemnych.
Ciekawe miejsce.
Podziwiam, że chciało Ci się spacerować w taką pogodę,ale ona nie wybiera.
Osobiście usunęłabym 3 zdjęcie.
Serdecznie pozdrawiam-)

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