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Merlion (of course the one in the background!:)).  Marina bay-centrum of Singapore. In it is these surroundings he ran the F path 1 a few weeks ago. Very clean and modern district. Graded hotel in the city, actually in the state.  To it the one roślinnośc... China town in Singapore.  Here the traffic on pavements and the escalator seems right-hand byc, like in europium, choc the rest of the city is wyraznie trick stronna. Mono rail- journey to the Sentose pocket.  It on Sentosie local and tourists are spending time lounging about. Journey it only three S$ (about szesc of zlotys). Sentosa, raj... ...na of the earth.  Super...
...pla that i... ...hotele.  Dolphinarium, chairlifts, bird's park, kingdom of oraz... insects ...podwodny world.  All of these attractions are płatne-za with exception of course of these heavenly beaches. Typical, for Singapore, order.  If are appearing niedogodności-trzeba by it of przeprosic.Ale inhabitants if inhabitants have chęc e.g. jeśc or eyewash in the underground- punishments are by it three zero! Bird's park in Singapore and amphitheatre for bird's performances. Short parku... residents
...oraz these bigger inhabitants.  Apart from parrots and flamingoes they there probably have all more important kinds from the entire world, including penguins in large lodówie and with owls in darkness room. Unfortunately all animals are turning away their head from passers-by and constant fleche attacks. Road to the capital city of Malaysia.  Between Kuala Lumpur and jezdzi Singapore a lot of luxury autokarowych.Ja lini I went with line Aeroline. The journey lasts the about 5 h and she is very luxurious. I recommend and I will let myself podlinkowac:
https://www.aeroline.com.my/aboutus.html Views from the bus priceless.  The jungle is covering not-ending mountainous tereny-często. something wonderful... Petronas towers in the day, right after deszczu... ...i at night, in the course of the small rain.  Somebody determined them as made from crystal - what I can only potwierdzic. Exceptional buildings. From hour 8: 30 are starting byc issued free standing tickets to the tunnel linking both towers.  I joined a queue about 7: 40. About 9: 30 it was already after standing tickets. I got for hour 14: 15. For the beginning they included brief film 3 for us D about the history of the structure itp. Then entry and a few minutes of the time. Wysokośc 44 floors.
Merdeka square, symbolic space for Malays.  It here for the first time was drawn up the mast Malaysian flag, losing the status of the colony. The brake light sounds somehow straighter:) Stairs to Batu.Miejsce caves saint for Indians.  I assure that entry on is góring in this climate not a counter is a feat. Walking up the stairs little monkeys are accompanying, ready wyrwac from hands everything what can nadawac oneself for eating or drinking.  For the majority of tourists they were a centre-piece much than very caves. Sunway lagoon.  Wonderful artificial bathing beaches... ...oko ło of 20 km from the Kuala Lumpur.Znajduj ą centre oneself there also other couples of entertainment.  Fantastic place choc unfortunately dośc expensive. The cheapest standing ticket it about 50 pln+ 40 pln taxi. AH! If somebody of you will want there himself wybrac it not in wtorek-zamknięte (cleaning).
The biggest bathing beach from entire complex.  It left dośc sadly but most probably because then again was after the rain. In Malaysia, on stops taxi (teksi-w their tongue:)) stands are situated where the course is being ordered and is paying.  They with the small ticket are going to the driver. It is also possible wsiąśc in town and the jechac on taksometrze.Tak is legally. But proposals are often also get from the driver for the course for the agreed amount. You are paying similarly but the money is finding its way into the pocket of the driver rather than to the corporation. Like at us before 1990:) China town in Kuala Lumpur.  The best oriental food in the life I ate which and original rolexy too 100 pln! National museum of Malaysia. National, very modernist but beautiful mosque in a way. Tactlessly I accessed a little during the prayer and very much discreetly I turned a little on video.  Photograph done already after the prayer, choc many faithful still stayed.
Signs of our times. My favourite photograph.  Short Malezjii residents. Children are wonderful. Worldwide they are such same... I could not oneself powstrzymac...  As the great fan I am describing air transports: my B 777 - 300 Eras. 26 hours aboard...

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mathew75 użytkownik mathew75(posts:8) dodano 05.11.2009 17:08

Dziękuję wszystkim za dobre słowo :-) ! Za rok, może Pekin, może Bangkok... a może nie będzie mnie stac nigdzie pojechac. Wybrałem sobie dośc drogie hobby, a apetyt rośnie ! Pozdrawiam !
p.s. Borek- tutaj na straganie wołali za rolexa 130RM(około 100pln). Można by pewnie zejśc na 50RM ale i tak nie było by to 5USD. Mam nadzieję że wszystko w Chinach będzie tak tanie jak rolexy :-) !

muztaghata użytkownik muztaghata(posts:231) dodano 03.11.2009 11:42

spodziewałem się jednak więcej,niż zdjęć chińskich budynków i dzieci daleko ,odwróconych tyłem(jako najciekawsze?)mam wrażenie,jakbyś aparat wyciągał ukradkiem.tyle godzin czekania na wejście do przejścia między wieżami i tylko zdjęcie korytarza?zdjęcie reklamujące Singapur to autostrada z uciętymi znakami.nie wiem co jest grane...

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 03.11.2009 08:51

26 godzin lotu,ale warto było.Faktycznie raj.Jest co oglądać.Petronas towers robi wrażenie.
Masz bardzo świeże wspomnienia.

tunrida użytkownik tunrida(posts:82) dodano 02.11.2009 20:38

Dałam 10, bo to chyba 2 czy 3 komentarz do galerii w całym portalu 'Obieżyświat' który mnie zainteresował (praktycznie, mniej historycznie). Gratuluje podróży i pamiątek w postaci zdjęć. Plaża rajska ! Pozdrawiam :-)

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