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N.p.m m put amongst piles about the height above 2000. Such a view is exactly from the itinerary up of Mojżesz where from tourists are coming back after observation of the sunrise.  How later it will turn out it will be necessary a little bit to wait for opening the monastery for visitors. Surrounded with high wall looks like the stronghold. Such wooden bay windows?  Somebody can around Axis (and was of us there as many as a few) does know what they served for? Can he for observation? The ones are from the side of our more late entry.
Some expecting night efforts are sleeping climbings off. People in the place of the rest are arriving more and more. It was supposed to be opened about 9.00 - we are coming out from the shadow and we are going. Picturesque approach to the monastery.
Unfortunately, queue and already in the full sun.  We are waiting. Wejśćie to the monastery it is a minute pass. Here surrounding the monastery from the side of the camel's footpath up of Mojżesz. Plates, interesting rock forms. More and more tłoczniej before the entry. Is he/she also waiting?
Visitors are allowed to enter only some rooms.  At going premises of the monastery up it isn't possible to have shorts but shoulders for women uncovered and of course of miniskirts. 
The first view on the belfry. Zakonnikow at dawn is reportedly waking up the voice of the church bell whom he is beating so many times, how many years of veins Christ. The crowd is so in places it is hard to get through. Mosaic at the entrance to the temple. Known already disseminate majorities being afire. And his upper parties.
Well of Mojżesz. He is kicking murals by the well of Mojżesz Tłoczno... Mortuary.  
Bones of monks after some time are being moved exactly here.
After the departure from the mortuary. Tired with night entry up of Mojżesz as well as with expectation of the entry to the monastery we are coming back to the coach. Way leading to the monastery from the car park. 
According to some sources monks at the local monastery aren't involved in a Coptic church, but to grecko- Orthodox and there are nationalities Greek.
Duma of monastery his biblioteka.Pod is an account of the value and he is giving the number of gathered manuscripts up for only a Vatican Library. A collection of icons dating from the period is also interesting from VI till the 20th century.

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comments to the gallery (4):

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 25.11.2009 10:05

Fajne miejsce i ładnie zaprezentowane - na razie obejrzane tylko z fotela.

zbik użytkownik zbik(posts:246) dodano 01.11.2009 16:44

Sama droga od parkingu nie jest uciążliwa i trwa ok. 20-30 minut. Tłok w samym klasztorze wynika z wyczekiwania turystów, którzy zeszli z Góry Mojżesza z obserwacji wschodu słońca no i jest ich ogromna ilość. Oczywiście atmosfera podczas zwiedzania... nijaka. Faktycznie położenie niesamowite. Jeden mankament to ten, że klasztor leży na drodze wiodącej na Górę Mojżesza i stąd głównie te tłumy. Chociaż, jak wspominałem jest też dużo wycieczek organizowanych tylko do klasztoru.

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 01.11.2009 13:07

ciekawe miejsce

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 01.11.2009 09:48

Droga do tego klasztoru to naprawdę wyzwanie.
Malo ludzi,kamienie,piękne widoki.Ale w samym klasztorze ta ilośc turystów jest przerażająca.
Czy da się tam skupić i spokojnie podziwiać wnętrza?

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