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Eger welcomes us with beautiful solar weather, in the background sensational architecturally bath Olympic, designed by Imre Makovecza, of the most outstanding contemporary architect of the Hungarian.  The building joining elements of yurts and towers of Magyar tribes dating back to the Arpada leader to the modern lightness wisely is integrated into the medieval-baroque city. Inside a lot of training small fry (were heard) and of champions, because Eger is also a centre of swimming sport and the water polo.
Building of the secondary school.  An Astronomical Museum is situated in a tower of the building with the working periscope Specula regarded as the curiosity.
The secondary school, the Library and the Observatory Specula, Deep inside Kispreposti Palace (of short prelate), by the Kossutha street, on whom the most bank buildings are situated in Egerze.  It is worthwhile watching outside decors of tenements and decorative elements more precisely of the wrought iron.
The basilica is an only classical temple in Eger.  She was built in years 1831 - 1837 according to the project of the famous architect Józsefa Hilda, of author of plans of the Basilica in Esztergom. Long on 93 and wide 53 m he is enrapturing with his largeness, for her towers are sticking up to the height of 54 m., whereas dome - to the height of 40 m. The also decorated front of the temple is statues, being allegorical representatives of Faith, Hope and Tenderness - all left from under the chisel of the recalled already Italian sculptor, Marco Casagrande They are leading long stairs, decorated by four presenting figures to the Basilica saint of Stefan of both Władysław and Piotr's apostles and Paweł. Fine J.L frescoes are decorating the interior of the temple. Krackera, describing the triumph of Divine Domain above illegitimate, as well as wonderful low relieves of the Venetian artist Marco Casagrande.
After touring insides fast getting around the Basilica (only I), and... rush off after the group. Building of the secondary school in the late Baroque style whom the Eszterházy count for the purpose of a university built.  He is also at present fulfilling the function. On the first floor it is possible to see famous to the entire country library, where old codes are, manuscripts and only in Hungary authentic letter of Mozart.
Church the Minorytów, i.e. o.o.  Of Franciscans.
A church built by the Franciscan order is standing in the city centre dedicated św. of Antoni from the Padua. It is one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Hungary.
A building development of the monastery is adjoining to the temple Minorytów. Ceremonial setting in the stone the węgielnego took place in the March of 1758. 
In 1765 construction of the church was finished. The outside decorative art and equipping the church still required the work for a few next years. The church was being consecrated in 1773.
On the facade slender, bent into the bow, decorated with columns and pilasters, is seen the coat of arms of Franciscans and a Latin tag: for God nothing is „ ” being enough. Brothers Franciscans are celebrating one mass on Sunday in Polish, for the emigration and tourists. Inside the building amongst wonderful altars, figures and images in the summer concerts are held. The Frs of Franciscans is resting in the church relics of the saint patron of Centre-eastern św Europe. Jadwigas, by the św relic. of Kinga and bł. Jolantas, from the royal family Arpadów.
In February 2002 r. relics of the friendly św finger. for the Queen Card. Franciszek Macharski gave Jadwigas to the Eger archdiocese, Cracow archbishop. 

These are not only Polish accents in Eger. In years 1410 - 1420 a Pole was a bishop of the Eger diocese, Ścibor around Styborowa. In the interior epics are describing scenes from the św life. Antoniegi Padua - of patron of persons and lost things. Square Twenty-four hours - this Square is a closed most off and united square in Egerze - eclectic town hall Two monuments in the square are showing the heroic leader and the expressive group of borderland soldiers.  Both are establishing to fights of Hungarians against Turks in XVI and XVII in. The first monument was made in 1907 r. thanks to Alajosa Stróbla, second - Zsigmonda Kisfaludyego work Stróbla, of m.in author. of the Budapest Statue of Liberty - r comes from 1967.
A castle towering over the old town is one of the oldest Egeru monuments from the XIII second-half in.  From it in 1552 together with the two-thousand-strong crew Istvan just defended himself against the army with the Turkish Twenty-four hours - national hero. This siege was described in the Hungarian epic of the Egeru Star. Only after six next attempts, in 1596, Turks managed to get the lock. The population was butchered, and the city was burnt. In XVIII in. the part of the fortification was destroyed from the order of the king of Leopold of the Habsburg who was afraid of taking over the control of the city by Rakoczego supporters. They are entering the inner part of the castle through the gate in the Gergely bastion and through the Varkoch bastion.  A Gezy Gardonyiego tomb is situated on a peak. Castle walls stretching out on the gigantic space offer the wonderful panorama to visitors.

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magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 11.11.2011 23:12

Eger piękne miasto.

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 25.11.2010 21:45

Kryjan przed schodami do katedry po prawej stronie jest wejście do "podziemnego miasta"

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 29.10.2009 17:54

Kryjan :-) ciekawie pokazane i opisane :-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 27.10.2009 16:02

Nigdy tam nie byłam,obejrzałam obie częsci Eger z przyjemnością.Piękne miasto.
Pozdrawiam Kryjan-)
Smorodina,no dawaj,to może wreszcie odwiedze Węgry.

kolumberka użytkownik kolumberka(posts:15) dodano 27.10.2009 15:49

Świetnie ! Ładne ujęcia pomników.
W zeszłoroczne okazje miałam odwiedzić Eger i muszę przyznać, że pozytywnie mnie zaskoczył :)

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 27.10.2009 12:36

http://obiezyswiat.org/index.php?gallery=5248 uzupełnienie do zdjęcia 50.

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 27.10.2009 12:32

Jest jeszcze trzecie wino w Egerze ze szczepu Pina nuare(fonetycznie) ciężkie , słodkie barwiące język na czerwono.Przyznasz , że Eger jest ładny. Dobra baza wypadowa do Godollo, Budapesztu , Miszkolca,Lillafured, w dolinę Szalajki. Jak będę miał czas to dorzucę swoje zdjęcia może to zchęci ludzi do odwiedzania Węgier.

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