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According to forms at first to the island he arrived by Hotu Matua, ancestor of the clan the Długouchych i.e. Hanan Eeepe.  Długousi they had the higher social status and supposedly they just raised it statues..

(in a photo statues from Ahu Tongariki) Later on an island settlers turned up from Tuu Ihu ko at the head, called the clan the Krótkouchych i.e. Hanan Momoko 

(Ahu Tongariki The Krótkouchych had the clan lower social status 

(Ahu Tongariki, each of statues had other face) Through hundreds of years an islanders created and they developed their unique culture... 

(Ahu Tongariki) ... of whom tracks to today it is possible to admire on an island among others in the form of huge, stone Moai... statues 

(Ahu Tongarikito 15 of restored statues being based on a platform on the shore of the ocean, with front to the island. Up till today it isn't obvious why dowries were exactly this way ustawiane.....)
The island was discovered on Sunday Easter, 6 April 1722 by the Dutch yachtsman of Jacob Roggeveena von 

(Ahu Akivi, seven restored statues) ...i is for him exactly an island owes his current name. 

(Ahu Akivi as only on the platform inside islands are standing, not above the edge as remaining) According to the Roggeveena relation and companions of the expedition, inhabitants weren't unduly zdzziwieni or surprised with visit of Dutchmen... 

(Ahu Akivi was most probably used for religious ceremonies) .... who, what in order however not to say, enough they differed in the appearance from natives.... 

(Ahu Nau Nau, restored statues standing on the only beach on an island, Anakenie) ...istnieje view that already earlier, before Dutchmen, somebody different from an islanders appeared on asp Nui... 

(Ature Thuds, lonely dowry standing by Anakenie)
...lecz doesn't have evidence to it.. 

(in a photo statue standing in Hanga Roa, right by the shore of the ocean) Roggeveena Wedłud an islanders were set at variance and they lived in reed chatach.. 

(lonely statue from Ahu Akapu)) ..zupe łnie different from their homesteads and entirely not fitting them there were huge, stone statues... whom inhabitants built a bonfire before and worshipped them... 

(here in a photo sticking out of the precipice face Moai) In 1770 the island was in dominion hszpańskiego of the king.  On an island on his behalf Felipe Gonzalez exercised authority the island owes y Haedo and it to him contemporary Tierra name de San Carlos. However she never became the Spanish colony. Later to the island they came one by one James Cook and Jean - Francois de Perouse.. la 

(Ahu Vaihu, remains after the platform with overturned statues)
Next, researchers and discoverers: Yuriy Lisieński and Otto von Kotzebue turned up on an island at beginnings of the 19th century. 

(Ahu Hanga Tetenga, remains after the existing once platform with around one statue turned over) They found as many as many destroyed and overturned statues. Supposedly last who could see all statues standing on platforms there was a French admiral Abel Du small print - Thouars.  He arrived at the island in 1838. Statues were most probably left overturned and destroyed as a result of wars of clans competing with oneself the Długouchych and the Krótkouchych In the second half of the 19th century whalers and hunters of slaves have more and more often invaded the island... 

(Ahu Vinapu, is treated as the crowning glory of contemporary architecture) The part of the population was left by force kidnapped and taken out of the island to the hard work on kontynencie... 

((Puna Pau, place where they were progukowanoing hats for statues)
...cz ęść unfortunately died from hands of invaders... 

(Puna Pau) Also a king, leaders, sages and priests were taken out of the island... ...nigdy to it didn't return. it caused the solution of continuity cultural asp Nui.. In the mine of guano scarcely a handful of men returned from the hard, slave work.. 

(Raraku morning, place produkcj of statues) Unfortunately sick persons came back to pox.. 

(Raraku morning) Pox decimated already and this way the little wyspy... community 

(Raraku morning)
Wwedług of various sources remained alive from 100 to 400 native inhabitants 

(Raraku morning) Most probably for history it didn't outweigh, because still was it is a little community devoid of leaders and priests, for whom it was hard to rebuild, to reconstruct the ancient culture... 

(Raraku morning) The crater in the morning became Raraku year discovered in 1872 but of 10 years later, to niemiec William Geiseler arrived with the research dispatch. 

(Raraku morning) Then they made preliminary archaeological and anthropological examinations.  And a few exhibit items were taken to Berlin muzeum..

(Raraku morning) They were next explorers of the island buggy who arrived to the island at the end the 19th century.  They drew up detailed documentation of statues and platforms of the ceremonial Orongo village.

(Raraku morning) With part the Easter Island became Chile in 1888 after signing the not very transparent agreement of the captain of the Chilean Policarpo jacket Torah and with leader of the Atanu Tekena.. island 

However the period wasn't more late (or then again) market lucky for the island and her inhabitants.. on an island they were leading broadly conceived (predatory for the island) owiec... breeding 

(view around Raraku Morning to the Ahu Tongariki platform) ... with breeders, unchecked through of nobody, by no authorities, were at first chilijczycy then brytyjczycy... 

(sunset on Tahai) ...ludno ść at that time was concentrated and according to some imprisoned around the Hanga Roa... settlement perhaps this being is justifying only one city with ...by ć on wyspie.. However thanks of the presence brytyjczyków on an island a next archeologiczna... dispatch turned up 

(Tahai at sunset)
...kt órej of discovering and examining spraiły, that history, beliefs, traditions, customs and the culture asp nui and her permanent mieszkanców oneself known in world... 

(and Tahai at sunrise) Next research expeditions much expanded this knowledge.. 

(many willing to photograph Tahai at sunset) However a Wielkanocna... Island became most well-known ....dzi of the ęki for expedition of Norwegian directed przez... ...Thora of Heyerdahl.  After this expedition among others Aku Aku gave the book to the Fri... In 1935 Chilean authorities regarded the island as the przyrody.... monument
...a under the patronage the UNESCO was rebuilt both a lot of statues and platforms on whom they are based and the ceremonial Orongo village. In the end: 
The ones they were drinking about the ones Henua i.e. the hub of the universe. Smoothed basaltic surrounded stone with four smaller, symmetrically arranged stones. They probably appoint the four directions of the world. I am writing probably, because it wasn't impossible to state it: placed on dyżym stone the compass is zupełmying went mad.
According to the legend the ones they were drinking about the ones to the island a Długouchych brought Henua the first settling tank from the clan - Hotu Matua

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comments to the gallery (23):

maja-maja użytkownik maja-maja(posts:442) dodano 29.09.2012 10:47

Fantastyczna relacja i fotki.................. pozdrawiam serdecznie.

popekpawel użytkownik popekpawel(posts:3622) dodano 19.08.2012 19:36

Czytałem niejednokrotnie historię Rapa-Nui ale nigdy nie była ona okraszona tak wieloma ładnymi fotkami. Dzięki:)

antala użytkownik antala(posts:1037) dodano 09.05.2012 10:13

Aku-Aku to moja ukochana książka z dzi9ecińsrwa, czytałam wielokrotnie, myślami będąc cały czas tam, wśród tych zadziwiających posągów... To jedno z tych miejsc, o których prawdy nigdy już się nie dowiemy, bo wszyscy, którzy ja tworzyli - odeszli...I pewnie dlatego będzie po wsze czasy rozpalać wyobraźnię wciąż nowych badaczy, podróżników, poszukiwaczy...

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 25.06.2011 13:34

I Tobie mgfoto również dziękuję.....

mgfoto użytkownik mgfoto(posts:6131) dodano 22.06.2011 00:29

Piękna galeria. Fotki o zachodzie - "miodzio" ;))) Pozdrawiam

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 21.06.2011 10:39

dziękuję trekker.....

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 24.11.2010 21:25

... przykro, z powodu straty aparatu. Chyba bym się popłakał. Z powodu utraty zdjęć. Aparat do kupienia. Zdjęcia bezcenne. Pozdrawiam serdecznie .....

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 15.04.2010 10:58

Dziękuję magdaleno!

magdalena użytkownik magdalena(posts:3650) dodano 13.04.2010 08:35

Pełne tajemnic miejsce, bardzo dobre zdjęcia, wyczerpujące komentarze - czegóż więcej trzeba do szczęścia? Bardzo dziękuję za przyjemność zwiedzenia tej wyspy razem z Tobą! Pozdrawiam serdecznie. Magda

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 22.02.2010 11:05

Ojj, fajnie, fajnie tam było:-)

alexia944 użytkownik alexia944(posts:24) dodano 26.01.2010 14:06

uwielbiam ta wyspę od zawsze mnie ciekawiła.
a zdjęcie świetnie oddają urok tego miejsca.


robertno1 użytkownik robertno1(posts:93) dodano 02.01.2010 16:56

Niesamowite zagadkowe miejsce, fanie tam być Pozdrawiam

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 22.12.2009 09:23

Kama, Girian - dziękuję!

lektury pobudzające wyobraźnię.......

kama_wos użytkownik kama_wos(posts:204) dodano 29.11.2009 12:23


andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 02.11.2009 21:11

moneeq - wielkie dzięki!
atropacz - musi, że tak:-)

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 01.11.2009 22:41

Nieprzecietne, po prostu.


atropacz użytkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 01.11.2009 19:23

Jak to dlaczego posągi były tak ustawiane?? Na niebieskim tle ładniej wyglądają ;)

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 27.10.2009 09:23

Filmdil: "prawie" robi różnicę:-))
To był bardzo fajny "spektakl" każdego wieczora. Ludziska spieszyli, żeby zająć jak najlepsze miejsce do podziwiania.
Nie miało to specjalnie znaczenia, bo widok był cudny zewsząd:-) No ale......
No i jak już zasiedli/stanęli w jednym, tym "the best" miejscu to do końca wędrówki słońca tam pozostali:-)
I tylko migawki "trzaskały":-)
Matrioszki........ fajne porównanie:-)
Deszczu, taki TV OŚ PODRÓŻE to byłby "miód"!! Chętnie podejme współpracę:-))
Konwalio, desidero, wujuryszardzie.....
Podziękowania dla wszystkich...

desidera użytkownik desidera(posts:59) dodano 23.10.2009 15:59

Wyczerpijące informacje i bardzo ładna Galeria... na zdjęciu nr 5 posągi wyglądają jak Matrioszki;)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 23.10.2009 14:39

44-45 - prawie jak posągi ;)
Dzięki za ciekawe informacje.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 23.10.2009 07:37

Świetna galeria i dużo informacji.

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 23.10.2009 00:14

++++++++++++++++++............,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....., nie jest dobrze....OS śmiga takie foty i teksty...czas na TV OŚ PODRÓŻE.....

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 22.10.2009 23:41

faktycznie potrzebna była odrębna galeria dla MOAI...
dużo zobaczyłem a przy okazji dobry komentarz uzupełnił moje "braki";))) pozdr

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