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Alanya - city in Turkey in the Antalya province, on the Turkish Riviera, above the Mediterranean sea.  He is on areas of ancient Pamfilii.  

 Alanya is suiting 135 km to the east of the Antalya city.  He is counting 000 inhabitants round about 90, the city is a holiday resort about the international importance. The way repeatedly masters took turns, so repeatedly a name of the city changed.  Latin Coracesium or Greek Korakesion are the oldest known Alanii name, whereas in the tongue Korakassa luwijskim what is marking the City sticking out. During governments of the Byzantine Empire the city gained the Kalonoros name or Kalon Oros, what in a Greek manner a Beautiful Mountain means. In the XIII century, after capturing the city by Turks Seldżuckich, Alaaddin Keykubat renamed on Alaiye.  In the XIII and XIV century Italian tradesmen named this Candelore city or Cardelloro.  In 1935 during one's visit the first president of Turkey Kemal Mustafa the Atatürk named the Alanya city.
Alanya is a modern city generally, with West-European character, set only to the mass tourism and being famous for a noisy night life.   
He is making him more attractive rising over the health resort (once with small fishing settlement) wonderful stronghold, for whom it is worthwhile here stopping.   Apart from that it is possible to tour caves situated in hillsides of the hill, the museum and a few historic buildings. From the city centre we are setting off for touring seldżuckiej of the stronghold from the XIII century.  We can come off on foot if necessary by minibus. I ran into the top of a mountain by minibus, however back I went on foot in order more to get to know charms of this place. The lock owes its today's form to the Alaeddin Keykubadowi sultan, up to whom with rule (the XIII age) Alanya spent the peak of prosperity. 
On zdj front door to the stronghold  N.p.m put at the about 250 m level. on the headland surrounded from three sides with water and the separated steep hillside from the side of the land, constituted the stronghold very well protected who was a military and administrative centre for the entire region. 
 On zdj. Opulent church in ruins of the stronghold
 At present the lock constitutes the biggest, tourist attraction of the city.  He is opened for touring, within his walls many monuments are situated, among others the mosque, the opulent chapel, the shipyard and the Red Tower - Alanii symbol being in a coat of arms of the city.  Alanya was established in the XIII century, but the settlement and the structure of the city in area occupied at present by her were already much earlier held.  The first fortifications being on a headland, on whom the current castle is built, were made in the Hellenist age. 
 On zdj. view to the beach Cleopatras  Embankments were unwound too of times of the Roman and Byzantine rule of the Imperial couple. In the VII century the Byzantium contended with Arabic invasions and in this period the special weight was put to the expansion of the castle and urban walls who saved the city (named then Kalonoros). In year 1204, in consequence of the IV crusade, city together with lock went up to the inspection of Small Armenia,
and in year 1221 it was get by Turks Seldżuckich.  The Alaeddin Keykubad sultan on the basis of the existing city established and much he extended the new town, whom he named from his name - Alaiye (in XX in. after implementing the new ABC name stayed changed on Alanya). Then also a lock and urban walls who assumed the form known in our times waited until great changes. Also a Red Tower became the part of the fortification (for her construction was finished in 1226 of year) who is an Alanii symbol at present. 
Visible in a photo Later, over the centuries Alanya repeatedly found a new owner, but it didn't already enjoy considerable influence in the shape of the castle and fortifications connected with him. When in 1525 Piri Reis, the well-known cartographer and the privateer of the Ottoman empire, published the Book of seas, atlas containing about 210 maps, put on one of them Alanię.
Seen city with eyes of this famous cartographer, these are buildings covering the surrounded peninsula with fortifications, Red Tower at the entrance to the port and Castle towering over surroundings. The location of the castle and buildings being included in a fortification: Lock in Alanii these are not only a citadel, but also system connected with her of curtain walls protecting the city and a few other buildings who rose for Alaeddina Keykubada rules: Red Tower and put within walls the shipyard and the armoury.  All these embankments are situated on a moved headland protected from three sides with sea, and from the side of the land with steep hillside. The lock of the western side is being protected over 200 with one-metre long precipice, and to the eastern side a structure of walls was extended (about 6.5 km of walls, containing 140 watchtowers) forming next areas to whom it was possible to move the defence of the stronghold during the possible storm. The most the inner part of walls formed the citadel, outside fortifications served the protection of urban buildings and they shielded for Alana from the eastern side whom the peninsula more gently is going down toward the edge.  She stayed in this part of walls of theses built Red Tower, stronghold standing near coming into port.
The citadel, called also an Internal Castle, put is in południowo of the west, highest part of the headland at the about 250 m level. m.p.m. The majority of buildings being situated in her range was built along walls, only in the west of the stronghold (walls along the precipice) buildings are missing along embankments.  They think that the majority of the buildings had the military purpose (barracks, magazines itp.). At the entrance to the port a Red Tower is standing (aurochs.  Kzlkule), symbol of the Alanya city. A port security was for her allocating and of shipyard before attacks from the side of the sea. The tower has 33 metres of the height and she is built on the plan of the regular octagon about the diameter of 29 metres.  He has 5 levels, a tank who was destined for accumulating rainwater is on her peak To the south of the Red Tower a shipyard who is living next door to castle walls is.  For her construction was begun in 1227 of year. The building of the shipyard has 57 metres of the length (measured along the shore) and has 5 developed (walls and the vaulted vault) of docks for lengths of 40 metres everyone. At present the lock is the most well-known Alanii monument.  He is opened for touring - for the peak of the peninsula in place whom the citadel is situated, in a steep and winding road is leading, it is possible to get there on foot or by car.
Along the itinerary it is possible to come across little restorations led in the style characteristic of this area and settlements,   whom inhabitants are producing traditional souvenirs in.   The majority is looking out of these places as if the time stopped over there at the beginning XX in. Admission to the citadel and to the Red Tower (where additionally an ethnographic museum is) he is paid, into remaining places on the area of the castle it is possible to get for free. 
On zdj. old left mosque I am still inviting you to moments at a leisurely pace into the holiday part in the direction of the Mahmutlar town Alanya is the last large health resort (over 300 tys. of inhabitants) on the coast of the Mediterranean sea,  whom the chain of beaches wonderful and at the same time full to bursting is limited to.
.  Farther in the East places aren't missing for the bath, but they are less popular and because of that nicer. In the face of conflict of the Turkish with Kurds, and at present of state of emergency in Iraq, tourists from the West are afraid of eastern frontiers of the country, therefore from the Alanyi height they are seen less and less often. Tens and maybe hundreds of spread hotels in around drag on wide two of belt-shaped busy street in practically connected Muhmatlar around Alanyą are creating uniform gigantic urbanized area tourist-holiday. On zdj.  Hotel Beach*** Astor
where I also spent the week of the time on rest and touring and I shared it with you what nice he thanks for that you devoted the moment once on oglądnięcie.

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nola76 użytkownik nola76(posts:6761) dodano 24.03.2012 22:13

Piękna galeria, świetne zdjęcia:) nie sądziłam, że w Alanyi jest tak ładnie;) chyba jednak warto tam pojechać:)

agata_checktravel użytkownik agata_checktravel(posts:107) dodano 16.05.2011 16:14

rzeczywiście, gratuluję zdjęć. Kolory na Twoich zdjęciach są o niebo lepsze niż w Alanyi :) Na żywo tego nie widziałam.

hanah użytkownik hanah(posts:7) dodano 30.04.2011 16:07

Zdjęcia super, ładniejsze niz Alanya w rzeczywistości. Ten błękit. Byłam w sierpniu więc wszystko bylo rozpalone a niebo z szarym odcieniem. Moje zdjęcia nie są tak ładne. Pozdrawiam.

pomidorek użytkownik pomidorek(posts:8) dodano 05.04.2010 14:10

piękne ujęcia, nie mówiąc o kolorach!
jest czym się zachwycać

anetapiotr użytkownik anetapiotr(posts:17) dodano 13.03.2010 15:19

Świetna propozycja na fajne wakacje!!!super fotki! Pozdrawiamy!

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 31.01.2010 18:26

dobra robota mocar . Pozdrawiam

ignasie użytkownik ignasie(posts:128) dodano 31.01.2010 18:02

mocar, robisz tak piekne zdjęcia, że powineneś wspólpracować w wydawnictwami przewodnickimi; byłbyś przysłowiową wędką (o ile nie siecią); pozdrawiam :)

agata użytkownik agata(posts:428) dodano 19.01.2010 23:31

Mocar, wspaniałe miejsce, no i galeria. Mam nadzieję, że nic mi nie stanie na przeszkodzie i zobaczę Turcję już w tym roku. Twoja atrakcyjna galeria jest
potwierdzeniem, że dokonałam słusznego wyboru na lato 2010. Dziekuję za przybliżenie atrakcji tego pięknego miasta.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 09.12.2009 17:12

Jaka piękna kolorowa galeria - warto było się tu zatrzymać i pooglądać

charlie użytkownik charlie(posts:2348) dodano 21.10.2009 12:18

Czapki z głów :-) Gratulacje. Nigdy nie przepadałam za tego typu turystyką, ale galerię oglądnęłam z ogromnym zainteresowaniem. Piękne miejsce pięknie sfotografowane. Pozdr.

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 21.10.2009 01:07

Pięknie pokazałeś to miejsce, jednym słowem - kusisz! Nie byłam jeszcze w Turcji, ale mam ją na mojej liście. Pozdrawiam

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 20.10.2009 21:10

Miła dla oka galeria/komentarz ciekawy/no i wypoczynek na maxsa/-takie miejsca też trzeda przedstawiać -potrzeba nam czasem trochę luksusu-pozdrawiam.

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 20.10.2009 20:30

Piękna, kolorowa galeria, takie lubię. Pozdrawiam :)

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 20.10.2009 20:17

Każdy wątek myśli które padły w Waszych komentarzach jest słuszny i w każdym z nich odnajduje cząstkę własnych doświadczeń mojego pobytu w tamtych stronach .Ogromnie jestem wdzięczny za Wasze cieple słowa i oceny - dziękuje i pozdrawiam !!!

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 20.10.2009 19:55

Zapewne niektórzy OS powiedzieliby , że jest to galeria turystyczna a nie podróżnicza ;)
Ale dzisiaj w pochmurny, jesienny wieczór, nawet tak na maxa skomercjalizowane miejsce ma wiele uroku.
Miodzio :))

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 20.10.2009 19:28

Piekna galeria,sliczne miejsce...pełne uroku,lata,slońca,kwiatów i miłości.
Chyba zrobię tu sobie okopy na jesień.I potem jakoś przezimuję.

zima-2009 użytkownik zima-2009(posts:347) dodano 20.10.2009 19:09

Pięknie tam !

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2557) dodano 20.10.2009 18:37

Alanya to dobre miejsce na urlop, plaże wprawdzie nie powalają na kolana, ale pogoda i dobra zabawa w licznych klubach murowana. Mam nadzieję, że odbyłeś podobny spacer na wzgórze po zachodzie słońca - to są dopiero niezapomniane widoki.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 20.10.2009 17:34

Zgadzam się z Wami - ja wróciłem nie tak dawno z Turcji więc żyję wspomnieniami , byłem tam pierwszy raz i zwiedziłem w miarę sporo jak na jeden tydzień .Pozdrawiam !

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 20.10.2009 17:14

Z przyjemnością zwiedziłem to miejsce przy pomocy twojej galerii.
wspaniałe fotki z doskonałym komentarzem...oj zatęskniło się za ciepłem, słońcem i wakacjami a tu jeszcze czas mają cofnąć;-/ pozdr

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