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Szentendre is a probably most willingly visited small town near Budapest. The small town is really beautiful, Polish Kazimierz resembles on the Vistula.  Narrow and winding streets, beautiful small churches, small and romantic cafes and the beautiful covered passage along the shore are giving him a lot of the Donau unique character. A baroque market who in the summer is drowning in flowers is situated in the city centre, so it is necessary here to arrive in July, August,... ... and I was in May. In the middle of the market a cross great, funded by three merchants after the expiry of the bubonic plague is climbing in the Middle Ages. From the market they are leading narrow steps who are climbing to the Church hill -
... on his peak to admire it is possible the XIII eternal temple... and beautiful panorama of the city, Donau Touring the small town one should remember that it is set mainly to tourists and the majority of his inhabitants lives exactly from the tourism. Before we will decide to order the dinner or to buy the souvenir always earlier let us check their prices - it will help us to avoid unpleasant disappointments. Obligatorily it is necessary to stop the Marcepana Museum by, well here to choose?
It is also possible something for the health For figure from fairy tales Marzipan attractive ornaments Beautiful basket of flowers - marzipan

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comments to the gallery (4):

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1506) dodano 17.10.2009 16:17

Tak jak nie przepadam za lodami - w Szentendre truskawkowe smakowały baaaardzo

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 17.10.2009 14:18

Niekoniecznie słodycze, te mozna kupić w prezencie a dla siebie np. Unicum. Jeśli ktoś się zastanawia co przywieść z Węgier to polecam ten trunek, szczególnie tym, którzy lubią się objadać ale nie lubią uczucia ciężkiego żołądka.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 17.10.2009 10:53

Zazdroszczę,że tam byliście.
Miasteczko sliczne.Ale nie lubię słodyczy i nie jadam,chociaż na te chyba bym sie skusiła.

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 17.10.2009 08:51

Najlepsze ciastka jakie jadłem to właśnie w Szentendre - jest tam taka ciastkarnia na rogu że .... pozdrawiam

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