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Hello, excuse me, you don't know how here to reach the trail of the Good Soldier of Szwejk? 

The „ trail is Tracks of the Good Soldier of ” Szwejk with part of the International Trail of Szwejk who is supposed to run from the Czech Republic, through Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to Ukraine. He is an attempt to reconstruct the route by whom the hero travelled across Jaroslava Haška books. 
Sanok, Rd 3 Maja 15, by the restaurant at Szwejk travel by tracks of the batman of 11 companies marching 91 of infantry regiment from Czech Badziejowic of Józef Szwejk, who in July of 1915 headed the Russian front this way in order to lay down one's life too the emperor and his family, on the Galicji area is starting in Łupkowie.  The station is old today for hire or for the purchase.
 Jarosław Haszek this way is describing Slates 
The ruined train water supply system, the wooden hut of the caretaker and everything generally speaking what had which such a wall, a poprzewiercane was like the sieve with rifle bullets.
 For the sake the fuller impression of war delights behind the nearby mountain peak clouds of smoke climbed, as if an entire village burnt and there was a centre of war operations kind of there.  There fiery and diarrheal barracks were burnt to the great joy of certain men who had a hand for establishing those hospitals under the protectorate for the archduchess for Maria, and who stole and filled pockets for themselves with showing bills for non-existent barracks. Now this group of barracks just burnt too all other and in the stink of pallets being on fire towards the sky an archtheft climbed arcyksiążęcego of the protectorate. 
   Behind the station, on rock Germans from the Crowd were already in a hurry to set the monument up in honour of Soldiers killed in action, Brandenburgian, worshipping them with inscription: of Helden Gouts Lupkass von, and with large eagle of the empire cast in bronze. At the bottom a very businesslike attention was on a base, that the symbol had been poured out from cannons Russian, captured by German regiments at liberating the Carpatian. up till today already, from this obelisk, it not a lot stayed
Remains of this obelisk entered 1915 are on an escarpment near the building of the station, whereas on old, łemkowskim graveyard military lodgings exist from this period.  
In the total darkness, miraculously I managed to find this graveyard, but of this grave of the serviceman I didn't find it.
in the PTTK hostel, „ shepherd's hut under Honem ”, I am sipping the red wine in the company of nice tourists from Cracow and I am eating meat heartily from the makeshift grate straight from the bonfire.
 with early morning I am going to the red trail, it probably Wołosań 1071 mnpm colourful welcome by the route I would like to have such a cottage
lunch break, I am trying dehydrated food Con Carne Chilli, it will be sufficient to pour boiling water and to wait 10 min, taste very good
He told me such history met on stokówce forestry worker: with evening with road a Cisnej inhabitant got back home and he found the wooden chest by the route.  Puzzled with content he opened the lid and to his terror he found in the interior rozkawałkowane body of the woman.  He notified the police force but the investigation gave no results, so they decided to take advantage of the help of television program 997 whom then ed. Fajbusiewicz led.  A police helicopter who was him facing to a TV crew and an editor were hired, but for you they were slow with the journey. So in the meantime they decided to go for a brisk walk above surroundings. They provoked peculiar air conditions that the helicopter had fallen down to the ground. Everyone who were aboard died. In the place of the disaster such a board was put. She is about 20 m from the red trail, at Cisnej toward Jasło.  small bridge of the queue of the Bieszczady mountains who went to and fro till the end of September.  Now it is only for larger groups organised there are isolated rides. In Cisnej, in front of the Siekierezada bar such a chapel is standing . Chapel of the Memory - called the chapel of hooligans or the chapel of dossers also 
Names of 31 persons are on it, domesticated once in Bieszczadzie who just from here moved to heavenly mountain pastures
I am staying overnight then again in the shepherd's hut under Honem, but of the next day from the morning it's raining the rain chased builders away . surroundings Wołosate
it is probably Magura Stuposiańska 
About every weather they attract Bieszczady with one's beauty, supposedly from tomorrow a snow is already supposed to be falling down with the rain and temperature circle of the nought

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uncool_ben użytkownik uncool_ben(posts:17) dodano 29.08.2010 20:15

nie mogę się doczekac powrotu w Bieszczady -następnym razem koniecznie we wrześniu

jurasek użytkownik jurasek(posts:360) dodano 01.03.2010 19:36

Bomba galeria ! Te kolory powalają . masz ode mnie 10 !

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 15.10.2009 16:45

Bieszczady zawsze są piękne,ale prawdą jest że jesień dodaje im jeszcze uroku- zawsze nastraja nostalgicznie,ale tak lubię-pozdrawiam.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 13.10.2009 19:10

Dzisiaj mam gradobicie,temperatura prawie minusowa,wiatr jak na syberii...więc Twoja galeria jak balsam na dusze.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 13.10.2009 15:26

Piękna kolorowa jesień, ale te zapowiedzi minusowych temperatur trochę nas zmroziły ;)
Lubię kolory jesieni , ale nie lubię zimna. I jak to pogodzić?
Pedro - myslę że szwejkowy temat warto rozwijać

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