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Szentendre is in Polish Saint Andrzej.  Rather small city (c 20 tys. of inhabitants). historians are estimating, around people here already live od...20 tys of years (!). Here Illyrowie, Erawiskowie and Celts lived, but the n.e 1st century. Romen conquered the neighbourhood, building the Ulcisia Castra cantonment (Wolfish lock). In more late centuries erected by him the city was called Castra Constantia. After walking away of Romen by Szentendre surroundings they passed all sorts tribes and people - m.in. Longobardowie and Awarowie.  Magyars settled in the IX century.  The name of the town derives from the św church. of Andrzej, who as first stopped in the highest point of the settlement. In the Middle Ages to the small town Serbs started arriving the age - for refugee from one's country, conquered by Turks.
Apart from Serbs also Croats settled in the small town, Slovaks, Germany, Greeks, and, of course Hungarians. Temples of different nationalities were being built, apart from churches here Orthodox churches and Protestant congregations came into existence. A not today's beauty of the small town is a paradox of the city of inhabitants of modest means who could not sufficiently see to it  .. for the expansion, or the modernization of their homesteads. The development of the city stayed in the time. Inhabitants lived from the craft, of small trade, wine growings. Up till today Szentendre is famous for a good wine.
In the second half XIX and in the 20th century for themselves artists developed a taste for the city, working here and entering one's works local galleries. Indeed touring the city the man is moving kind of in other czaso of the space. Szentendre has the remarkable climate. Cafes, galleries, tiny shops, wine bars. At least, if you ask me, a bit too many tourists...:) I will break off for a moment alone you to watch this charming place.
It is worthwhile remembering, around apart from houses, tenements, churches and small Orthodox churches in the city for watching are still: ruins of the Roman campsite, Museum of the Village (open-air ethnographic museum), oldest in Hungary sundial. Yeah i...jedyne on world (!)...
...Muzeum Marcepana. It is possible to watch pre-industrial manufacture, in whom delicious things are being manufactured apart from exhibit items.  But which! True amazing things, because around marcepana it is possible to do everything practically, as a matter of fact see the tiny sample of what is coming into existence in this manufacture.

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comments to the gallery (11):

paweller75 użytkownik paweller75(posts:7250) dodano 20.12.2011 23:53

Bardzo urokliwe miasteczko. Byłem tam w sierpniu, właściwie przypadkiem i ...bardzo mi się tam podobało. Pozdrawiam.

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 12.10.2011 22:27


watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 12.10.2011 13:01

..klimatyczna miescina, warto tam zajrzec..

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 06.02.2010 15:50

dokładnie, bardzo załuję, ze spedziłam tam tylko jeden dzien:)

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 03.02.2010 09:36

Przesłodkie miejsce na świecie i jakie urokliwe.

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 17.10.2009 08:54

Warto tam zajechać - dobra galeria realnie pokazująca klimat miasta. Pozdrawiam

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 14.10.2009 05:27

Miasteczko-ciasteczko.Ślicznie tam.

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 14.10.2009 00:06

Śliczne miasteczko..,jednak wraz z tekstem jest jeszcze bardziej ciekawe...pozdrawiam.

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 13.10.2009 23:23

cudne miasteczko

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2557) dodano 13.10.2009 22:10

Nie przypuszczałam, że Węgry to taki urokliwy kraj. Nigdy tam nie byłam, ale letnie galerie pesteczki a teraz twoje zupełnie zmieniły moje wyobrażenie o tym kraju. Nie wiem tylko co to są langosze, ale na pewno zaraz gdzieś to sprawdzę.

michal użytkownik michal(posts:252) dodano 13.10.2009 21:56

z miejsc wartych odwiedzenia dodam smazalnię langoszów w zaułku po schodach od ryneczku z kolumną. te langosze są - jak poucza przewodnik- najlepsze na calych wegrzech. jadłem - warto.

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