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The operatic theatre is situated in Sydney in Bennelong of Messages, for the southern side of the port, near the Harbour bridge Bridge. To the competition announced in 1959 for an opera house for Sydney 222 projects of around 32 countries influenced. An architect won almost an unknown czterdziestoparoletni Danish, Joern Utzon. Similarly to the majority of contestants, never he couldn't see the place of future construction and he carried out a project being based on photographs. Sails of yachts were inspiring him in the beautiful port in Sydney.
The appearance of the suggested building and growing building costs evoked ardent emotions. The opera was supposed to be opened in 1963 and to cost 7 m dollars. For her construction lasted for 10 years longer... ... and cost over 100 m dollars! Construction progressed ahead amongst continuous quarrels and outbursts of the hostility. In Australia at the beginning of the December a year is ending school.  Here jakowyś secondary-school pupil about to take his school-leaving exams.
Embittered Utzon resigned from it job in 1966.  It turned out, that of carcass of the roof (of so-called sails) it won't be possible to construct according to the primitive idea. Moment of the relaxation. Harbour bridge the Bridge, officially opened in 1932 was a best known symbol of the city till the time of building the opera. Above solving structural problems thousands worked he is reconciling computers, and the result is a triumph of the engineering Ove Arupa knowledge, as the Utzona project to the same degree. An opera house was opened 20.10.1973 of the year by the queen II Elżbieta. It is possible to regard him as the most beautiful big building raised after the II world war.
Of waters of the port a white swan who is just rising for the flight looks like giants. The building is standing close the port, on Bennelong of Messages, of whom the name derives from the Aborigine friend of the first governor of the settlement. The complex of the opera is filling area 1.8 ha. The carcass of the roof is weighing 161000 ton. On sails they arranged over the million of Swedish tiles who are gleaming in the sun and they don't require cleaning. There are five rooms in whom shows are held, a cinema and two restaurants in the building.
I managed to encounter the performance of Scottish bagpipers who graced finishing the school year. The last glance at this beautiful building on the way back to the hotel.

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knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 16.06.2010 17:36

25 jest ciekawe.

magdalena użytkownik magdalena(posts:3652) dodano 07.04.2010 21:24

Mogłam siedzieć godzinami i patrzeć na Sydney Opera House:-) Ty piszesz o żaglach, Deszcz o pomarańczy... Słyszałam też wersję, że inspiracją było dzielenie jabłka na cząstki:-) Pozdrawiam serdecznie:-)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 14.10.2009 16:25

Wmp57...marzenie ujrzec tę operę na żywo.Może ujrzę ja w snach.
Dużo się dowiedziałam.

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 14.10.2009 00:10

Czekałem, czekałem i się doczekałem :) Mamy wreszcie tę piękną budowlę pokazaną i opisaną tak, jak na to zasługuje. Zdaję sobie sprawę, że zdjęcia nie oddają przestrzeni, rozmiaru i doskonałości, tej wspaniałej architektonicznie bryły, ale nawet na zdjęciach robi niesamowite wrażenie.
Super :)

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 13.10.2009 23:56

Piękne miejsce. Ciekawe zdjęcia. W komentarzu jest nieścisłość....na pomysł, aby budynek skonstruować z kilkunastu części przypominających skorupy, architekt wpadł podczas obierania pomarańczy, a nie przy oglądaniu żagli...pozdrawiam

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