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However it didn't take long. map upside down (friend up till today he is surprised how it is possible to read the map upside down;)) and to przodu...  On the way accosting a few people and we are... We chose the brief trip, because we wanted to rest after Red, valley for nothing for oneself, but much ludzi... too much, but also to it later we found the peace... gladly on the face, into the beautiful weather we are going farther, and my apparatus shows the battery two lines, from it I wasn't satisfied: (... it was necessary to start doing fewer photographs, but how here to do less when such a considerable stream... and here he/she is leaving that I must still learn the humility much..., but about it later...
and we are turning into the Red Pass, where only here people started for us answering the dobry... day and the smaller crowd was formed... and Roe deer's Rock 1377 is m.n.p.m.... what it is till yesterday peaks... but in this moment in us very cheerful mood was aroused, people on the peak were from what to have fun...:)  ...widok on Zakopane... Of greeting for Radom and Skierniewice my didn't want to write Kutno, but szkoda...: D
The Giewont and Marek's text to Patryka who wanted to compete, who farther will squeeze, jumping into the chasm... of course they didn't do it: D Remaining of the look at sleeping Rycerza... ...wysokie Tatry... ...pogodne Zakopane...
and into the route, as only as now to go down:) 
 Schodzimy... made a success of goods with steps into the bottom to the forest clearing of Strążyska, on the way skill-sharing with passed people... and we are, view from the Stream on the Giewont here short meeting concerning Siklawicy seeing, everyone on so it we are going, but if only to miss crowds we decided to go in length along potoku... at first carefully if only not to wet shoes, but at the end we already stopped to it regarding slippery stones turned out to be za... slippery... and Siklawica, Patryk took the bath and the time to come back, and apparatus as many as only one wskazuje... line
and sky miraculously light blue... ... dream lighting for doing photographs... one of the last photographs...  Poured Strążyska... and last, it wasn't more wiecej on that day, the battery fell down...  We came back to the Ząbu with infantry through Gubałówka, on whom for the first time I was into such weather, but unfortunately, I only immortalised views or as far as in my memory, then marvellous west, in a clearing somewhere in transit to the Ząbu, where on the grass for ourselves a bit we lay... He was beautiful it is a day and I stated that battery for me of it not popsuje..., jescze more than once after all I will be on Gubałówka, whether in Tatrach...  

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oli1104 użytkownik oli1104(posts:87) dodano 08.10.2009 00:25

knfred tak właśnie planowaliśmy..., lecz trochę nam się pomieszało i wyszło jak wyszło...
Następnym razem będzie na pewno lepiej :)

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 07.10.2009 09:16

Miało być oczywiście - oli

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 07.10.2009 09:15

oki1104 - jak jeszcze kiedyś zawitasz w góry to pamiętaj że na pierwszy dzień powinny być własnie takie krótkie szlaki/na rozgrzewkę/,a nie Czerwone Wierchy.
Sarnia skała i droga nad reglami to moje ulubione "rozgrzewki"

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