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It is hard to show Sofia in 50 photographs, the coż will try - this woman is a symbol of this city and simultaneous patron of the city here a president of Bulgaria is working security guards in uniforms from the age it could not of course snapshots to be missing from the changing of the guard beneath the presidential palace and close the also next centre of power is - Bulgarian parliament.  He was built in three stages in years 1884 - 1928 according to plans of the Vienna Yovanovich architect. A motto is hanging above the entry dating back to uniting Bulgaria a Unification is a power. In 1997 the building partly was destroyed by Protestants.
Sofia for somebody who for the first time wants to get to know main the atrakacje of the city is very simple in touring, the majority of monuments is in the dense centre, in the low distance from oneself
it pleasantlied the city, as me surprise is really clean and moving by car much simpler than e.g. in Bucharest św Orthodox church. Nikołaja-Cerkiew built in 1912 by Russian emigrants according to trends ruling in Moscow.  Murals at the Orthodox church painted according to the New-town school of drawing icons. In the crypt by the Orthodox church it is possible to find clean slips of paper, on whom it is possible to write out their requests to Św. of Nicolai and to leave in the crypt in the hope of them coming true. Aleksandras' cathedral Neva.  The cathedral was built in honour of the Russian Tsar of II Aleksander, thanks to whom Bulgaria gained independence. Construction was begun in 1912 r. The department is large at least supposedly smaller from of the one Belgrade, he is doing the great impression and one isn't allowed to settle for only with watching for her from the outside.  The interior incredible is being decorated (the admission is free). I spedzilem there over of fields of the hour, mainly around lifted head up Domes of the cathedral are being gilded, the entry is decorating marble around Hay and Carrary, thrones for the tsar and patriarch are made from onyx and alabaster.  It is really what to watch
Św Orthodox church. Nedelja - built in years 1856 - 1863 on Roman Serdiki ruins.  She underwent the thorough repair after jatcce an assassin organised which, he wanted to catch only a tsar of III Borys and he managed to kill 120 persons essentially Św Orthodox church. called Georgi of theses with rotunda, very old, actually she is probably regarded as the oldest building of Sofia, he comes from IV in monument to Aleksander's tsar
Museum Archeologiczne-mieści oneself in the building of the ancient Bujuk Cami mosque, raised in 1474 of year.  The museum recently was opened after a long stretch of renovating. The museum at present has one of the richest collections in Bulgaria. It is possible here to watch excavations from Thracian, Greek and Roman settlements. Golden Valchitran treasure originating from the XIV p.n.e century is worth making a note. Św basilica. of Sofia, is the oldest Orthodox Orthodox church in Sofia.  She was built in years 527 - 565 during the reign of the emperor Justyniana Byzantium. In the XIV century the Orthodox church gave current the miastu.Obok name of the basilica is being found grave of the famous Bulgarian writer of Iwan Vazov and before the entry his monument is standing in the little park.
and before the entry his monument is standing in the little park. 
Art gallery Strange, is in a shoulder building from 1887.  He is presenting the permanent exhibition of ancient Greek sculptures, and Van Dycke work, Veroccio, Rodin, Picasso, Goya
Nationalist library Klimenta university of Ochridski - the oldest college in Bulgaria, established r established in 1888. square of Wasyl of Lewski with his monument Battenberga square, on the left widac building (former Tsarist palace) whom an ethnographic museum is located in Banja Baszi mosque Dżamija-największy active mosque in Sofia.  A mosque built in 1576 by the Turkish architect who also built of the Selima sultan stayed in Edrine Turkey.
Supermarket the Hali-Budynek came into existence in 1911.  He was it first in Bulgaria supermarket who met European sanitary requirements in its times. It is possible to determine his architectural style, as neobizantyjski and is in the harmony with the rising beside Banja Baszi mosque and Urban Baths. The supermarket recently was restored, it is also possible to combine touring his inside and the shopping. How much time for us the shopping took we can check on the beautiful clock put on the facade of the building. 
jeżdziło oneself after Sofi without more considerable problems but on many intersections the traffic lights somehow didn't perform well, hence also a lot of such sheds, in whom policemen are on the alert and in the case of the pot are going into action on suburb of Sofia I could see such a junkyard, on the flyover??? don't I know whether it is a Bulgarian way to holes?; -) and farther already without descriptions a few views of streets of Sofia
and what's more so much this time as regards this nice city

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keith_1989 użytkownik keith_1989(posts:36) dodano 28.07.2012 12:16

hehe co do Twojego komentarza, że miasto jest naprawdę czyste i łatwo się porusza samochodem - uwierz mi, jestem tutaj już 7 miesięcy (będę do października) i nie jest czyste, jest najbardziej zasyfionym miastem jakie widziałem :) poza tym, galeria świetnie oddaje miasto :) super! pozdrawiam

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 01.11.2009 22:30

Interesujaco i przede wszystkim historycznie. Fotografia boska.. ruszam w dalsze galerie

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