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I reached Belgrade on Saturday with evening, after zabookowaniu sie unfortunately unleashed in the hotel sie the storm and the idea of examining Belgrade with night unfortunately a byc carried out could not.  Sunday was cloudy, what widac in photographs but fortunately it didn't rain. The first photograph - the Houses of Parliament of the Republic of the Serbia at the front nearby a sie is reportedly finding the Orthodox temple the largest in the most world - Sveti Sava Basilica, still not yet she is finished, they last the completion work since how I wrote was it is Sunday, so a service lasted not much it was fitting to whirl sie inside with apparatus 5 minutes of the road next Orthodox church important for Belgrade - dedicated sw.  Of Marek and here lasted nabożenstwo so an uwierzyc remains for you that it is worthwhile there going a few minutes up
Touring major cities on Sunday in the morning has the basic virtue, small traffic, is wszedzying it is possible calmly to park - here juz widac Belgrade town hall in of the one of surroundings dominuja wide 2 - 3 belt-shaped streets, as the widac at this hour emptyish: -) of course he is of theses such Belgrade, ciagle waiting for renovations
Hotel Moscow, obiek whom they are ordering obejrzec all guides from here juz not far from the main promenade of Belgrade who supposedly is being called Barcelona of the Balkans Knez Mihailova - these are here the most company shops, swietnych, of elegant bars who are full about every time of the day and the night. neat, replenished whole
old a sie is looking through in new after 10 - 15 minute's spcerze we will reach the most well-known square of the city Square of the Republic, here a sie is finding the monument to the Mihailova prince and to the right one can see the building of the national theatre.  However this square stood znanyi sie important dziekipotężnym demstracjom student against air raids of Belgrade by Yankees, later here rallyes against Miloszevicowi were also held
and it is the oldest bar in Belgrade, a nieprzrwanie is acting from 1830 r.  He isn't lucky but every new owner of course entered the new name into owners who have often taken turns, - current not having an idea to the next name at first he announced the competition and for the duration of lasting him a szylkd hung around ? still juz stayed; -) Cathedral Orthodox church of saint Michał of the Archangel Being in Belgrade it is necessary also to visit the Ottoman Kalemegdan fortress
it is a very popular place of walks and in the evening straight out she is being stormed there is a sunset by pairs of lovers whom they are admiring above the Sawa In ramch of the stronghold one's znalzlo place also military museum, have a few interesting exhibit items there: -) Stug German III in in one piece okazłości
after leaving the stronghold it is absolutely also necessary to find the time for the walk with street Skadarska in the Skadarlija district Skadarlija is being named Belgrade Montmartre'em.  Low building development, plenty of quiet backstreets, excellent restaurants, eventful night life.
shop kitten, the troche stirred things up at the exhibition and tired fell asleep Djura Jaksic monument - writer, poet, dramatist, patriotic activist - important figure for Serbs
and sad accent, in Belgrade it is still possible to see buildings destroyed by Yank air raids.  
Belgrade is a wonderful city, living, not putting saying sie to sleep with thousands interesting załuków - who knows perhaps I there will already in a year come back: -)?

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claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 28.09.2009 00:54

miasto jest puste bo przemierzalem je z aparatem w niedziele rano, duzo ludzi bylo tylko o tej porze w cerkwiach

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 28.09.2009 00:45

...pokazałeś wymarłe miasto z kilkoma rekwizytami....samochody,manekiny,..poczułem się jak na planie filmu, kilka godzin po zdjęciach..,w opisie "Jankesi", "bombardowania"..,zrobiło mi się smutno. Odpowiadając BORKOWI.. "Serbowie swietnie sie bawia" i czytając RYSIA .."wszedzie muzyka i wszystkie knajpy otwarte, super klimat, warto odwiedzic to miasto. " muszę wierzyć na słowo. Pozdrawiam.

rysia użytkownik rysia(posts:13) dodano 27.09.2009 20:50

Zgadzam sie z toba Claude, Belgrad nigdy nie kładzie się spać, wszedzie muzyka i wszystkie knajpy otwarte, super klimat, warto odwiedzic to miasto.

claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 26.09.2009 13:38

Mnie Belgrad oczarował , byłes może wieczorem nad Dunajem - oni chyba nie klada sie tam spac , pelno statkow z knajpami, na kazdym inna muzyka, Serbowie swietnie sie bawia.

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