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Entire complex is in surroundings of the Gamzigrad village, okolo of 15 km from the Zajecar city.  
The journey is wyjatkowo well marked what in the Serbia is a rarity, they still not yet taught to boast about what they have and he is of it naprawde much It as the mozna now there to see (there are objects dug up, next every year, gradually) it is palace complex around 3 / 4 in n.e he was raised by little probably known Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus emperor what we can see today is an imperial palace, numerous statues, baths and a mausoleum of the emperor and his mothers. Gamzigrad - in the year 2007 was entered on the List of the World Legacy UNESCO
Entire complex is performing formal functions but also and militarily defensive. Loitering between these wrecks well is to make a noise - little a lizard didn't give me infarction about really big rozmiarch.  Snakes can also be found in these areas to wieć it is worthwhile odrobine to think
To the whole, depending on the level of the interest, a przenzaczyc of minimum 1 belongs h We must not here be afraid sie of trips treading for us on the back When I was there, there were still 2 other touring persons apart from me from Netherlands
They aren't it is Pompeje of course but a zachwone has a complex in the excellent state curtain walls and 2 gates
Systematic archaeological examinations on this area allowed for discovering remains of the palace with very beautiful mosaics

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claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 20.09.2009 18:25

Nie , podrozowalem z Zona ale poniewaz ja interesuja troche inne rzeczy wiec zostawilem ja w Zajecarze a sam dostałem 4h freizeit i moglem spokojnie poogladac to co lubie :-)

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 19.09.2009 22:58

Tym razem wskaźnik pokazuje ,że to Węgry : )
Wiem ,wiem poprawisz w poniedziałek w pracy.
Czy podróżowałeś sam ? ( bo opisy tak sugerują)

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