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I adore such places, zwiazane with ancient Rome, bedąc in Bitoli I could not omit the visit in Heracleii actually Heraclei Lyncestis Works wykopaliskowo conservation still they last, every year next objects are being discovered Heraclea lay on via Egnatia, ancient route Roman, leading from today's Durres on the Adriatic in Albania into the Byzantium The ancient city is a good and safe space for a cat woman The whole is located to the south of today's Bitoli, not very here of tourists, peace, it is possible to start imagination and to move back in the time
A possibility is an advantage of this place wrecz of touching history.  A lot from exhibited there things e.g. in the museum in Berlin most probably I could zobaczyc around 2 of one-metre long distance, through panes here moglem of everything to touch: -) generally the most I wanted zobaczyc great preserved mosaics, I am not sure whether photographs will give their beauty back
ancient amphitheatre, could hold 3 thousand spectators
model how Heraclea looked like  .. in Roman times

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pablo87 użytkownik pablo87(posts:561) dodano 14.08.2013 21:26

Mocno się podobało, lubię miejsca związane z Imperium Romanum, fajne jest to, że tak jak pisałeś można wszystkiego dotknąć i wczuć się w jakieś miejsce oraz uruchomić wyobraźnie a nie popatrzeć tylko przez szybkę w muzeum. Pozdrawiam

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