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In transit from Ohridu to the monastery it is worthwhile from time to time gdzies to stand up for a few moments, the road is leading Ohrydzkiego lakes but views along the shore sa worth the stop There is a duzy car park in front of the monastery and around 5 eur mozna to rent how called the taxi her boot, whom it is possible to see the Orthodox monastery from the side of water thanks to and we are going the area of the monastery up
everywhere wander around sie a lot of peacock still through the gate and we are in the courtyard The monastery was founded in 905 through św. Nauma of the disciple of Cyril and Metodego Pilgrims arrived here with hope for healing.  After centuries it noted change much. To seek the peace even a model arrived in the Sveti Naum settlement Naomi Campbell - a few years ago spent her holidays in the boarding house on premises of the monastery. Św. Naum is hidden in the local Orthodox monastery decorated with precious murals who in the current shape was uplifted in XVI in.  The legend is propagating, that when an ear will apply itself to his tomb, it is possible to hear the saint heartbeat.
Indeed, quiet sound is getting out of the inside.  However scientists stripped the legend of the charm - are explaining that it is only a sound of streams swimming in rocks, on whom the Orthodox church is standing. Wenątrz it isn't possible robic of no photographs, I respected this ban.  
Polożony complex is entire by very border with Albania what such boards don't let zapomniec about Farther a sie is finding few strides sw Orthodox church.  Petki Beside a river is Black Drim overcome its beginning
after everything mozna pospacerowac along the shore of the lake who here is flat and in the end to consume something of Balkan cuisine - there is duzy choice of bars and the restaurant there

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zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 28.07.2010 21:39

Miejsce godne uwagi - ciekawie pokazałeś - Pozdrawiam

claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 16.09.2009 01:10

Trzeba chyba sie spieszyc, w Albanii widzialem juz sporo zorganizowanych wycieczek z Niemcami ;-), indywidualnych turystow jest jednak ciagle malo

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2265) dodano 15.09.2009 19:40

Tak jak pisze Margo -warto tam jechać,jeszcze jest cicho /po Bułgarii mam niedosyt wlaśnie takich klimatów/-chcialam w tym roku,nie wypaliło-może w przyszłym-pozdrawiam.

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2555) dodano 15.09.2009 19:32

Na pewno i Macedonia i coraz bardziej popularna Albania są warte odwiedzenia. Mam nadzieję, że zdążę zanim masowa turystyka zmieni te kraje na dobre, póki co oglądam sobie twoje galerie. Pozdrawiam

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