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When over twenty years ago for the first time I came on the Suwałki Region seemed with place forgotten by God and people.  Similarly of at least tourists and there more and more is today. The poor infrastructure causes, that people there requiring all amenities aren't looking. Thanks to that the almost uncontaminated nature is an oasis of silence and of peace.  Additionally creating Wigierski in 1989 didn't allow to turn the national park into the next attraction with concreted edges. An area of the park is mainly a lake Wigry Lake and a lot of midforest (42) of little lakes everything it is surrounded with forests in whom in July the smell of wild strawberries is wafting. The Suwałki Region is a few little urban centres like Suwałki, Augustów, Sejny and rarely scattered little in general poor villages. Everything forms it unforgettable climate.  This way hosts of this area are promoting themselves:
Sheltered beaches, encouraging places for walks, angling, country horse rides amongst the pastoral landscape - that's all is giving leave on the Suwałki Region.
Rest in surrounding fields, meadows, forest and water, is more valuable for the stay in overcrowded spas, on noisy beaches and in leisure centres. Here it is possible znależć silence, peace and curiously to spend time. The Fauna of the Park is characteristic of the area of the Augustów Forest.  Here wolves, lynx, elks, deer, roe deer, wild boars, badgers, foxes, raccoon dogs, martens and squirrel are appearing. A beaver is the most characteristic kind, being a WPN symbol. 195 bird species were also here observed, mainly water-muddy. They are most numerous: mallard, coot, grebe, seagull, tern, goldeneye, łabędż.
The flora of the Park is very rich.  He is counting over 800 species of vascular plants, about 170 kinds the maszaków and 300 lichens and many species of mushrooms, śluzowców and of algae. Out of the trees in large most numbers a pine and a spruce are appearing. Apart from them also a silver birch and mossy, black alder tree, szypułkowaty oak, small-leafed lime tree and other.
(info: WPN portal) Whether it is not a best evidence to the cleanness of waters of the lake Going there it is worthwhile taking the bicycle.  Without the problem and cheap we will hire the kayak on the spot. They will be necessary in order to use many bicycle and water trails added variety and picturesque including the most well-known Trail Black Hańczy. Trail Black Hańczy.  On maps meant sometimes as papal it is possible and what's more it is necessary to defeat with stages. He is leading the Wigry Lake and Pierty through the lake, Black I am Hańczęing and with Augustów channel to Augustów Trail Black Hańczy. 
On the Lake Wigry Lake (about 38 km); through the PIERTY Lake (about 10 km); Black HAŃCZĄ (88 km); with Augustów Channel (35 km);
Trail Black Hańczy. Trail Black Hańczy. Trail Black Hańczy. Trail Black Hańczy. Lake Wigry Lake belongs into deepest in Poland.  His depth reaches as many as 73 metres. the shoreline has 72 km, from what as many as 29 km covered with forest.

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mironel użytkownik mironel(posts:255) dodano 12.09.2010 16:23

sympatyczna galeria.

yetina użytkownik yetina(posts:230) dodano 10.05.2010 09:42

Dzięki za poradę, myślę, że jak z niej skorzystam "dam radę". W planach na dalsze lata (oprócz corocznych "pionów") całe wschodnie pogranicze :D.

mirak użytkownik mirak(posts:270) dodano 08.05.2010 17:25

Okolice suwalskich jezior to trudny teren dla rowerzystów ze względu na piaski, ale trud się opłaca. Polecam zmianę opon na takie, które sobie dobrze na tym piachu poradzą.

yetina użytkownik yetina(posts:230) dodano 08.05.2010 16:40

Piękne zdjęcia, utwierdzają mnie w moich planach penetracji Suwalszczyzny rowerem na przełomie maja i czerwca. Wigry również w planie, chociaż pierwszy tydzień zamierzam spędzić w Górach Sudawskich. Ślicznotka na 7 zdj. to gąsienica zmrocznika wilczomleczka :D. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

mieczysaw użytkownik mieczysaw(posts:2098) dodano 15.10.2009 21:13

Wspaniała galeria i zachęca do odwiedzenia tego regionu.Dlatego dostajesz ode mnie najwyższą notą.Wiem,że jeziora są najbardziej niewdzięcznym tematem do fotografowania.Wszystkie linie brzegowe podobne, a ty znalazleś na to sposób na uatrakcyjnienie tego.Znowu się czegoś nauczyłem.Pozdrawiam

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 02.09.2009 02:00

Bardzo przyjemna galeria, a do tego ciekawy komentarz. Pozdrawiam

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