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Little small town put at the meeting point of rivers yew trees and Bodrog.  It is already being dated in 1074 of year was registered office of famous Hungarian Hunyadich families, Szapolyai and most famous Rakoczych. Main monuments are a Rákóczi-Dessewffy palace, being an ancient residence of the great leader, as well as an urban town hall built in the Baroque style.  Biggest however however innumerable small cellars, in whom it is possible to taste are an attraction tokajskie alcoholic beverages eulogised in words of the Hungarian anthem. Slopes of the former powerhouse high 514 m are covering innumerable vineyards from whom famous Aszu Tokay is produced.  The perfect solar exposure and the loess soil cause, that foreign masters and artists glorified the taste of the wine, among others King of the Sun XIV Ludwik, tsar Great Piotr, tsarina Katarzyna, Frederickas' king Large, as well as Beethoven, Voltaire, Goethe and Schubert. Rákoczy'ego basements.  At present small shop with souvenirs and the museum. Cisa river
Late baroque church from 1780 at present exhibition of paintings Rákoczy'ego basements.  The biggest bored chamber in volcanic rock has 28 metres of the length, 10 breadths and 5 metres of the height. To today huge oaken barrels contain. By long tables it is possible to lean with glass of great drink.
On the peak of the Bald Mountain a television tower is standing.  Very boring object, but constitutes an excellent landmark. He is leading a few outlined tourist trails to her Going to the peak it is possible to admire the excellent panorama of the city Vineyards on the hillside Kopasz-hegy 
 Tokajskie of the variety fault:
Furmint - it is main tribe of Foothills of Tokajski. The Tokaji Aszú fault and Szamorodni are produced mainly from this kind. He/she is found in Germany under the name Mosler, in France he is well-known as Tokay. The wine is, hard, heavy, strong średnioaromatyczne about the high alcoholic strength. Hárslevelű - tasty wine about flower-honeyed aromas, strong and heavy, flesh-coloured alcoholic beverage around lightly with pungent aftertaste.  
Sárga muskotály - smooth wine about the pleasant smell. If is collected in due time has the good acidity. There is often this wine added more sugar, then the sweetness is covering tastes. Zéta (Oremus) - the Variety rose in 1951 from improving the Bouvier graft and Furmint 
Kövérszőlő - Familiar to Fehérszőlő (White circle) was one around nastarszych of varieties of Foothills of Tokajski Gohér - he is telling Szikszai about it, so it is obvious that she was it is already a planted variety in XVI in.
There is an entire row of wine bars in whom it is possible to taste individual kinds directly opposite a railway station.  Counting everyone requires the strong head exceptionally Tokajskie fault: 
Furmint (dry wine and sweet),
Szamorodni (expert and sweet)
Aszú (3, 4, 5 and 6 Puttony). Railway station
Meeting point of the river yew trees and Bodrog Above the edge yew trees there is a decent camping site and przstań In spite of the height of the season on small streets a blissful peace is prevailing.

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olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2243) dodano 01.09.2009 18:44

Ciekawa galeria,po zwiedzeniu miałam lekki zawrót głowy/ale to chyba od wymienionych nazw różnych
gatunków win/Miłe miasteczko-takie z innym klimatem-pozdrawiam.

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