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At the south end of the Mrągowo district amongst extensive forests constituting the Forest Piska a long way from the city is being found town lost amongst forests Krutyń. It is village put picturesquely on the very beautiful river Krutynią... Family of ducks. The entire length of this river is gained around both of her sides with leaf-shaped trees who are casting their shadow to smooth sheets river... The depth of the river is 65 cm on average, the bottom has covered with seaweeds and water lilies, and edges are accessible, sandy. There is a plenty of fish and crayfish in spring in it, so he constitutes the holiday destination and pleasures...
with ...wszystkim going in for the angling and water. 

Behind the village evenly in all directions mixed forests are an about 500 m with the majority of oaks. 

Thanks to its location the Krutyń is a holiday town... Name the Krutyń indicated the winding river in Prussian language and so she is in fact, but even the canoeist making his debut will get by on it very well: -) Most beautiful probably nooks of Masuria are on the river Krutynią...
the óra has ...kt about 100 km of the length. 
Together with 17 lakes a popular canoe trail forms. As can be seen there are a lot of tourists who are using such charming miejsca... here Mute swan, clique of his presentations...
...Cisza is illuminating the sun crystal-clear water, fish is rummaging about in wodorostach...
...wysoko in the sky is circling white-tailed eagle, we are putting oars back in order in the peace to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Odpoczynek... of few minutes Ah as przyjemnie...
We got until the end over 20 of one-kilometre segment of the flow... ...Kruty ń-Ukta. He was it is one of the nicest rests who will stick in my mind for ages: -)

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mieczysaw użytkownik mieczysaw(posts:2098) dodano 17.08.2010 18:47

Ostatnio często trafiam na spływ kajakowy Krutynią. Może to znak,że powinienem się tam udać. Ze zdjęć wnioskuję,że widoki muszą tam być piękne. Przyjemna galeria do oglądania. Pozdrawiam

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 24.08.2009 17:20

Ja i kajak to delikatnie mówiąc złe połączenie;), ale dla takiego spływu warto by się może z nim zaprzyjaźnić ;). bardzo przyjemna galeria.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 24.08.2009 07:19

Fajne miejsce na odpoczynek,a łabędzie potrafią pozować do zdjęć-)

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