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Half-timbered wall - it is a colloquial name of the half-timbered wall who is a type of the skeletal called also wall wattle-and-daub or fachówką (from the nonm.  Fachwerk), filled up with a brick wall, of rubble, with time of clay and the reed. In case of using clay, the space between beams was filled up additionally with vertical logs, and clay was mixt up with chaff or other tying material. His timber structure is visible, often impregnated and he can be treated as the decorative element. The half-timbered wall is well-known for the Middle Ages. He was applied in the residential and economic construction mainly in North Europe, in England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Of all enthusiasts of the half-timbered wall, but also I am not only inviting for the walk in the unusual small town.
At the foot of HARZ mountains, from Berlin, in area the Saksonii-Anhalt is finding the c 200 km oneself city about the name...... Quedlinburg Who can be proud one from biggest in Germany of complexes of buildings about the frame construction. The tradition of the half-timbered construction in Quedlinburgu dates back to the XIII century who gradually replaced the wooden building development of narrow and winding city streets with the straight line At present over 1300 houses of this type constitute wattle-and-daub buildings of the city, what over 1200 houses were entered in a list of vintage buildings from. These houses date from XIV-XX.  On the basis of analysis dendrochronolicznej over 20 houses dating from the Middle Ages were identified (XIII and XIV in.).
From the chronological side it is possible to divide the building development in five categories. 11 built houses are representing the oldest group before 1530 r. (1 %), next 70 incurred between 1531 and 1620 (5 %), 439 raised in years 1621 - 1700 (33 %), 552 built in XVIII in. (42 %) and 255 from XIX-XX in. (19 %)
Buildings survived damage to the last war, nonetheless she required the thorough conservation.  Many buildings she was in the very bad state, she was in danger of collapsing. Initial plans of insane authorities GDR so that entirely knock the historical old town down and on his place organise the central square surrounded with buildings from the large surface, weren't carried out because of the lack of funds. Managed to rescue the part of historical buildings after 1976, thanks to works conducted by experienced Polish restorers and builders from Toruń Complete restoration of monuments kwedlinburskiego of the old town was conducted only after the restandardization of Germany in 1990.  In years 1989 - 2005 managed to restore 650 historic houses. But many monuments are waiting still for the rescue.
In Quedlinburgu an attention to detail is stamping houses, faithfulness to the tradition, conservatism of the style. It is making the building development of the city cohesive. However decorations diversified in the appearance of the elevation were painted in different colours what granted the city of the extraordinary picturesqueness. Walk with narrow small streets of the city it is a real feast for the eyes. Particularly because on the way we notice the detali... wealth
Narrow passes, between houses, with whom the small river is flowing, and... beautiful and sometimes impressive houses. Of course a market is a heart of the city about the right-angled shape. With the magnificent stone town hall from XIII-XIV In front of the town hall by the corner tower a monumental character of Roland is standing - the main character of the Song about Roland - of historical count of the Breton mark.  This perpendicular work is being dated for year 1427.
A social life is focusing on the market, and every place for the rest is good. therefore we are passing by remains of curtain walls, and farther with strange pavement forged in rock, by the small house stuck to skłały, and farther with lane leading directly to the castle gate,
In order from close up to examine Henryk's medieval lock and the bird spider and the collegiate church dedicated św. Serwacego. A Romanesque collegiate church is the oldest kept monument of the city. Current collegiate church it fourth next church in this place, devoted in 1129.  The building is characterized by an austerity of insides. The collegiate church has one of the richest treasure troves in Germany.  Here above 50 precious works of art, mainly from the period the Middle Ageses are being found. Castle adjoining to the collegiate church, aktulanie is subjected to the thorough renovation. The collegiate church, the lock and the old town in Quedlinburgu were entered in 1994 on the list of the world legacy of the cultural UNESCO, but it I don't think so should surprise nobody.

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paweller75 użytkownik paweller75(posts:7223) dodano 02.06.2014 22:51

No jest pięknie ..., muszę kiedyś tam zajrzeć ..., pozdrawiam:)

travelerka użytkownik travelerka(posts:1) dodano 20.02.2013 17:05

To cudowne male miasto. Bylam tam pare razy i goraco zachecam. Nietylko malownicze miejsce, ale ma tez fajna gastronomie. Tam mi sie wszystko podoba!!!

magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 06.11.2011 16:16

Jak dla mnie idealne miejsce :)

dispar użytkownik dispar(posts:5378) dodano 23.08.2010 15:17

40 fajne. Zachęciłaś mnie do odwiedzin tego miasta. I o to chodzi.

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 23.08.2010 14:56

Twoje galerie potwierdzają, że urlop w Niemczech to bardzo dobry pomysł.

conchis użytkownik conchis(posts:12) dodano 19.01.2010 11:23

...fajne miasteczko i super pomysł z pokazywaniem włazów, Niemcy faktycznie bardzo o nie dbaja,
pozdrawiam :)

beem użytkownik beem(posts:182) dodano 03.09.2009 17:09

Bajkowe, zaryglowane miasteczko, odbyłaś niezapomnianą podróż...
Powiem, jestem w szoku, przed swoim wyjazdem zawitałem do Twojej Miśni,
nie wiedziałem, że tyle przybyło do oglądania, kiedy się uporam... :-)
Pozdrawiam i gratuluję

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 16.08.2009 20:33

Bardzo dziekuję za miłe komentarze. I cieszę się, że moje galerie zachęcają do odwiedzenia miejsc, które pokazuję. Gorąco polecam Quedlinburg - bo miasto jest niesamowite. Pozdrawiam

elise użytkownik elise(posts:965) dodano 16.08.2009 20:25

Właśnie zobaczyłam, że jesteś autorką galerii Colmar-perła Alzacji. Przed wyjazdem do Colmar podziwiałam tą galerię, uczyłam się na niej co mogę tam zobaczyć. Tworzysz piękne galerie.

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 16.08.2009 20:22

Przyznam, ze nie wiem co powiedzieć (oczywiście z wrażenia:). Niesamowite miejsce.. Trochę nawet przypomina mi zabudowę Hildesheim. pozdrawiam:)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 16.08.2009 20:21

Marioli...śliczne miasteczko ,pełne uroku.I fajna galeria-)

elise użytkownik elise(posts:965) dodano 16.08.2009 20:18

Bardzo ładna galeria , szczegółowe opisy. Architektura podobna jak w Strasburgu czy Colmar. Przyjemny spacerek.

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