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In the panorama of the city certainly towers of three Gothic churches are what is dominating: św. of Jakub, NMP and św. of Mikołaj.  Before us Mariacki.. church ...do of whom we are reaching going along the small street who is leading us gradually into the climate stralsundzkiej of the Old Town.  The old town is put on an island what additionally is emphasizing his exceptional character. The St Mary's church is Stralsundzki youngest gotycko - with brick basilica in Germany.  Her builder followed the example of the architecture of the NMP church in Luebeck. It is also most big- right after Gdańsk- brick church on the area of contemporary Hanzy. It is worthwhile keeping an eye on the altar whom the coming into existence is dating oneself on XV w.... Then again we are on one of numerous old town small streets, we will slowly get close to the heart Stralsund- Alter Markt...
...ale before it will take place it is worthwhile looking around whether by chance at the end of one of streets he doesn't have something equally interesting... ...tym to turn out to be something perhaps e.g. Gothic gate being included in ancient urban fortifications. Stralsund has the rich museum offer.  Here a Sea Museum is being housed, who provided oneself not confuse- has as many as four branches. I decided to visit only Ozeaneum, but if a time let me it certainly I somewhere would still look:) Pride Stralsund- the town hall and the św church. of Mikołaj are already of few strides from nas.. Stralsundzka the parish church belongs to the most important points of the European Trail of the Brick Gothic style.
Coat of arms of the city. West portal of the św church. of Mikołaj. Raised in XIV in. the town hall is a certificate of the former bourgeois Stralsundu power who belonged to Hanzy cities the most counting.  The two-tier town hall consists of four wings, inside a little rectangular courtyard is. Of captures marketplace interesting examples of Gothic architektury... are located ...w of Wednesdays of them e.g. Gothic building in whom the library was located.
Another glance at Old Rynek... we are moving ..i in the direction of the waterside, but before it will take place let us still reprimand na... Next important monument of the XIV city- in. św church. of Jakub.  Today inside she put up... the café and the sztuki... gallery ..ale art- how apparently- is also taking to the streets:).  Stralsund it seemingly the quiet city, but also it have one's crime of the curtain: D We are already in porcie... It here- exactly the year for it- Ozeaneum was opened.  Queues are dłuuugie, but if indeed here we are let us take our place in expecting to the ticket offices. (practical information: tickets 14 / 8 EUR, time of touring: from godz- in the version express service, to fronts dnia-w of the version for fans:). and so I am inviting to the underwater journey...
One's rooms with aquaria have here: the Baltic Sea and the North Sea... Models hung in air of whales constitute not any attraction in scale 1: 1. Under them couches are put, where it is possible to rest at sounds from depths of seas;) Perhaps the topic is deserving wider treating, but I already recommend it to the own expedition:)) I thank persistent around watching the gallery:)

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comments to the gallery (7):

seerene użytkownik seerene(posts:46) dodano 23.08.2009 17:35

Bardzo przyjemna galeria :) i pomyśleć, że byłam tylko 80 pare km stąd... No ale może następnym razem...
Pozdrowienia :)

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 15.08.2009 21:44

Kamila... dla mnie fajna galeria,bo nie znam Niemiec.
A raczej bywalam w okolicach Saarbrucken.

elise użytkownik elise(posts:954) dodano 15.08.2009 19:51

Przyjemnie było wędrować z Tobą po Stralsundzie, nigdy tam nie byłam. Wiedziałam, że Kościół Mariacki w Gdańsku jest największą budowla z cegły, ale nie wiedziałam kto jest na drugim miejscu.

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 12.08.2009 14:21

marioli: Wygląda na to, że mogłyśmy minąć się gdzieś na tym "wspólnym" niemieckim szlaku ;). Niestety nie było mi dane zajrzeć do Wismaru, ale z niecierpliwością czekam na Twoje zdjęcia. Po drodze do Stralsund wstąpiłam też na moment do Greifswaldu - to ten sam, hanzeatycki duch :). Lubeka na razie czeka na swoją kolej... pozdrawiam.

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 12.08.2009 13:31

Odnoszę wrażenie, że w tegoroczne wakacje podążałyśmy tymi samymi drogami. Do Stransulda zajrzałam na chwile w drodze do Lubeki. Miasto dość przyjemne, chociaż mnie bardziej podobał się Wismar. Ratusz jest rzeczywiście bardzo piękny. Do oceanarium jednak nie dotarłam. Pozdrawiam i czekam na kolejną Twoją galerię, pewnie z .... Lubeki?

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 12.08.2009 12:06

magg: dziękuję za odwiedziny i ciesze się, że zdjęcia się podobają :)

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 11.08.2009 21:06

Mniej znane miasto, a bardzo przyjemne.

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