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I am inviting to the documentary on the visit of the Brodnica lake district.  We are waiting for the kayak. Brodnica district, commune - Zbiczno, village - Grzmięca. Lake - Strażym. Expectation of the kayak is growing longer. We sailed out.  The first meeting with the grebe dwuczubym.
The young grebe asks for eating. He is clearly disappointed with the lack of the fish in the kisser of the parent. Patiently he must wait. Water lily. We are swimming into the channel linking lakes the Strażym and Bachotek. Real relaxation.
The weather is good, he is keeping quiet.  We and the nature. Water lilies are blooming. We feel him hitting the heart of the Nature. So somehow wildly.
We are swimming up to the swan's nest. The alarmed bird is leaving the nest.
Nothing beats the good photographic reflex.
This loner without anxieties swam straight to our kayak. This family avoided our company. This male found interesting clearly, but he didn't show symptoms of aggression.
On such a kayak we are also swimming and we. These are we. Crossword. Meetings with swan are nice surviving at the channel. Therefore quite a lot of these photographs.
But it is truly royal bird. I thank the organiser for the nice rest. The last looks.
I tried not to disturb with unnecessary chatting.  Here an image and a mood he is creating which are supposed to start to speak.

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doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 11.08.2009 15:42

Pozdrawiam :-)

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