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Św cathedral. Szczepana - one of symbols of Vienna.  In the middle Stephansplatz is climbing in the heart of the oldest part of the city. The department is most important and one of the oldest temples in the capital city of Austria. At first she was left built in the late-Romanesque style, next it was being developed and then the cathedral received it current Gothic form. The highest tower of the cathedral, named tenderly by „ Steffl ” inhabitants of Vienna has 137 metres of the height. Św cathedral. Szczepana- Gothic pulpit Św cathedral. Szczepana- inside
Albertina - gallery covered in 1768 with r. in Vienna by the prince of Albert Sasko-Cieszyński and his wife archduchess of Austria Maria Krystyna, a graphic designer is one of the collections the largest in the most world. Motylarnia In the greenhouse, irrespective of the temperature outside, to feel it is possible like in the forest with tropical surrounded plenty of various exotic butterflies, plants, trees and waterfalls. Butterflies willingly are sitting on hair, rekach - the presence of the man completely isn't disturbing them:)
 Monument to Mozart Monument to Józef's Franciszek
Hofburg Parliament - building carried in 1837 - 1883 r.  The main wing with eight Corinthian columns resembles the Grecian temple. Today the parliament is a registered office of the National Assembly and Trade union Advice. door handle being found at a front door to the Parliament
The museum of the art history and the Natural History Museum in Vienna it is twin almost buildings, standing opposite siebie..., ...s ą with ones of the most impressive Vienna buildings situated along the boxing ring - of formal wide avenue surrounding the dense city centre. Haas-Haus - a św cathedral is mirrored in a glass facade of the modern building. Szczepana Neo-Gothic town hall about the appearance of the palace.  In the summer in the courtyard numerous concerts are held. Votive church
Vienna big wheel - symbol of Vienna and Vienna Prateru.  His highest point lies at 64.75 m level. In closing dates of the Second World War he was damaged seriously - wagons and the drive were destroyed by bombs and the fire. But in spite of the fact that they dominated the city ruins and rubble are a big wheel was left in the record-breaking time renovated and already on 25 May 1947 again started. At present 15 wagons are spinning (before the year 30 of them were 1945). View on the city Prater seen from the big wheel
Prater is a wonderful space for the normal walk and you are drinking atmospheres of amused Vienna in.  It is possible here to give itself ..  a spin on almost all possible types of merry-go-rounds.

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comments to the gallery (3):

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 23.11.2009 12:22

Przypomniałaś nam pobyt w tym pięknym mieście - ładna galeria.

ewka użytkownik ewka(posts:7) dodano 07.08.2009 22:48

dzięki:) masz rację prater oświetlony mnóstwem kolorowych światełek i neonów wygląda imponująco. Pozdrawiam

oli1104 użytkownik oli1104(posts:87) dodano 06.08.2009 00:28

Świetna galeria, gratuluje zdjęć i pobytu w platerze.
Wieczorem wygląda piękniej niż w dzień:)

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