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I am inviting to a little walk all over Sydney who took place on 05 December 2008. The majority of the group went to the optional trip to Canberra.  I somehow didn't have the willingness to it. I chose one-on-one from Sydney. Street plan into the hand and ahead. These trains (trams?) going above roadways, with pavements did the serious impression on me. My first stage of the walk is Wildlife World and Aquarium. Earlier however glance at exhibit items of the National Sea Museum.
I am buying the pass authorizing to the admission to Wildlife World, the Aquarium and entry to the tower with a view. I am describing only a few animals whom I managed just enough decently to photograph.  Here some snake. A few reptiles jaszczuropodobnych.
Quite well so this monitor lizard posed a few presentations.
The Tasmanian devil had the dark paddock (is preying with night) so I supported each other with flash. Admittedly the inscription on the plate proved that a presented kind was exactly a Tasmanian devil, but this colouration more suits me to niełaza blotchy. Perhaps here some specialist in the Australian fauna will look and he will give his opinion what it behind the animal. Similarly this spiked collar. Opossum?
How Australia is of course kangury...
... and koala. I am leaving Wildlife World.  Nice kids from the school trip. After all a December is the end of the school year and the beginning of holidays. Now we are going to the Aquarium.  For the beginning Large Fish. The one small endemic for Australia an animal is of course a duck-billed platypus. For doing a few just enough I probably lost clear presentations around hour and over 100 of clicking on the shutter.
He was in motion all the time and quite well he played with me. Here some crustacean. This way bigger specimens are being examined, like sharks, rays or turtle. Coral reef.
A few meetings eye into the eye with sharks.
In a minute we will leave the Aquarium and we will go toward the tower.

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magdalena użytkownik magdalena(posts:3650) dodano 13.11.2010 12:13

Słuszny wybór:-) Canberra nie jest ciekawym miastem:-) Pozdrawiam

eve użytkownik eve(posts:3) dodano 12.06.2010 23:29

Zabrał mnie Pan w cudowną podróż. Szkoda że nie w realu?Pozdrawiam

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