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The view of the west Nilu edge in surroundings of Luxor is dominated by majestic Theban Hills and a village laid picturesquely on their hillsides Qurna el.  Put until recently (removing from autumn 2007 r.), because after decades of disputes and protests the Egyptian government conducted eviction of her inhabitants - usually of ancient graves being into a robbery put beneath their houses. Archaeological works here are being planned out what for least 20 lat... Deir Bahari el (North Monastery) with the wonderful, unique, sepulchral terrace temple of the queen Hatshepsut, constitutes one around of pillars of half-day trip to Western Thebes.  This trivial fact that beside Polish archaeologists discovered remains of the sepulchral Thotmesa temple III, as a rule is fleeing the Tourist from the memory... Remains of terraces of the sepulchral Mentuhotepa temple II- of pharaoh of the XI dynasty, of the first buried here master, as well only hidden in one's sepulchral church - aren't also arousing zainteresowania... We are beginning Hatshepsut with the temple unknown Mass so-called climbing with Donkey's Footpath who will take us with gulley to the Valley of the Kings.  At the moment we can admire Metropolitan House - registered office of the Polish Archeo Mission in Luxor. Local are saying differently: Bolanda Fag (of Poland House). A little bit farther, on the border of green Nilu valley, enveloped with morning Ramesseum mist (a little bit farther more widely about it). After a steep climb and defeating the weir we have the Valley of the Kings before our very eyes (Biban el-Muluk) - 63 open to today tombs of pharaohs.  How many undiscovered?... Few archaeologists are daring to claim, that here already has nothing to discover.......
Panorama of the peak (about 480 n.p.m m.) towering over the Theban necropolis.  From the side of the Valley of the Kings what one can see in a photo, a shape has pyramids. Perhaps this shape induced pharaohs of the XVIII dynasty to of settling here after death (construction of one's tombs). Arabs named the mountain of Elas Qurn - simply Peak. Ancient believed that he was residing through Meresger (Meretseger) - the one who loves Silence - boginię-węża guarding royal tombs. Arabs to today this way are naming him...
Next flag of touring Western Thebes - Colossi of Memnon - only perhaps remains of the sepulchral temple of III Amenhotep - Egyptian of King Sun - of patron of the arts.  Ramesseum untypically taken hold from the peak of the pylon, wrapped in the morning mist. Sepulchral temple of the II, called pharaoh of Ramzes Large - of one of the biggest conquerors in the history of Egypt.  Rarely frequented, wonderful with one's majestic silence. In the morning gafirowi (for caretaker) I am saying that he isn't needed for me and I am staying alone - only a fog thinning out in rays of sunshine is accompanying me... Wonderful colonnade ozyriacka (statues of the pharaoh in the position mummy) and beautiful head of the statue of II Ramzes from pink asuańskiego of granite (the colour a little bit changed...). Ahmed usually protects my mobility in surroundings of Luxor (and not only).  Here he is introducing the fragment the rich collection of souvenirs presented in consecutive flagship for place, to whom they are carrying Mass on Western Brzeg - Zalat Factory Alabaster. Real collection, one floor above, could see only few. Jade scarab beetles, alabastrine uszebti from the New period of you - get from graves lying beneath contemporary houses. The physiognomy of the boss said everything - Egyptian Cosa Nostra...;) By few visited Medinet Habu - palace-temple complex of III Ramzes with his sepulchral temple at the head, situated in the southern part of the necropolis.  Considerable Polish stress - pylon of the temple visible in a photo as the place of one of the most spectacular scenes of his film a Pharaoh served Jerzy Kawalerowicz from 1965 - scenes of dimming the sun.
Really approaching light the Ra alarmed gafira? (fragment of the room Medinet Habu hypostylowej). Everyone almost the centimetre of walls in Medinet Habu is covered with hieroglyphic inscriptions revealing everyday living in times of III... Ramzes ...oraz with wonderful paintings who resisted the destroying time. Watching pylons into the prospect we understand the statement: Stubramne Thebes ... (Medinet Habu) Here one can already see, that eviction is proceeding efficiently - here it is possible already to begin archaeological works. Pearl of Western Brzeg - having nothing shared around with Pharaoh Times XI-wieczny św Orthodox monastery. Theodora, through local named Muharab... el,
...miejsce indeed other in the shadow of pharaohs, poor, bending down to upadkowi..., ... poverty from everywhere peeking out, funds are missing, plaster coming off around XI-wiecznych of vaults..., ... omnipresent cords, typically Egyptian, jakrawo - Hollywood poster and this cross crowning the energetyczny... pole Next omitted usually point - sepulchral Sethiego temple and - of father of Ramzes of the Great, hugest say Egyptian pharaoh. Gafir, airing fresh money, he welcomes warmly and he is inviting. Wonderfully preserved ceiling paintings.
All walls of the temple are covered with relieves extolling the Sethiego life and. Deir el of Medin - uncovered ruins of the village inhabited by builders of tombs in the Valley of the Kings from whom he is separating only a mountain gulley and the narrow footpath, defeated by workers, craftsmen and codziennie... superintendents Many tourists are examining these ruins, few has an opportunity to examine the inside of the Pashedu tomb - for figure not very of high flights, living in the borderland of period of the Sethiego power and and of II Ramzes. The Pashedu tomb as a rule is closed to 4 triggers even though the Office insolently is selling entrance tickets to niego... to Ticket;) Coming off for consecutive mountain expedition from Deir el of Medin to the Valley of Queens, we are coming across on the way to fully forgotten tourist rock sanctuary of the Dark Deity - of Ptaha and recalled earlier Meresger.  The state of the relic firmly is damaged by millennia,...
they are rewarding ...widoki with the compensation...  Before us Valley of Queens (Biban el-Harim) - very much rarely visited by Masowego... Entries to tombs of sons of III... Ramzes ...oraz fragment of wonderful relieves in interiors. Specific curiosity in Egypt: one of the most beautiful Egyptian tombs (for me second after the Sethiego tomb and in the Valley of the Kings) - wives of II Ramzes, for Nefertari queen (Beautiful, whom the Sun is rising for).  After the thorough renovation made available for 3 months, then locked up tight. Admission still possible - the ticket costs the equivalent 10,000 zloty...;) In the foreground panoramas, relating to Theban Hills, remains of the sepulchral Merenptaha temple.  In times of the rule of this pharaoh biblical Exodus... was supposed reportedly to take place A presented really so-called stele of Israel is supposed to be confirming this event - unfortunately, only kopia...,
treasure put away is ...prawdziwe deeply below the surface, in underground magazines.  Then again it is necessary to reach for documents whom the view will cause openly through gafira of sesames... Best, when such a document has appropriate indications of the Bank of Egypt and the very appropriate denomination...;) Outside few fragments of sculptures from the New period are colouring you panorama of Western Thebes. We are going to the Valley of Monkeys - of west branch of the Valley of the Kings, rarely visited by tourists, named this way on account of mummies found in rock cubbyholes of baboons, of saint animals of the Totha god. 
In a photo approach to the Ay grave - of vizier, after death of Tutanchamon of his successor (and how, claim some - for murderer). Excerpt of the epic in the Ay... burial chamber ... and his sarcophagus.
A wonderful tomb of one of the biggest pharaohs is situated in a Valley of Monkeys - of Amenhotep of the III Egyptian King Sun, unfortunately, at present in the thorough restaurant led by Japanese men.  Soon opening!!! At the end of our Theban travel we are coming back to Deir Bahari el.  Rarely met prospect of the Hatszepsut... temple nestled into Theban Hills ...zawieraj ących often such wonderful relieves (especially so-called convex!!!), of which it's no use in order to search graves for excellent pharaohs in the famous Valley of the Kings...  Unfortunately, sometimes denominations of presented documents aren't giving entitlements to shooting of for instance one snapshot in the interior...:) In the perspective then again Metropolitan appears House - one of few gifts of the American nation for Poles.  I was forced to use the toilet - nasty experience, for the repair, as usual, money is missing... German archaeologists examining Abu wrecks in Aswan are staying in the hotel * * * * *...;)
...Na happiness, if somebody will catch it of Egyptian psycho how, at one time somebody of you was willing to determine my Passion service, can always here come back...  And to experience... As ja... From 20 lat... This year I didn't charge batteries. I hope that for me this wybaczone... will be And I will survive... To next razu...;)))

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comments to the gallery (12):

mankakowalska użytkownik mankakowalska(posts:21) dodano 23.03.2015 11:46

Dziękuję za poszerzenie horyzontów :)

dzidka55 użytkownik dzidka55(posts:88) dodano 23.10.2011 22:46

Cieszę się ,że wreszcie tu trafiłam.Marucha ja też mam fioła na punkcie historii starożytnego Egiptu.Po 50 latach zrealizowałam wreszcie swoje marzenie.Objazdówka dała mi w kość,bo mam kłopoty z kręgosłupem,ale w grobowcu Totmesa III byłam.Potem przewodnik już nie mówił w mojej obecności,że czegoś nie warto,bo to byłoby tylko zachętą dla mnie.Wybieram się do Jordanii i Ziemi Świętej.Pozdrawiam.

afrodyta użytkownik afrodyta(posts:4219) dodano 15.09.2011 21:04

Znakomita galeria. Twoje zdjęcia potwierdzają to, co widziałam w Egipcie oraz wystawiając galerie "Afryka znana i nieznana", pokazałam Egipt
inny, zielony i mniej znany. Podobają mi się kadry.

katia użytkownik katia(posts:130) dodano 02.05.2011 17:32

Piękna galeria. Niedawno wróciłam z Egiptu, więc miło powspominać. Super, że są zdjęcia Doliny Królów, bo obecnie nie wolno tam fotografować ani nawet wnosić aparatów na jej teren, co mnie osobiście bardzo zabolało :(
Gratuluję pięknych ujęć, dobrego oka i giętkiego języka ;)

agnieshka użytkownik agnieshka(posts:405) dodano 19.02.2011 00:00

W Egipcie nie byłam, więc z zainteresowaniem przeczytałam relacje i obejrzałam fotki. Wyczerpujące opisy i ciekawostki na zjeciach.

romana użytkownik romana(posts:5222) dodano 14.07.2010 19:03

Super. Sama przyjemność zwiedzać galerię tak starannie przygotowaną jak ta :)))

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 14.07.2010 17:13

marucha - jesteś lepszy od NG.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 22.02.2010 10:28

Dobrze opisana i wykonana galeria - dużo się dowiedzieliśmy.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 28.11.2009 18:05

Miło obejrzeć kolejną (38) galerię Maruchy z Egiptu.
Miło, że się pojawił i pokazał po raz kolejny swoją klasę.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 28.11.2009 17:35

Pieknie opracowana galeria.

sona_dora użytkownik sona_dora(posts:2091) dodano 28.11.2009 08:49

Egipt znam tylko z książek Christiana Jacqu, nie zdecydowałam się na podróż tam, ponieważ nie lubię być jak to mówisz turystą masowym... i jeszcze do tego te kordony wojska. Cały czas boję się, że jak tam pojadę, to wyobrażenia w mojej głowie...zostaną zniszczone. Z wielką przyjemnością obejrzałam Twoja galerię, dobre zdjęcia i do tego jeszcze Egiptu nieznanego...Najbardziej podoba mi sie El Qurn, może dlatego, że jest zamieszkały przez - "Tę, Która Kocha Ciszę". Pozdrawiam

walczis użytkownik walczis(posts:127) dodano 28.11.2009 03:09

SZOK, tak zielonego Egiptu nie udało mi się zobaczyć(fot 4, 5)

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