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Palmyra - Greek explaining the Aramaic name of the Tadmur city - city of palms.  The city is located in the oasis in the heart of the Syrian Desert. She was his largest wealth... water. all caravans had to stay in the city or die from desire. An entire territory of current excavations is an over 50 ha. A temple is the biggest Palmyry building Beam (Baala), of chief deity of the protective city. Temple Beam they raised about 45 of year before Chr.  Later repeatedly she was rebuilt, from 12 in. was an Arabic citadel. He is impressing with sizes - 200 x 200 of metres. He is a curiosity, that one man treated her - palmyreński Male Agrippa merchant who earlier out of his own pocket payed 10 years entire visit of the Hadriana emperor in Palmyrze... In a photo - cell, central part of the temple, to whom only chosen priests had access. 2 alcoves are situated in a cell (adytony), the północxna was a registered office of the threesome of deities palmyreńskich - the Beam, Yarhibola and Aglibola, in noon a statue was being stored Beam, shown publicly during celebrations. Nice they are being decorated with Adytony, in the style being a blend of the Greek, Roman and Assyrian art.  In the city, unlike anywhere else influences of the East and the West mixt, and from the trade a fabulous wealth who became the reason for the power, but also the Palmyry... fall arose The surrounded cell is a peristyle, from whom the part behaved to today... stones are enrapturing ...a with the richness decorative detali...
Decorations are putting associating with sources the wealth of the city - one can see on them with what and who traded - images of the merchants, guilty of the sculpture are visible of circles, of jugs, of ears of cereal crops, of ivory, of slaves, of tkanin... rolls On this square within the temple Beam city dwellers gathered in order to pray to one's god. they are estimating, that in the period of the greatest magnificence of the city them about 80 were tys. Palmyra was a buffer state-city between Rome, but you Partów, and a formal status of the Roman colony was a base of her development (from 217 r.) and ceaseless demand of Rome for luxury goods from wschodu.Szczyt fell to the Palmyry magnificence to the III second-half in.  Then a rein of Roman armies became the capital city of the kingdom established through Odenata, simultaneously in the East.  Exploiting the weakness of the empire he started leading the independent politics and the expansion.  After death Odenata seized power his beautiful and ambitious Zenobia wife, aspiring for breaking formal subordinating to Rome. she started subordinating next cities to oneself and minting the own coin, and she appointed her juvenile of the son the August. The effect could be only one - Aurelian defeated the army at year 273 palmyreńską, got and the złupiłmiasto, but the Zenobię took the most valuable trophy in the golden cage and golden chains to Rome. A High Street, surrounded on both sides constitutes the axis of the city with colonnades - Cardo Maximus, leading to the temple Beam.  In two places the street is bending, more close the temple under an angle of 30 degrees, farther from it - against 10 steps. First bending the street is masking monumental hatch, compound of three parts, in a fan-like form spread...
...ozdobiony with beautiful low relieves. Almost all columns contain podstawy... sticking out in the lower part ... whom statues of eminent citizens of the city were put on.  Ow, he was vain it is a nation... Cardo Maximus was a commercial High Street of the city, with prototype today's eastern suków.  As only in the city wasn't wybrukowana... ...by camels didn't slide... Side streets, leading to the agora, for the theatre, to palaces rich merchants diverged from Cardo.
Also surrounded side streets were colonnades. A profile of the Arabic Fakhr ud-Din Ibn castle is dominating over the city Ma'ani, built in XIII in. and extended in the XVII century. The urban theatre was left restored and made available to visitors only in 2009. For reconstruction they used exclusively elements found on the spot. A tetrapylon is filling second bending the town's high street - team four czterokolumnowych of the building, about exclusively a decorative purpose. Columns are monoliths granite, delivered all the way from Egyptian Aswan.  Unfortunately, only he is 1 of 16 columns authentic, remaining these are contemporary reconstructions.
Granite columns are decorating also entering to water heaters of Dioklecjan, by the town's high street. About the wealth of inhabitants graves are providing also them - towers put behind the city about a few storeys, entire families decorated inside with sculptures, przawiającymi.  Alcoves to coffins closed were low relieves, showing busts of buried there persons, a kind of with lockets, made still in their lifetime. To graves only delays were being put, they were being equipped with no objects, jewellery itp. After the Zenobii fall the city never regained the former magnificence.  She became the hick town and the registered office of the garrison of legions of Dioklecjan. To today Polish archaeologists are examining remains of the camp of Dioklecjan.  Together with the fall of Palmyra Rome she lost her source of the wealth - a trade fell through and the city gradually subjected to the deteriorating influence of the time and cruel pustyni... ...i deteriorated more and more, forgotten by the rest of world... ...zamieszka łe only by few ancestors of this young boy.
Today near ruins the Tadmur city has about 40 tys. of inhabitants who are living modestly from the tourism, being in the vicinity bases of the air force and heaviest in Syria of the prison... ...i innumerable columns are only dreaming dreams about the past Palmyry... power

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barbara_31 użytkownik barbara_31(posts:799) dodano 11.09.2015 00:32

I zostały już tylko zdjęcia:( Smutne ...

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 14.03.2014 11:47

I tak wypełnili się słowa - I rzekł im Jezus: Izaż nie widzicie tego wszystkiego? Zaprawdę powiadam wam, nie zostanie tu kamień na kamieniu, który by nie był rozwalony. I co znaczy wielkie imperium , bogactwo i władza tego świata gdy nie jest oparte na fundamentach Bożych.

ak użytkownik ak(posts:6251) dodano 06.01.2014 21:33

klejnocik ... świetny reportaż

pablo87 użytkownik pablo87(posts:561) dodano 21.07.2013 11:32

Zawsze ciekawiły mnie takie miejsca fajnie się oglądało. Pozdrawiam

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 27.01.2013 08:24

takie piękno tam jest - a jak tam teraz jechać - możemy już tego więcej nie zobaczyć!!!

watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 31.08.2010 21:39

Dla mnie rewelacja , ciekawa historia i doskonale zdjecia.

pomidorek użytkownik pomidorek(posts:8) dodano 05.04.2010 12:21

jak to robisz, że Twój obiektyw omija innych turystów? - w efekcie odnoszę wrażenie, że oprócz Ciebie, jednego chłopca i jednego wielbłąda nie było tam nikogo...
świetna galeria!

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 13.01.2010 07:56

Pięknie zrobiona galeria - ze zdjęć aż czuje się sakramencki upał jaki tam panuje - nie wspomnimy o rewelacyjnych opisach

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 31.07.2009 13:28

Lubię takie miejsca. Miło było odwiedzić je z Tobą.

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 26.07.2009 22:15

W takim razie powinno się zmienić nazwę Palmyry z "miasto palm" na "miasto piachu", ale nie wiem jak by to brzmiało po grecku lub aramejsku :)
Niemniej jednak chciałabym tam kiedyś dotrzeć, może tylko o innej porze roku.

kikulisko użytkownik kikulisko(posts:76) dodano 26.07.2009 22:10

Re: pesteczka123: Tego dnia silnie wiało, wcześniej była burza piaskowa, stąd przymglenie dalszych planów, a kolorystyka tego miejsca jest rzeczywiście monotonna, a nie spowodowana obróbką. Pozdrawiam !

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 26.07.2009 21:37

Bardzo ciekawa narracja, tylko tonacja kolorystyczna fotografii wydaje się dość monotonna.
Tam faktycznie tak jest, czy to zamierzony efekt obróbki zdjęć?

weronika użytkownik weronika(posts:238) - User deleted dodano 26.07.2009 14:30

fajną m minkę wielbladzik na 17

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