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We are starting the next journey all over Havana again with the bus We are going along the main promenade.  By us plenty of people taking a bath and probably the most impressive buildings in the city. I am not reliable but it is probably a hotel. Stadium. just enough modern tower blocks.
And it is a building like in Chicago. Super maintained monument old cars and new.  Stress that the Audi has the red board. they waved cd.
simply beautiful. High Street. sentymenty... After the exit from the minibus we went to the hiking. Supposedly the half of dwellers of the capital city is out of work. With light anxiety we moved beneath these balconies.
Inhabitants of Havana despite everything optimistically are probably predisposed to the life. Side street. The average earnings temperature doesn't exceed 20 euro.  In order to make some more the majority of cars taxis will be powered. simply wonder. To look and to travel around is a certain difference.  I admired this man for his optimism.
After this runabout one can see, that often it was already painted. Girls had nothing against photography. Newer cars are no match for old American cruisers. Even though it isn't probably located in standards it was worthwhile there going. this runabout also had tumultuous history and behind him group of musicians.  We met them later on the boulevard.
steam everyday life cd. The lack of the private property and effects the mother, the daughter and the granddaughter balconies are holding together to the word
chit-chats this friend asked me to take him a photo with his girl.  Unfortunately then he started with me discussing the football, and in this topic I am not too strong: -) The policeman going before us in a minute will round a few boys up from the low wall.  They carried out recommending him without the word of the protest. Met earlier musicians. All the time we are on the main promenade. A few persons are dancing the tango.
This steam enraptured me. Girls in front of a beauty parlour. Old cars unfortunately only look nice.  The very intensively was repaired. We came back to our KIA.  A few practical remarks. We payed 100 euro for one day of the lease in the version all inclusive (i.e. around 3 / 4 with filled tank). One should think moving. Roads are practically unmarked. There is no what to count on no matter how help. Both the ordinary men as well as also police aren't able to show the road. Coming back from Havana we talked to policemen and with their help we made a roundabout c 150 km: -). The litre costs fuels! CUC i.e. c 4 zloty. This friend very much was satisfied how he heard your tsar is beatyfull. Before the leaving of Havana obligatorily one should see the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.
It is already an end of our tour.  On Cuba obiecnie 2 types of money are functioning. Convertible peso (CUC). It is something in the kind peweksowskiego of the dollar quite pretty even. De facto it is at present głowna currency on Cuba. The other kind is a peso.  I by no means came across the shop in whom it is possible to buy something for this money. Supposedly 1 CUC is worth about 25 pesos. Best to exchange currency is at banks (the best course). To Cuba we aren't taking United States dollars, an extra late fee is being charged for their exchange - tax .

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marcowadziewczyna użytkownik marcowadziewczyna(posts:1527) dodano 27.10.2009 22:00

fajna reporterska galeria

mironel użytkownik mironel(posts:255) dodano 22.07.2009 08:53

Z tymi samochodami to nie jest do końca tak słodko. Owszem turystom się podobają i to bardzo. Sądzę jednak, że większość Kubańczyków zamieniła by je na coś nowszego.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 22.07.2009 07:42

Dzięki za całą serię galerii o Kubie.
Samochody faktycznie powalają.
Co ciekawe , każdy facet wracajacy z wycieczki z Kuby najpierw mówi o samochodach, potem o mojito, muzyce i dziwczynach , a dopiero potem o całej reszcie ;) Pozdrawiam

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