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„ Sans - ” souci from the French it simply  without worries .  The summer palace together with the garden by design was supposed to be a summer residence of the king of Prussia the II Fredericka for private use is having the king and him staying in order can here spend time  without worries  devoting oneself to the accomplishment of one's artistic passions. Side wings of the palace occupy the entire length of the highest terrace, from whom the view on gardens is stretching. Between windows of the centre corps sculptures of companions of Bacchus are found - of Strongmen fulfilling roles and Caryatids. 
The Sansssouci park owes one's current popularity of not only a history for both monuments but also beautiful gardens and park complex, where indeed it is possible to spend a lot of hours on walks in the close contact with the nature. Curiously designed terraces and the neat flora are delighting the eye. Below six terraces a 18th century formal garden is together with the large fountain.  Around the fountain marble sculptures of Roman gods are standing.
In the garden very well they are selected composition of flowers...... ....... of vegetables and other garden plants. They would like to say - deathly hush. We are entering the park.  Across park avenues a New Orangery built in years 1851 is showing through - 64 to the order of Fryderyk of IV William. Going along park avenues we are reaching the Pavilion of the Chinese joining rococo elements to wschodnioazjatyckimi forms. A sculpture of the presenting ludo keeping the umbrella is on a roof of the pavilion.
Around the built pavilion to resemblance of the tent interesting gilded sculptures of Chineses making music are found. These forms of May European features - the local residents were models of artists. Charlottenhof palace - ancient summer residence of the prince of William's Fryderyk built in years 1826 - 29. In years 1835 - 40 a naturalist and an Alexander traveller lived in the room of this palace von Humboldt, invited by the prince. View from the terrace on the rose garden in the form of the maze Charlottenhof Park being an element. And now view from the garden on the terrace of the Charlottenhof Palace. Interesting putting together roses and lavender.
At entering the complex of Roman Baths 
Of holding Roman Baths in the building (where they were never taking a bath) it is an architectural hybrid - connecting the style of the ancient villa with water heaters Roman. 
Here two authentic sculptures are also found from Pompei. 
And statues of caryatids. 
In the courtyard internal a garden was organised from kwatami and around typically with Italian crop plants: with globe artichokes, the tobacco plant and hemp. 
The new built Palace right after the victory in the war lasting forr seven years was supposed to attest to the power of the Prussian kingdom.
Opposite the New Palace outbuildings are situated, so-called Communs.  Built in the same style what palace, housed the royal kitchen, of holding for gardeners, the guard and the palace service.
The new Palace from the beginning was supposed to serve as lodgings for royal guests who had at their disposal 200 chambers, 4 drawing rooms and the rococo theatre here.  In short stretches of the stay, Fryderyk lived in the noon side wing, in the royal apartments, called also Fryderyk's luxury apartment. After his death in 1786, the palace has very rarely been second hand, only on the occasion of great celebrations. Tea room in the New Orangery.  The building of the New Orangery has 304 m of the length and he is the longest building in the Sanssouci park
A silhouette of the Neue Kammern Palace of the XVIII age at first serving as the orangery but next rebuilt in years 70 is breaking through park avenues to the guest pavilion. 
Kammern Noah is surpassing the palace interesting windmill. 
Another looking at the „ palace without ” worries. 

 In descriptions partly we used teksyty from Wikipedii.

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comments to the gallery (9):

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 25.11.2009 13:18

Wybieramy się tam już wielokrotnie ale jeszcze nie dotarliśmy - chyba za blisko Polski - ale twoja galeria pokazała nam piękno tego miejsca.Zdjęcia super jak i Twoje filmy- do pozazdroszczena talentu.

konwalia użytkownik konwalia(posts:3259) - User deleted dodano 26.10.2009 20:37

Przesliczna galeria,piękne miejsce i zdjęcia.
Ogladając ja ,mozna zapomnieć o zmartwieniach.
Umarł moj pies,ktos kogo kochałam bezwarunkowo.Po dwóch dniach płaczu biegam i szukam radości w galeriach.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 26.10.2009 19:39

Jarfry - dziękuję w imieniu L z DIL .
FilmDIL to MY - tak podpisujemy się pod wspólnym zdjęciem :)

kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 22.07.2009 07:15

Traf chciał, że za kilka dni mam w planach odwiedzenie Sanssouci i ta galeria ostatecznie utwierdziła mnie w przekonaniu, że warto. pozdrawiam:)

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 21.07.2009 23:34

Takie galerie to jest to, co pesteczki lubią najbardziej :)
Nie zgodzę się z zibidem, że brak tu architektury, bo to przecież wspaniała architektura zieleni i o ileż ciekawsza od zimnej archtektury nowoczesnej.
Świetne zdjęcia!

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 21.07.2009 22:57

W Obieżyświecie mało jest dobrych galerii z Niemiec.
Szkoda, bo kraj ciekawy. Ta galeria jest przykładem ,że
warto zwiedzać ten kraj.Także wschodnie landy.

mironel użytkownik mironel(posts:255) dodano 21.07.2009 22:41

Dla uzupełnienia Fryderyk II Wielki, to twórca wielkości Prus. To za jego panowania Prusy osiągnęły przewagę nad pozostałymi państwami niemieckimi i sądzę, że w konsekwencji doprowadziło to do I i II wojny światowej. Co ciekawe prywatnie człowiek ten był koneserem sztuki i poezji a językiem niemieckim się brzydził, preferując francuski. Jak zwykle fimdil świetna galeria.

cameron użytkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 21.07.2009 22:19

Piękne zdjęcie nr 7. Pozdrawiam

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 21.07.2009 21:55

Przyjemna galeria - lecz dla mnie za dużo kwiatów za mało architektury. A jest co Fotografować. Pozdrawiam

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