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We commenced touring Havana than the Museum of the Revolution not much I recommend unless somebody likes to examine museums of the type guerrilla camp.  The museum best is looking from the outside. Guard of honour. Stages of the revolution.  Read: Fidel, Fidel, Fidel. The signature sounds we thank morons for the help in doing the revolution. The changing of the guard was a centre-piece.  Girls are also on guard. We are starting touring Havana.
Restored buildings are very beautiful. cd. Square at Kapitolu.  In the background Telegrafo hotel. Runabouts.  It is a topic in itself. Neglected mini commercial avenue.
In spite of their age they are holding on fantastically. We are going the square up. In the distance one can see the Kapitolu outline. Havana street.  Do you remember such soda fountains? cd. and then again runabout.
This old Cuban caught my friend.  In the mouth he has the large cigar. After taking a photo she demanded 1 peso: -) Kapitol at it loveliest.  His construction lasted only 3 years. Buildings opposite Kapitolu.  Unfortunately a majority of Havana is a ruin. Eyeful from stairs and we are coming in. Before the entry one should buy tickets but frankly I recommend this visit.
It is possible to sit for a while by the very important desk or to imitate the chairman. This way a room is longing for the debate. Corridors are also Delightful. Library, taking from behind grating. Information plate, for being able to in Spanish.
Statue being found at entering parliament. Kapitol is serving as the museum.  But he is held in the very good state. I am convinced that at one time he will regain his function. We are going to tour Havana. Views from streets cd. cd.
Police most often mount order perhaps 2107 and from motorbikes Honda shadow. In streets old American big boats of a car are reigning and Russian orders. The girl and the car. I recommend the ride on such a bus habana minibus tour.  The ticket in price 5 authorizes CUC for the ride all day long. At least this way I understood: -) if not we have too a lot of time it is fairly good alternative for seeing the city. We went by streets about different standards.
On the right-hand side eatery. by the museum of the revolution. The part of streets is very wide and of cars also not too much. School minibus. cockroaches?.... We made a stop at the sea.  I recommend local eateries.
Unfortunately old samochody... they look beautiful but they are breaking.  I am inviting soon to the next gallery - my Cuba - Havana No. 2.

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beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 28.01.2010 11:18

No, no - całkiem fajna ta Kuba i galeria również.

mironel użytkownik mironel(posts:255) dodano 16.07.2009 14:09

Mojito hihi. Dziękuję. Obieżyświat jedna wzbogaca. Już poprawiam.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 16.07.2009 13:01

Mironel - z przyjemnością oglądam Twoje zdjęcia z Kuby i i czytam opisy do nich.
Dziekuje za kolejne chwile wirtualnie spędzone na Kubie.
Czas na mojito ;)
.... i dalej w drogę.

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