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Of ancient ruin metropoli are finding sie on outskirts of the today's small town history reaches them VI in pne ancient narrow small street between wrecks it is possible to hit for preserved after today colour floors arranged from colourful stones
with such footpaths it is possible stroll sie between kept still monuments and it is a gate to the city now tourist stalls, but a mozna dominated the small town to find quiet small streets still
ancient gate
restaurant on rock beach in Side in the port an Appolina Temple is situated at a wharf
view with night on Side

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agata_checktravel użytkownik agata_checktravel(posts:107) dodano 16.05.2011 15:49

I w końcu zobaczyłam Side, nie zdążyłam już tam pojechać :)

weronika użytkownik weronika(posts:238) - User deleted dodano 26.07.2009 13:20

bardzo zachęcająca do odwiedzin galeria

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