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Tombs of rulers from the Ming dynasty and Qing were localised to the north and east from the Beijing.  Large and wonderful sculptures are included in good examples in the stone, they are proving the majesty of centuries-old imperial origins. We are starting the walk with the Pavilion of the Stele (Beilou) whom the plate was put with the carved praising text in mingowskich of masters. On its armour a stone turtle is supporting the plate. Farther an Avenue of Ghosts, along whom statues of animals were laid out, is also stretching out mythical and for personage Animals were put in two parallel rows.  I am presenting all. Here lion.
The first animal is sitting, he lies or he is kneeling.  Second is paying tribute to the imperial cortege standing. Here I will confide mythical - xiezhi. Camel. Under white-red we are following the Avenue of Ghosts. I around camelem.
Tombs of the Ming dynasty are located c 50 km to the north-west from the capital city and belong to the most important Pekingese historical souvenirs. Of the Ming founder of a dynasty - Hongwu (ruled 1368 - 1398) - they hid in the Nankeen, here 13 other emperors are sitting down. Three mausolea were made available to visitors: Changling, Dingling and Zhaoling. Here next mythical chimera - qilin. The creature is turning up at Confucian literature, where is symbolizing the earthly harmony. A horse is finishing the animal row.
The one is 12 and last. Next we are meeting 6 dignitaries.  A general is starting the row. Cywilni... dignitaries are still paying tribute to the emperor ... and in the end clergymen. Next the road led the Dragon and the Phoenix through the Gate.
The cortege crossed the seven-span bridge and he headed towards the appropriate crypt, avoiding heading after straight lines, forbidden by the feng shui. Changling, first from the complex of tombs, is an ossuary of the Yongle emperor (ruled 1403 - 1423) A large pavilion is in complex, of whom 32 cedar pillars are supporting the roof. In tombs, before stamping with a seal, products were being folded up of gold, of silver, lacquers, chinas who were supposed to serve the deceased for the master.
In more late periods they were an object of robberies. , Often designed intravital tombs of masters, consisted of the single chamber or the row of rooms joined to oneself. Soothsayers indicated the right place of building the tomb, closely obeying principles of the feng shui of bordering hills and rivers. Complex, returned to the South, usually consisted of the crypt in the burial mound, before whom altars and pavilions were being set up, as well as a pool scaring bad powers off was being suited. Rather an imperial than Buddhist or Taoist style dominated.
Huge figure of the Yongle emperor. Appropriate imperial tomb. View from the tomb on the earlier toured pavilion. Incinerator of victims. 
Next stop: the Great Wall of China.

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borys2015 użytkownik borys2015(posts:31) dodano 10.12.2009 18:08

sztuka chińska zawsze mnie facsynowała,galeria zasługuje na 10

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 26.11.2009 12:12

Pięknie opracowana galeria - przyjemnie się oglądało i czytało opisy.

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:738) dodano 16.07.2009 16:00

Trudno mi to określić słowami, ale w moim odczuciu te rzeźby mają w sobie coś odpychającego. Czuję irytację, gdy na nie patrzę. Czy Wy też?
Wmp57 - nie odnieś tej krytyki do swojej galerii.Wszak nie wszystko, co pokazujemy, musi być piękne.

aniak użytkownik aniak(posts:28) dodano 15.07.2009 11:43

Galeria na 10.
Pozdrawiam WMPana :)

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