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Lock Orawski (Oravský Podzámok), around Hungarian called Árvavár, is a centre-piece amongst regionu.U monuments of bases of castle rock an Orawskie village squatted down Settlement outside castle walls (Oravský Podzámok) - the oldest town of the region.  As the settlement outside castle walls she never became the city, however she was an important administrative centre. From old times an irregular market square behaved, św baroque church. Jan of Nepomucen and a few classical houses at first XVIII in We are going dziedziniec...gdzie up we are waiting for przewodnika...Zwiedzanie is starting with a steep climb up to the Renaissance gate, behind whom the courtyard of the bottom castle is stretching out.  Buildings of the palace are surrounding him the Thurzonów and the chapel with stucco ceilings, whom Jerzy's Renaissance epitaph is catching the eye in Thurzó.  The hostel watching over the war and commercial route to Poland was erected before 1235 r.  For 300 years together with in one piece Orawą was a wealth of Hungarian kings. Half XVI in. the lock was given to Franciszek Thurzó, of whom descendants and successors ruled it till 1945 r. In 1800 r. a fire, after whom for some time she stood destroyed the building abandoned. In 1868 r. a museum was set up in the bottom castle. A Pálffy József conducted the last large construction works at the XIX and XX turn in. After the war the stronghold was refurnished (1953 - 2001), allocating the entire object for the Orawskie.... Museum For enhancing visits on the lock various historical shows, fairs and games are being organised.  There are displays of the swordplay, grotesque shows resembling putting to the rack or filling to the stilt - of course from happy endem - as well as night touring the stronghold (with summer into last Friday of the month) and searching for gems (for children, but not only). panoram.. widokowy...ze terrace of safety reasons very much slippery during the rain not much it was possible there to result .. ...
The highest part of the stronghold, citadel, is the oldest zamku... part all at the same time a bit of an other presentation:) she pretended the view on dziedziniec..nie for us oneself pogoda..): There up idziemy... From the bottom castle he is leading 880 stairs into her.  Once here only soldiers and nothing strange travelled, because from the view of the narrow hung terrace an over 100 m is feeling dizzy the ordinary, moderately brave mortal on the river. It is worthwhile however overcoming fear for the delightful panorama of surroundings who is stretching from this place.
More distant part of ..by stairs ło very slippery..
A little bit above the other courtyard is with impressive buildings of the average castle in whom the most interesting part of the exhibition was put, m.in. the equipment, furniture and the gallery of portraits of old men on the Lock with Orawski.  Quite a lot of exhibit items come around XIX-wiecznego of the Pálffych museum, first on Slovakia. one from sal...ka the żde has the chair other herb... To newer an ethnographical collection belongs. ...zamieszkuj wild animals ące the ones tereny.. cd.. predatory ptaki...
Beautiful Deer:)) Panorama...miejscowo ści... view from the Cytadeli..na window bottom castle:) In the history of the Castle of Orawski he was and Polish episode - in XV in. Piotr Komorowski, the castellan, the Orawy traditional dress of Polish noblemen and Liptowa ruled it.  In year 1474 he had to at the request of the contemporary king of Hungary of Maciej Korwina sell him the lock after the knockdown price, because earlier he supported other pretender to the throne of the Hungarian - of Kazimierz's Polish prince Jagiellończyka (later św. of Kazimierz).

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achernar-51 użytkownik achernar-51(posts:4954) dodano 30.12.2013 10:45

Przed paroma laty miałem okazję zwiedzić ten zamek i - wypisz, wymaluj - miałem identyczną pogodę...

reni3 użytkownik reni3(posts:169) dodano 03.01.2011 20:05

Gdzie są komentarze???

reni3 użytkownik reni3(posts:169) dodano 01.07.2009 16:47

To tylko zachęta ....te parę zdjęć...Jeśli wejdziesz do środka czeka Cię cała uczta;))))Pozdrawiam

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