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Approaching Ogrodzieniecki of the castle at a leisurely pace, in the distance we can see the mountain Birów, whom at one time the fortified castle was, on and today his wooden reconstruction is being built. The Ogrodzieniec castle was probably made after the fire of the castle at the top Birów that is in poł.  XIV in. and as the builder is appointing oneself the king of Great Kazimierz. From sending the king of Great Kazimierz he became the first tenant of the castle before 1370 with year Przedbórz from Brzezia h. Zadora, more late marshal of the Congress Kingdom of Poland established in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna. A Cracow cześnik became the next owner of the castle Włodko from Charbinowic h.  Of Sulima and family in possession of it stayed for 100 consecutive years. For it is them the lock gained times of Gothic shape. In the history of the castle a period in whom the burgrave became the owner of the castle and a Cracow żupnik are an important moment Jan Boner.  Too of times of ruling the lock by this family, they made the reconstruction of him in the Renaissance style. About it a small Wawel was said. He was filled up with beautiful tapestries, with, mahogany and ebony Gobelins with furniture View on ruins of the castle from the Przedzamcza side. Putting the castle is unusually picturesque.  He is laid on calcareous rock and surrounded with rocks about different fantastic shapes. These rocks are being named two Sisters.
One they think that they resemble the sphinx, however I more associate them with the dragon. The last meaning reconstruction took place in years 1649 - 55, by Andrzej Firleja, of Lublin castellan.  Consecutive years are a slow collapse of the castle who was initiated with Swedish deluge. In 1702 r. a next attack by Swedes on the lock took place under the rein of XII Karol.  The stronghold was left fully robbed and set fire. In 1810 the lock after all was left, because rooms were in danger of collapsing. To the tower bramnej of the appropriate castle we are reaching through contemporary reinforced concrete kładkę-pomost above former fosą-basenem from the l. 1561 - 76 They through the gate are going the principal courtyard up lordly in the shape of the irregular quadrilateral. The surrounded courtyard was covered porches with columns and balustrades from wood and the stone.  The arrangement of porches was complicated, because none ran the entire courtyard around around.
Castle well - cleared of rubble to 30 m, but it scarcely 1 / 3 of her actual depth. To the high castle we are getting enough with steep, reinforced concrete stairs. At present from this wing fragments behaved three amfiladowo of merged chambers from XV in.  In one of them (noon) there is a kept bow of the cradle vault. There were still two storeys who constituted the residential tower here at one time above. View on the lock from the side of the high castle.
At first it was possible to get to the castle exclusively after ladders keeping defensive advantages highly only later systems of porches with using stairs partly knocked on scales were applied. Calcareous rocks pozrastane are mosses and other flora. Around tąd apparently only rock is indeed quite high. Noon wing (average lock) constituted the office and knight's lock from XIV in.  Tower Kredencerska had vaulted small rooms in a few storeys with shooting ranges to whom it was possible to get only across galleries from levels of individual floors. View on the south tower called ” Gothic  or of Convicts.  She served at one time as the imprisonment, to whom convicts were being lowered on ropes.
Views on surroundings from the Tower for Kredencerska are really fine. Mountain in the distance clearly scraped Birów. Need quite a lot of imagination in order to see how this building could long in times for its greatest magnificence. Need quite a lot of imagination in order to see how this building could long in times for its greatest magnificence. Beluard - firmly ruined so-called Noon Wybudowa provided with shooting ranges.  Before above beluardem a marble room was situated with the painted stove and the artistically made wooden door on whitewashed hinges. In the Marble Peace still in 1699 r. it was possible to see the marble fireplace and the door frame, light blue atile stove, two little tables with drawers and marble floor.
View on the Gothic tower. Small courtyard called the courtyard also bird spider. Intrusive plants are underlining the Romanticism of these ruins. Galleries surrounding the small courtyard. Covering next plants ruins. Covering next plants ruins.
View on the Tower Kredencerska from tzw of the Chicken Foot.  This part of the castle held: the second dining room, powder magazine, larder, strongroom, so-called ” chamber białogłowską  in the Chicken Foot, and above it fine room decorated with marble (m.in. fireplace of grey marble and a marble floor and the golden atile stove). After touring the castle we are coming back through the principal courtyard, on whom I am finding a few kramików. The young gentleman is probably gearing himself up to get the castle. Lock in in one piece one's majesty. Surrounding remains of walls curiously are integrated into calcareous rocks surrounding this place.
Fragment of embankments of the Bottom courtyard The lock from every side is being presented impeccably. It is possible here also to try its powers into paperclips rock.
With one's eyes fixed on people bucking up after rocks, for a moment I am losing the concentration.  Badly put leg and in ruins of the Ogrodzieniec Castle all my holiday plans fell apart. With one's eyes fixed on people bucking up after rocks, for a moment I am losing the concentration.  Badly put leg and in ruins of the Ogrodzieniec Castle all my holiday plans fell apart.

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baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 26.08.2013 10:20

Kadr 5 przepiekny.Udana galeria;)Pozdrawiam

hana użytkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 15.03.2010 08:53

Piękna galeria, dobre zdjęcia :)

ulka użytkownik ulka(posts:265) dodano 07.07.2009 00:57

Pięknie pokazaleś ruinki zamku który lubię. Dzięki za piękna galerię. Byłam tam tez jak na tle ruin był nocny pokaz ogni sztucznych i laserów, piekne widowisko, ale niestety juz ta impreza sie tam nie odbywa.Pozdrawiam i życze zdrowia:)

waaw użytkownik waaw(posts:526) dodano 03.07.2009 11:18

Byłem, zwiedzałem – galeria odzwierciedla piękno tego zamku. Dobry komentarz. Życzę szybkiego powrotu na szlaki.

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 30.06.2009 06:44

Dziękuję wszystkim za miłe słowa. Niestety w najbliższym czasie pozostało mi tylko podróżowanie razem z obieżyświatem.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 29.06.2009 20:44

Galeria bardzo ładna ,ale komentarz do fot. 50 taki smutny ...
Pozdrawiam serdecznie " choruszka " :-)

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 29.06.2009 19:41

Ciekawie i dokładnie pokazana galeria-przykro jednak że zepsułeś sobie wakacje - pozdrawiam.

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 29.06.2009 16:39

Pa6trzę 50 zdjęć i myslę ale bedzie nuda !
A tu niespodzianka - i ładnie pokazane i ciekawie opisane.

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