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Lighthouse, with Venetian stronghold together being situated beside, is the pride of the city.  In the morning, soft light he looks like the port very elegantly, similarly. Construction of the port was begun in 1300 r., but she lasted long, because of electricities and northeasterlies whom they marked the bulk of sand.  The wall surrounding the port dates from the Venetian period, however extensions and the lighthouse were built by Turks. The antique port constitutes a tourist attraction today.  He is a marina moreover and for large units going to and fro to the Cyclades. Expectation of the ship in the morning can be quite pleasant at such views. The port guard doesn't look threateningly.  Perhaps it results from the soft, morning light:) They are estimating, that there are about 300 opulent churches and about 30 monasteries in Rethimnonie and surroundings.  Therefore church domes are an inherent element of the landscape.
A few views on the port from the board. Later we are starting the day touring the city.  I am deciding to park the car in the strategic place, under evident from every place in the city claim. Later it turns out that I am doing it from the opposite direction than the entry and before I will read in the guide, that this huge Venetian fortress, is probably the biggest building of this type in world. Attempts to find some secret side passage failed.  The north input device is out of order, so in the increasing quickly temperature a huge building needs unfortunately to set off around. Transparent waters are longing for the bay temptingly, but we are making plans for the time for the bath later - at first one should get the fortress...
... to whom entering more and more close.  
At one time an ancient Rithimna city was in a place of the stronghold. Built in XVI in. the fortress was supposed to give the refuge to inhabitants to everyone, but she turned out to be too small. Half XVII in. managed to resist the Turkish siege only for 30 days.  
At present in the summer, on one of bastions from the side of the city, stage performances and concerts are being organised. From under the fortress we are moving to the Old Town. In narrow small streets it is possible to find not only the refreshment, but also pictures pleasing to the eye. The Nerandzes mosque is ancient unfortunately in the repair, so I am not taking hold of the minaret in the photograph ugly fitted with the scaffolding, settling for with domes.  The mosque is biggest of five buildings kept still in the city of this type, however he is out of order. In the building crowned with three domes (before church of the Mother of God in the Majesty) at present a concert hall and a music school are located. In front of the mosque a spacious square, but a Vis pistol but a Vis pistol are stretching the school and remains after urban fortifications.
Guora postages (Large Gate) an only track of the initial fortification constitutes Rethymno cities.  Originally the gate contained the crown on the peak with the sculpture of the Saint Markosa lion. Our little team, tired out a little bit with heat, is coming off through the Large Gate toward Urban Gardens.  On the way we are passing, this Martiron nicely matching with the green of the square, church. Urban gardens unfortunately are disappointing us.  There is no aviary in them described in the guide and inscriptions are an only thing who is returning my attention, on stalks of bamboo (provided it is bamboo:)). Especially these Chinese stamps look on their place (at least generally I am not backing up the practice of such destroying plants). We are coming back to the square, behind whom one can see the minaret of the Valides mosque. We are venturing into small streets behind the mosque already without no plan of touring... ... looking all around, and sometimes lifting the head up...
... because it is what for to look.  Newer and older churches... ... and chapels are paying attention. However to move the time to the urban beach.  Dreaming of the refreshment in transparent waters of the Cretan Sea with the new energy we are moving toward the bay and... ... for us a tablet with the screaming red inscription is standing on the yellow brick road Swimming prohibited - forbidden bath.  For a moment I am fighting with myself. It is always possible to pretend the lack of the knowledge of any foreign languages. If they forbided the bath on account of dirtier water in the port, than in surroundings, it would belong to invite these clerks to the beach e.g. to Sopot, where about any transparency waters a long time ago were forgotten. Discouraged however we are coming back to the car, deciding to stop on the closest beach behind the city. On the way we are admiring the promenade...
... planted with palms. Although there are here no special corks in streets, the scooter is a popular mode of transport. We are going toward the car park along the historic part of the port, on the way admiring architecture... ... and menu of numerous restaurants being located under marquises,... ... but in the hot day even such a view won't tempt me to the dinner.  Only an iced coffee and ice-cream are possible:) The last glance at Rethimnon and into the route.
Going in Chanii direction we are making a stop.  At one of houses a wonderful very short collection of the building is for sale. Among them what surprises nobody, clearly churches and monasteries are dominating - characteristic element of the Cretan landscape. How much more pleasantly would be to have something like that in the small garden, instead of the plaster garden gnome... ... whether of other muck of this type.  Oh well, it is a pity that limits to air luggage are so drastic... She could it to be even such a lamp post,... ... at least monasteries are definitely nicer... ... and to choose from, to koloru...
We are moving farther.  Puzzled with stamp of ruins we are impressing on the map into the side, in the Kalami town and we are hitting up to the locked iron gate... ... guarding the entry to wrecks of the ancient prison.  At present there an individual of the jacket is located and there is no admission,... ... but than there is no for every. The more interesting view stretches to surroundings,... ... and on one of neighbouring hills I am managing to spy other ruins, but supposedly they aren't made available for touring.  And there is no with whom to negotiate;)
So admiring the view on the bay remains what as a matter of fact is quite pleasant.

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comments to the gallery (11):

zbigniew użytkownik zbigniew(posts:67) dodano 07.01.2013 18:06

Miałem okazje pospacerować ponownie po tym pięknym miejscu. Fajnie.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 24.06.2009 20:46

Pesteczko , my niestety nie mamy zdjęć z krety nadających sie do OS, ale zapraszamy na film:

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 24.06.2009 19:33

Filmdil, Andy: W takim razie czekam na nowe galerie, bo miejsce jest nieprzeciętne i warte uwiecznienia słowem i obrazem.
Sama mam w zanadrzu jeszcze 3 lub 4 galerie z zachodniej części Krety, ale przed wyjazdem już chyba nie zdążę nic zamieścić (trzeba zgromadzić dane o nowym celu podróży :))

andy użytkownik andy(posts:87) dodano 23.06.2009 23:21

Filmdil , Pesteczko ja rowniez mam w kompie sporo zdjec z Krety (ponad 540) w tym z roznych miejsc takich jak Agios Nikolaos, Elounta, Knossos, Heraklion ,Vai i zrobie z nich wkrotce jakas galerie bo Kreta bardzo mi sie spodobala , pozdrawiam z jeszcze goracego po upalnym dniu Birmingham , andy

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 23.06.2009 21:31

Pesteczko, my odwrotnie , nie zdążyliśmy obejrzeć wyspy na zachód od Heraklionu.
Pozwolę sobie więc wkrótce zaprosić Ciebie i wszystkich zainteresowanych OS-ów na krótka wycieczkę po wschodniej części Krety.
Skoro wyciągnąłem materiały z szafy to już je wykorzystam ;)

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 23.06.2009 08:11

Kobalto - nr 16 to moja ulubiona fotka w tej galerii - działa na mnie relaksująco :) Pozdrawiam

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 23.06.2009 08:02

Filmdil - niestety wschodnią część wyspy musiałam zostawić na kolejną wizytę, ponieważ podróżując z maluchem trzeba było wypośrodkować pomiędzy tym, co sprawia przyjemność starszym i młodszym.
Stąd więcej plaż niż zazwyczaj odwiedzam i spacery po małych miasteczkach, a mniej muzeów i wykopalisk i większych miast.
Ale na wszystko przyjdzie czas :)

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 23.06.2009 07:56

Andy - dziękuję. Obejrzałam Twoje galerie przed wyjazdem na Kretę, a nawet przed decyzją o wyjeździe i były one zachętą do odwiedzenia tego rejonu. Pozdrawiam :)

kobalto użytkownik kobalto(posts:68) dodano 23.06.2009 05:34

No to sie przeszedłem po Rethimnonie. Bardzo ładne miasteczko. Uliczki, kapliczki robią wrażenie. Świetne zdjecia, a 16 przykuwa szczególna uwagę . Pozdrawiam

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 22.06.2009 23:01

Tam tyle słońca i ciepła, a u nas kolejny dzień zimno i pada.
Pesteczko - czy będą zdjęcia ze wschodniej części wyspy - Heraklion, Knossos czy Agios Nikolaos ?

andy użytkownik andy(posts:87) dodano 22.06.2009 22:45

gratulacje, piekne zdjecia, kolory, bylem tam w 2007 i rowniez milo wspominam wizyte w tym miasteczku , pozdrawiam andy

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