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... the stadium died out, fifty thousand spectators stopped breathing, the blue sky devoid of at least one cloud, green grass of the stadium and this tartan running track in the colour of terracotta waited for them, of heroes of the royal gear - one hundred, of metres.., zastygnęli in boot blocks like relieves of Fidiasz and ...ta silence in expectation of the startera...tutaj shot Mr Bohdan said szeptem.Pi is ęknying said.  Artist of the great class. I had this pleasure fortunately, that I had met you personally of Bohdan and I told him about this my dream in circumstances like the most sports. However I didn't become a sportscaster. I never found the wallet of the Swedish sailor, but I managed in professional circumstances to be several times in Sweden, that is not too one's.  It as if around potfela of the Swedish citizen, although the Polish origin. Between the June of 1968 and the December of 1969 to Sweden quite a lot of Poles came out with Jewish origins.  I made friends with a few families around of the one rej-tej-rady in Geteborgu, city who at the beginning of their stay went serious social problems through.  The Eriksberg shipyard is going bankrupt. He is losing thousands of people work. And still they whom it is necessary to maintain, to give to the accommodation, to teach the tongue and just to give a job. I want in this story to show the start from zero two bankrupt worlds.  One it is a place, which forty years it was a shipyard ago. Second it is a flat on 14 - this floor of the house in whom somebody who then also started from the nought but today lives is tasting views on modern Geteborg. The shipyard was sold in sections.  Some halls stayed up till today and Theatres, offices, hotels, training companies and so-called flats are located in them lofty. The rest of the area was destroyed and up till today houses are made along the channel in whom at one time ships were being launched. From the side of the centre a ferry terminal was built and several times per day the channel is serving as the motorway after whom large ferries are flitting. Colours of Sweden it blue and yellow.  On the blue background yellow cross. Cherishing these colours, exhibiting them around dizajnerską' is an ability straight out model.
Scandinavian climates in Polish houses were thanks to IKEA. Pippi Pończoszanka, Children from Bullerbyn of famous Swedish author of the children's fiction Astrid Lindgren only introduced few Polish children to Swedish fairy-tale world.  Raw Scandinavia, but magic, full of secrets. Saint Lucia with the garland in hair with lighted candles and the smell of spice cookies up till today is forming a relationship for me from the Świetami Christmas. From it is of this highest building, from the balcony on 14 - this floor, from the bathroom with windows in the roof from the side of the channel I admired the Geteborga panorama.  It is today an outstanding location - Klippan. By NOVOTEL integrated into stale beer and modern set buildings with architecture into buildings at one time to produce the large brewery who stopped Spendrups - tasty Swedish beer. Geteborg is built on granite rock with many hills.  He is surrounded with green. With the salt water and many postglacial channel lakes. Very nice city with the building development characteristic of the Scandinavia. These were at one time suburb. Hall with the dark roof and zółto - with blue front it is a tram depot, who around biegem of years was surrounded with rent flats. On the hill privately-owned flats with the fine view on the hanging bridge and the entrepôt. And the whole looks like the building from Lego blocks.  And any way a Scandinavia is a land of the biggest contemporary inventions. Peace, przjrzystość and the cleanness of air affects the freshness of minds of living here people. Famous turnips are one of the last inventions helping particularly children without problems to tie contemporary shoes.
Hisingen is a Geteborga district in whom the shipyard was and now all the time the most modern buildings are being built in the city.  Of course at the beginning close the channel, on the spot a ramp was being built. Today farther, but everyone has the fine view on water who is calming ahead of and he is giving relief. On the left only one span of the large crane. it is in the second photograph in one piece.  84 has metres of the height and he is standing today as the monument to the large shipyard. Of course young people tried to use this place for different extreme games. Particularly jumps on the bungee. A bit to the right at the bow of the ferry whom he is leaving level one can see the white high building Geteborg. It is a mill. This mill with silos in a minute will disappear from the panorama of the city.  Ale.., what's interesting will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Architects designed the same complex exactly, such a mill but already as the residential building. And it is stale beer from close up.  Now NOVOTEL.Ten building to the right it is already a contemporary product. Here estate agencies are located, advertising agencies. This glass building is a contemporary thought of architects.  How nice it is possible to compose old with new. Here a private business college is located. They are teaching the difficult art of selling the product. Entire complex is reminding me the Poznań Brewery and the Łódź Manufacture.  Not only because these are also areas after factories from the last century. The spinning mill and the brewery.
It isn't a retail park but the attention to detail, details is unusual.  New brick is making friends with old. Walls with the north exhibition first are taking on a patina. They are becoming greenish and winds with the salty breeze are effective. An Geteborg old person linking the bridge from Hisingen is a departure gate simultaneously from the city.  With gate for ferries who beneath the bridge are sailing out to Denmark, Germany and England. All occupants of built houses on areas must to the centre hit the shipyard on this route. However for you, who on foot or by bicycle want to pretend sie to the centre can use water-powered taxis who regularly are going to and fro between one and with the second shore of the channel. The blue flag with the yellow cross is accompanying proud Swedes from the house to the work.  From the work for rest. From morning till night. It is an entrepôt at the height where Kattegat and Skagerrak are merging.  Geteborg północno - west. The spring, the summer and the beginning of the autumn are very beautiful in the North. The day is taking long here extremely. sunsets are charming and nature - poured with the warm electricity North Atlantic, constituting lengthening Gulf Stream who is contributing to the global warming of the Scandinavia - she is unusual and here bushes and flowers of the very beautiful beauty are blooming. I always visit the botanic garden how here I am.  I have the nutter as a matter of fact on the point of flowers and blooming bushes. The colours recalled already earlier associated with the Swedish flag in this garden exceptionally are being mollycoddled. Areas of the garden are kept around large with the great care and the acquaintance of the art of the landscape architecture.  
Geteborga inhabitants are resting tytaj in the lunch hour. In order to meet beloved whether of beloved. Schools and nursery schools are sending their treasure i.e. kids so that loves of the nature study.
It is a pełnik.  And none is a rarity. Pełników in Poland for you at us affluence. The Pełnik is yellow and therefore he is valuable in Sweden. Big yellow created stains through pełniki are already squeezing into the awareness of the youngest Swedes. Such a subliminal advertising.  In this reflex of Pavlov every inhabitant of Sweden in his garden has the mast with the flag and flowers with right colours. Rhododendrons and azaleas in kórnickim of the arboretum they are also very beautiful and impressive and they are also feeling.  However he doesn't have the bulk of yellow rhododendrons who are sulky and difficult in the cultivation this way. My yellow rhododendron bloomed only after six years from moments of buying the bush at the school in Old Sącz. In Geteborgu two trees are an undoubted attraction of the botanic garden.  First it is a magnolia wilsona and second it is a Chinese dawidia. Magnolia the wilsona looks dreamlike.  Big sprinkled tree latarenkami', because this way I let myself name this flower for my use. Every returned inflorescence is its inside into the bottom to the earth. How the possibility of lying down under the magnolia is like  .. the wilsona and observing whites of flowers for her,.. how are shimmering in the sun and are assuming various colours relating to the blue sky in odcienieu of pink and green I am advising it to use. Very beautiful enlightened game. In however is góring flowers of the shrub peony are directed.
So far in Geteborgu I could only see many species of the peony this way.  The most he is pink, red and purple. These kinds are available in our szkólkach. How the peony is blooming krzwiasta it it is possible to go crazy.  Please for me these petals believe in God gently blue. The top of petals is corrugated but bottom painted over with kind of water blueing in the colour of a deep violet but at the top honey rods. Something beautiful and it is obvious obviousness. All the time they are keeping us company drogowskazy...do dawidii Chinese you still probably have a few ...to metres for calming, that tree the chusteczkowe is and nice he is blooming, because after all around plenty of the very beautiful beauty of flowers, of bushes, of marsh plants who in the sun are shimmering with remarkable colours.  And in every leaf during watching, of photographing a known occurrence of the photosynthesis is happening. The light energy is being absorbed by chlorophyll and ....tworz ą oneself colours who are making breathing difficult.  
As this way as here. Davidia involucrata - the Chinese dawidia or the tree the chusteczkowe or pigeon drzewo.Wielu of botanists regard them as the queen of trees of the zone of the temperate climate. On account of inflorescences surrounded with beautiful white bracts - that is with handkerchieves. No vermin or illness aren't plaguing Dawidii.  It is the most beautiful message for davidii. And simultaneously a great injustice appears. Not quite, that beauties it still eternally healthy how is dressing warmly for the winter and is avoiding winds. And I as this old Puciatycka am taking care fo myself. In the winter even I am leaving it winter. I am trying to avoid vermin. Oh well, vermin adore me. And everything through this damp who is wrapping me up. He is cuddling to me like to his man.  In the company it is a man must brown on the one tendernesses. In the end such a Catholic country.
Because how the peasant is cuddling up to the woman and he is also inversely that is okay.  But if the rain on the umbrella is lost in daydreaming it is peeped, because these are in the end two masculine genders. Sweden for Poles was also and maybe it is farther, with country about big let us tell the sexual tolerance. A sauna is not necessarily a place of relief, of rest, of hygienic treatment on the body and the mind. At Poles it is a suspected place. Bare so are sitting and what?... And what?.. how, the door is closed and nobody can see what inside is happening?... only in order to!.., they are running out of this sauna to the lake and they are taking a bath in the nude. It is only a way for life.  To the hygiene of the body. For communing with nature. To the health in the end. A food doesn't need so much garlic in order to be healthy. It is possible of him, of this garlic to relish flowers. How I left the botanic garden in Geteborgu gardeners took out already out of the earth shed blossom tylipany, the narcyze, daffodils and other onions.  It is possible also at once to buy them. A few weeks and colours of the garden will still be completely different. So summer what isn't marking, that of not a heat, or else the summer will approach with huge steps. And with him other flowers and other climates. Annual plants, two-year and byliny...aksamitka, Damascus dark-looking woman, zinnias, runner bean, godecje, night-scented stock, medical marigold, onętek, ipomoeas, pansies, nasturtiums, bells, forget-me-nots, daisies, periwinkle, offset bugle, sunflower, paniculate phloxes, phloxes szydlaste, balsams, dotted carnation, irises, narrow-leafed lavender, broad-leafed lędwian, lion's jaws, margarytki, larkspurs, salvia, przymiotno, eaglets, foxglove, stonecrops I won't mention the stinging nettle...

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comments to the gallery (17):

nola76 użytkownik nola76(posts:6693) dodano 09.01.2013 23:52

Piękne kwiaty, zwłaszcza ta magnolia na 29:)

maximus33 użytkownik maximus33(posts:167) dodano 08.05.2010 18:24

Piękna wycieczka.

kobalto użytkownik kobalto(posts:68) dodano 22.06.2009 05:11

Dzięki za przechadzkę z przewodnikiem po Goteborgu.Dobrze sie tu czyta...

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 20.06.2009 01:36

GOONIAS - dziękuje, że się odezwałaś. Po ostatniej burzy, że Ty i ja to ten sam adres pomyślałem,że masz dość takiego Obieżyświata a jednak " czas leczy rany ". Skandynawia nie jest " wylewna ". Jest surowa ale wrażliwa na wszystkich, którzy chcą być WOLNI, bez względu na wyznanie i światopogląd.

goonias użytkownik goonias(posts:44) - User deleted dodano 19.06.2009 11:27

Deszczu, myślałam że taki "Deszczowy Pan" kocha tylko tropiki! A tu rewelacja - nawet surowa i chłodna Skanynawia w Twoich zdjęciach jest taka barwna ! I te extra komantarze ! Uwielbiam Twoje zdjęcia - a szczególnie zdjęcia kwiatów bo w nich widać tą Twoją wrożliwość i "artystyczną duszę" . Myślę , że nawet w zwykłym , pospolitym chwaście Ty zawsze znajdziesz coś pięknego !

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 16.06.2009 01:43

WUJRYSZARD - dziękuje, pozdrawiam.

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 15.06.2009 17:31

Pięknie opisany i ukazany "kawałek" ciekawego miasta...pozdr

porzeczka użytkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 13.06.2009 09:05

Miało być amatorów i ... jeszcze chciałam się podpisać pod świetną
charakterystyką Państwa DIL, bo identycznie wprost pokrywa się z moją!

porzeczka użytkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 13.06.2009 08:35

Bardzo lubię Skadynawskie pustki i na koty też tu pewnie paru amamtorów by się znalazło!
A więc: już Ty się nie staraj Deszczu wszystkim dogodzić - bo co innego rolnicy i leśnicy, a
co innego wczasowicze na plaży...Czekam na Skandynawię - bez rezerwacj i biletu! I bez parasola!!

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 12.06.2009 23:26

Przepraszam,że w jednym liście,po poznańsku,jedna kartka,jedna koperta i jeden znaczek - tanio. Ale już mnie ktoś kiedyś skrzyczał, że sobie komentarze robę na rekord portalu, to jest - Hurtownia Polska.

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 12.06.2009 23:20

ŚWIĘTOJANKA - skoro podglądasz mnie na picasie to muszę złożyć jeszcze Szwecję letnią i jesienną. Są tam norweskie koty i przepięknej urody jezioro.Boję się jednak,że nie wszystkich to może zainteresować. Ludzi tam brak i dlatego się tam tak pięknie wypoczywa. Ubiegłej nocy to byliśmy razem w Skandynawii, bez biletu i bez rezerwacji z miejscówką obok siebie. To Ci los!
ANDZIA - ...pięknie dziękuje i niech się snuje opowieść za opowieścią, byle Deszczu z treścią...
FILMDIL - jesteście kochani , aktywni jak nikt i czujni niczym dwa aparaty od robienia dobrej atmosfery na portalu...
BOREK - a ten młody człowiek z laptopem w towarzystwie dwóch kaczek toż to czystej wody scenka rodzajowa, nawet może scenka polityczna, zważywszy,że kaczki są dwie i są do siebie podobne jak dwie krople deszczu....
BEEM - człowiek musi się czerwienić jak dziewica, mimo że dziewictwo stracił nawet wcześniej niż ustawa przewiduje.Jeżeli prawdą jest jakoby,chcesz czytać i ogladać te moje instalacje i jeszcze tak je nazywasz,że to co na wstępie to bardzo dziękuje.
PESTECZKA123 - marzenia się spełniają..,jak ta powiedzmy książka się ukaże to ją masz jak w banku..,oby tylko ten bank do tego czasu nie zbakrutował...
DORIS - to kiedy umawiamy się na tę obserwację przyrody..,musimy uważać na mrówki,one bardzo lubią nektar tej magnolii i mogą...no wiesz...zadzwoń do Telimeny to się dowiesz jak z mrówkami powinniśmy sobie poradzić...

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 12.06.2009 20:20

Chciałabym się położyć " pod magnolią wilsona i obserwować jej białe kwiaty,.. jak mienią się w słońcu i przybierają na tle niebieskiego nieba przeróżne kolory w odcieniu różu i zieleni "
Pozdrawiam :-)

pesteczka123 użytkownik pesteczka123(posts:1556) dodano 12.06.2009 19:39

Wciągająca opowieść, a kwiaty jak marzenie.
Mój faworyt to nr 29.
Pozdrawiam :)

beem użytkownik beem(posts:182) dodano 12.06.2009 16:50

Zaczytywałem się i ja w książkach Pana Bohdana, równie mocno chłonąłem Jego komentarze podczas relacji sportowych
i muszę przyznać, że Deszczu Drogi posiadasz podobny Dar :-) wstępuję do Ciebie aby obcować ze słowem pisanym,
tutaj mogę jeszcze delektować się i obrazem... pięknie to łączysz ze sobą...

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1407) dodano 12.06.2009 08:57

Deszcz - Ty to na kwiatach się znasz, i nie tylko na kwiatach.
Oryginalnie pokazany i opisany nasz północny sąsiad.

Deszczu - ale ty manipulujesz - na 12 to są przecież sztuczne domy z klocków lego ;)

Dziękuję za miód dla oczu i chwilę refleksji.

andzia użytkownik andzia(posts:164) dodano 12.06.2009 08:47

.... a opowieść znowu piękna się snuje.....

porzeczka użytkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 12.06.2009 01:23

Czekałam na tę galerię odkąd zobaczyłam Twoje "szwedzkie" zdjęcia na picasie.
Uwielbiam Szwecję, ale znam ją głównie z prowincji i - fenomenalnych zresztą -
campingów; w Getyborgu byłam przejazdem i ten przejazd trwał dłuuuugooooo
i widziałam głównie duże ilości samochodów po prawej, po lewej i z przodu - do
tyłu się już nawet nie oglądałam...No i most - trudno go przeoczyć! Takich kwiatów
nie widziałam nigdzie! ANI JEDNEGO! Może to i lepiej - Deszcz to dla nich życie, a
porzeczki to się bardziej na sok nadają!!!


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