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Sector of the South America Nothing beats the puddle He is going to us Dignified llamas without the embarrassment walked around the car... ... or rested in the shadow of trees
Nosy ostriches put heads on the inside of the car Battle donkeys chased all over the square as crazy plotting against each other every now and then.  Such a pace apparatus and the camera barely kept up with them. Sector of Africa The striped baby foal prefers to lie because on legs is still feeling insecure Can he in order this way to consume something? Sector of Mongolia
Ow already firmly too warmly in this fur Camels lost the winter fur - it isn't looking out too aesthetically, but such laws of nature We welcome to the sector of Asia Siesta It is already a walking part Zoo
Small battle rozrabiaki.... ready and... action The clumsy baby foal is squatting.... .... quickly it latched on to the mother Baby kangaroo - who whom is examining?
Snowy owl put away in the overshadowed part of the cage  Small magotka True, that charming? Meerkats didn't want to turn the pillar up Beginning..... ..... and end;)

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knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 03.06.2009 21:46

Wybra貫 to o kt鏎ym ja my郵a貫m.

filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1390) dodano 03.06.2009 21:41

No to zmieni貫m na ciekawskiego strusia.

zima-2009 u篡tkownik zima-2009(posts:347) dodano 03.06.2009 17:09

Magotka- rzeczywi軼ie jest urocza.
Mi osobi軼ie bardziej podoba si 廝ebi徠ko na zdj.10.
Lubi takie miejsca i zawsze ch皻nie je odwiedzam.

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 03.06.2009 15:31

Mi chodzi這 瞠 nie bardzo nadaje si na zdj璚ie g堯wne./moim zdaniem/

filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1390) dodano 03.06.2009 15:26

Ja nie na pisa貫m ,瞠 weso豉, tylko 瞠 urocza.
Niestety - kazde ZOO to niewola.

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 03.06.2009 14:25

Moim zdaniem smutne jest to zdj璚ie tytu這we.

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